Presby Church takes stand against LGBTQI+ vows to sever relationship with churches, groups that allow gay practices

Presby Church takes stand against LGBTQI+ vows to sever relationship with churches, groups that allow gay practices

Presby Church takes stand against LGBTQI+ vows to sever relationship with churches, groups that allow gay practices

The Presbyterian Church of Ghana (PCG) will sever its relationship with churches and groups that ordain and permit the practice of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer or questioning and intersex (LGBTQI+), its Moderator, Rt. Rev. Professor Joseph Obiri Yeboah Mante, has said.

Speaking at the opening of the 21st General Assembly of the PCG in Accra, the Moderator recognised that some ministers of the church worked in societies that allowed for the practice of LGBTQI but noted that as long as they demonstrated faith with the church’s stance, they would be offered the needed support.

“To this end, I wish to declare an amnesty for all such PCG pastors and any pastor of the PCG under discipline who has demonstrated that he or she has kept the faith and is willing to be received into the fold of agents of the PCG.

“Such pastors must formally write to request for amnesty and forgiveness and must pledge to abide by the rules of the PCG. We will however still maintain our stance on severing relationships with their national churches that ordain the LGBTQI+ and permit LGBTQI+ persons into full communion of the Church,” he said.

The General Assembly which is the highest decision making court of the church attracted Ministers, Commissioners, Lay representatives and Corresponding Members from all 21 Presbyteries of the Church, both home and abroad.

The four-day meeting, being hosted by the Ga Presbytery of the PCG is on the theme; “Jesus Christ; the Light of the World.”

The Moderator, touching on some national issues, decried the spate of fallen moral standards in the country especially among the youth.

He cited happenings including the murder of an 11-year-old boy by two teenagers in Kasoa for rituals, broad daylight robbery and shooting of a policeman attached to a bullion van in Jamestown and the recent Ejura disturbances, which he noted increasingly puts the country on a dangerous path.

“When we add these to the fact that there are some groups in this country who for want of political power and points incite young people to disrespect judges, pastors, the police, and those in authority, it seems the country is heading on a very dangerous path and this immoral behaviour by some adults for cheap political points must stop immediately,” he urged.

The Moderator commended government for being proactive in handling the COVID-19 pandemic and initiating policies like the “Free SHS” although he expressed the need to address teething problems associated with the interventions.

Rev. Mante urged the citizenry to be more responsible as it held government to task saying “we should all know that fixing the country is not and cannot be a one way affair. We must all fix ourselves for the country to be fixed. It is we all who make the country; let us fix our hearts and attitudes so that the country can be fixed.”

Rt Rev. Prof. Mante said the PCG will in coming years take seriously its social services such as feeding the hungry, taking care of orphans, visiting the sick, giving water to the thirsty, educating the uneducated, healing the sick, and lifting up the poor from poverty, in line with the church’s mission.

He implored all members of the church to abide by the COVID-19 safety protocols to stay protected from contracting the virus.


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