A Mother's Guilt Episode 26 Paco becomes famous after passing his bar exams with flying colours 

A Mother’s Guilt Episode 26

A Mother’s Guilt Episode 26 Paco becomes famous after passing his bar exams with flying colours 

Joan Joins Georgette to comfort her after seeing she is in love with Paco. Georgette said Paco loved Anna and that was breaking her down.

Domeng asked about Georgette as they sweep and tidy up the place after selling their barbeque.

Anna arrived and wanted to talk to Paco, Unyo, Domeng and Samboy were surprised to see her but they excused them.

Meanwhile Georgette kept crying over Paco as she looks through their picture she torn the pictures apart.

Anna and Paco talked and Paco said sorry to her for her friction with Georgette. Anna said she did not have problem, adding that Georgette still loved Paco after Paco told her Georgette was his ex.

Anna said she and her family were going to the state due to Jean’s condition. She explained that the doctor said through therapy Jean might recover or she might be in that condition forever.

“May be destiny made a mistake bringing us back together….
Then we have to stop loving eachother Paco
we just wait for our love to just fade away.”

They shed tears as they part ways, Anna said she was going to miss Paco’s humour and Paco said he would miss her to.

As Anna was going to open the door of her car Paco requested for one last hug. They hugged and Anna requested for one last ki$$. They passionately ki$$ed and Anna said goodbye.

“Loving you will be the hardest thing I will have to do,” Anna said as she weeps bitterly.

“Loving you is the best thing that has ever happened to me” Paco told Anna.

Katrina wore her morning Cote and went close to Jacob. She caressed him..

“Hello there Mr Jacob, how was your sleep….. you look good in my bed sir.”

Jacob woke up, he looked around and realised he was not in his room. He checked himself and realised he had an intimate encounter with Katrina.

He became furious but Katrina explained that he was drunk and decided to bring him to her house since it was late for him to go home. Also he was not in a better condition to drive.

Suddenly his phone rang. Jacob received a call from Jean. Jean wanted to know his whereabouts since he did not pass night with her at the hospital.

Jacob stated that he had a business meeting so he he was stressed out and told her that he would be with her shortly.

Katrina asked Jacob “why .. do you want to have a coffee before you leave? Jacob gave her a disgusting look and left.

Paco went to prison to visit Sonya and spoke to her about her case and wanted to be sure about how close she was with Edward. He tried to make Sonya recalled whether she had seen someone else at the crime scene. She kept saying she was the only one.

Roman called Jacob to inform him about a certain news which revolved around the bank lady and sent it to Jacob for him to watch.

Paco, Georgette and Attorney Vega had a legal meeting. Paco confronted Georgette and Attorney Vega came to meet them and warned them against their lover’s quarrel. She asked them not to blend their personal issues with their professional job since they were there for work.

Georgette requested to speak with Attorney Vega alone so Paco excused them.

Looking at Georgette Attorney Vega said:

“You told me that you can set aside your feelings for Paco and work with us.

Do you want me to assign you to another case?”

Georgette indicated that she thought she had gotten over Paco but since working together she could not control her emotions.

She asked Attorney Vega to give her some days off so that she could deal with her feelings.

“Let me recharge and regain my composure.”
Paco watched Georgette saying that to Attorney Vega while hidden.

Roman asked Jacob how Jean was doing and he said she was much better. He told Roman to ensure the woman did not expose them in her scandal since she has been caught transfering money illegally into others account.

Paco went after Georgette when she was leaving, he pleaded with Georgette not to take a break since they needed her now more than ever.

Georgette confessed her feelings for Paco “because every day I am falling more in love with you. I still love you.”

She said she was not good of an actress and she promised to try and get over Paco since she knew he was in loved with Anna.

Letty and Anna were packing Anna’s things. Anna was informed by one servant that Jean and Jacob had arrived.

Paco said sorry to Georgette for causing her pain she told him to dismiss it and have a clear mind on Sonya’s case. Paco kept on saying sorry to her.

Paco told Georgette that he and Anna broke up and “we’re moving on.”

Anna and Letty ran down to welcome Jean. After Jean arrived, she asked whether their flight was ready. Archie arrived, Archie was a son of a doctor who took care of Jean and she said they would travel together.

Paco and Georgette had a deal to work professionally to get Sonya out of jail.

In the morning Paco went to stand at his window to watch a plane moving in the sky and thought of Anna leaving.

Six months later, Domeng escorted Paco to search for Paco’s bar exams result. Joan was also there to watch her result.

Letty and the other maid were tidying up to wait for the arrival of Jean and Anna. Katrina was also there waiting for them.

She watched the video of her and Jacob making l❤️ve. She said it has been long since she set eyes on Jacob and could not wait to meet him once more.

Suddenly, Jean, Jacob and Anna arrived, in haste Katrina ran to meet them and she greeted Jacob. Anna got down from the car with a new look.

She has cut down her hair and changed the colour of her hair to blond. Letty hugged her as Jacob carried Jean into her wheel chair.

Letty welcomed her from America and said she was looking pretty now more than ever. They went inside the house.

Cora went to visit Sonya to get her updated on Paco’s bar exams. She was waiting for Domeng to video chat her to give her update. As Domeng came online she called Sonya to sit down and watched what Domeng would say.

Sonya was anxious, she sat and Domeng said the place was overcrowded so he had not seen the results yet. Sonya told him to find it but he should be careful.

Anna called Paco to inform him that she has arrived as she was talking, Jean was also telling Letty, Katrina and the other maid that her trip was great. She said at least she had time to spend with her family and also seeing Anna getting over Paco after everything.

Anna told Paco that she cannot wait to meet him. Suddenly Georgette showed up and hugged Joan and Paco. They said they had not seen the results yet, Georgette suggested they check it online but the network was poor. Domeng tried and made his way through. He went through the names pasted on the board and suddenly screemed;
“Alipio, Alipio, Alipio” and jumped around.

He ran to hug Paco that he passed with flying colours. The network started to work and Paco’s picture was projected on the wall for emerging the winner of the bar exams.

The crowd cheered Paco. Georgette hugged Paco to congratulate him and ended up ki$$ing.

Paco was interviewed by the press and asked him about his inspiration and he said his family especially his junior brother. He said although it was difficult but he pulled through.

Sonya was cheered on by her inmates at the prison. They clapped for her for Paco’s success, Sonya was dumbfounded she was too excited about everything and became speechless. She felt like crying and did not know what to do.

Jacob went to call Anna that she has a visitor. She went down and it was her new boyfriend Archie. They hugged and she asked about the restaurant. Archie said the restaurant was going great. He said hi to Jean.

Nessa runs to inform Unyo that Paco has been emerged the overall best student after his bar exams as he passed with flying colours.

Asyong received a summon to appear before the Court to testify. He was reading it while he saw Unyo, Nessa and Samboy happy and jubilating about Paco’s success.

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