A Mother's Guilt Episode 1 Sonya kills to save the life of her son

A Mother’s Guilt Episode 1

A Mother’s Guilt Episode 1 Sonya kills to save the life of her son

It is important for Paco to undergo the operation within 36 hours. If not we might risk losing him.

The Story

Sonya talked to Paco about his health condition and pleaded with him not to run as it triggers his asthma.

Paco said he was not running but was just walking fast, as they reached home. Sonya called Domeng, her younger son and Domeng went to touch the food which was in a plate on the table.

Sonya asked him to go and have his bath before eating, but Domeng did not want to bath. He was about to drop the food into the plate but Sonya ordered him to eat it because he had already touched it.

Domeng ate it and asked why he had to take his bath since he already took his bath the previous night.

Paco told Domeng to bath and Domeng said Paco was the one who needed a bath but Paco said Domeng was the one who looked dirty, hence needed a bath. Sonya convinced Domeng to have his bath so that she send him to the upcoming fiesta.

Sonya told Paco to bath his younger brother, but he tried to use his mom’s words against her saying he would feel tired when he bath Domeng. They laughed as Paco said that to joke around with Sonya’s words to him.

Mabel screamed Sonya’s name from outside and she told Mabel to wait she would descend down pretty soon.

She left Paco and Domeng, as she was going she threw the towel to Paco for him to use it to wipe Domeng after his bath. Sonya went down and Mabel told her to watch the news being shown on the television.

The news revealed that Educare had been declared bankruptcy and was confirmed by the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the company, Edward Lamoste.

One woman who was also watching the news said the news was bad for many parent. Mabel asked Sonya what would happen to Paco since Sonya had already paid to enroll him into a school.

Sonya said he would go to the company and demand her money. The other woman then said the news had already declared that the company has gone bankrupt so how would she be able to retrieve her money.

Mabel said Sonya worked for her money and deserved to get it back from Educare, the woman saw how infuriated Sonya was getting so she ordered Mabel to off the television before Sonya get upset yet the more.

The fiesta day reached and the people matched around the street. It was all joy untill the unfortunate happened to wipe out the joy on Sonya’s face.

A security officer saw Sonya and asked whether she presented her meal and she said yes. The security said he loved Sonya’s cook and asked of his leave, Mabel who was watching joked around it. She said they looked good together but Sonya said the man just lost his wife and she should not joke around with such a issue for the man to feel bad if he hears it.

Mabel insisted that the man was a widower and Sonya was also a single mother so they could be together.

As the procession was ongoing Paco and his friend were running and Sonya spotted him. She tried talking to him not to run but Paco wouldn’t listen. He said they were running after Miss Pinky to get something. He left his mother while Sonya and Domeng ran after Paco and his friend.

As they were running, it got to a point which Paco lost his breadth and he asked his friend to wait for his to catch his breadth. Sonya who was running after him saw Paco stressed up.

She got to him and told him that he was not listening to her. She told him not to run. Paco was coughing consistently and Sonya requested for water as she tried to help him to breadth normally. Paco then collapsed and Sonya cried for help. She carried Paco the police who were at the fiesta heard the shout and they came to her aid.

They took Paco from him and they placed him in one of the vans and drove him to hospital.

Sonya requested for a stretch when they reached the clinic.

A Mother's Guilt Episode 1

“Please help my son!”
“Where is the doctor?” Sonya screamed.

The doctors and the nurses came to take care of Paco.

“Saturation is at 85%
“Blood pressure is 90/60”
“Respiratory rate is 32″
Please call Doctor Valencia,” the doctor sent for another doctor.

Sonya did not understand what was going on, she asked what was going on. But they could not explain to her. She was very worried.

“What is going on doc”
“Please help my son he just fainted,” she cried.

Dr Valencia checked Paco and explained to Sonya that Paco would need operation.

“What happened, why does he need an operation,” she queried.

Sonya told Doctor Valencia that he told her the other time that Paco was just asthmatic but the doctor said that was the initial findings of Paco’s previous health condition but now it has changed.

He diagnosed Paco of mitral stenosis and explained that: “He felt tightness in his chest and difficulty in breathing but according to his 2D echo it turns out that Paco has mitral stenosis.”

What is that? Sonya asked anxiously.

Doctor Valencia explained that the heart has a valve in which the blood passes through, unfortunately he said Paco’s valve was too narrow which made it difficult for his blood to pass through, hence the need for stenting operation.

“Isn’t dangerous for you to operate on my son?” Sonya eyes signaled fear as she asked.

“It is not as dangerous as doing nothing” the doctor tried to take off her fear to cheer her on.

Mabel was also worried she then asked how much the operation would cost and Doctor Valencia answered that it would cost no less than 500,000 pesos.

Sonya and Mabel locked gaze, where could they get such an amount they wondered within them and swallowed hard.

Doctor Valencia sensed their worry and told Sonya that he understands the situation and pledged to help them, saying:

“I am going to waive my professional fee to lessen your expenses but it is important for Paco to undergo the operation within 36 hours. If not we might risk losing him.”

“Doc we can’t let that happen, Please I am begging you. Please keep my son alive,” Sonya implored Doctor Valencia.

“I will” the doctor interjected.

“Thank You!” Sonya added.

Mabel wondered what Sonya would do, but Sonya said she would have her way. Mabel insisted that Sonya should tell her her plans but she left her at the hospital without saying a word.

She went to see Councilor and she supported her with the little money she had. The Councilor told her that she wasted all her resources on the feast and felt sorry for Sonya. Sonya said the money was not that small and thanked the Councilor for her support.

The Councilor said although she was not able to help her with the needed amount but advised Sonya to sell some properties and used some as collateral for bank loan if she had. Sonya nodded her head in agreement.

As she was going home some kids asked her about Paco but she did not answer. She watched them with smily face and place her hand on one little girl who asked her about Paco, she ran her fingers through her hair and left.

Domeng ran to her and Miss Pinky gave her something she got from the feast. Domeng asked Sonya about Paco but she just told him to stay there with Miss Pinky.

She rushed inside and took some documents about Educare and ran to the location. She met lots of people at the premises of Educare demanding their money. She also tried to get her way through but the security tried to stop them.

The security said Mr Lamoste was inside but he was not ready to meet anyone. Mr Lamoste watched through the mirror window to check how the people had grouped there to demand their money to cater for their wards.

He came out in his car and drove off, the parents there tried to stop his car Sonya slept on the car to demand for her money to save her son but Lamoste would not stop.

One man hit the back mirror of Mr Lamoste’s car with Stone but that did not deter him from leaving them behind.

Sonya stopped a taxi to follow Mr Lamoste. He saw that someone was following him with a car so he took advantage of the traffic to ran. Sonya ordered the driver to ran after the car to catch up with Mr Lamoste but the driver said the red light was on.

The taxi tried to catch up with Mr Lamoste, as they couldn’t find the route his car took, Sonya told the driver to stop so that she walked and searched for him. She was sure that Mr Lamoste could be hiding somewhere closer.

She searched around and entered a certain building which she saw Mr Lamoste she demanded for her money to save her dying son but Mr Lamoste said since she knew him, and knew his name she also knew that his company has gone bankrupt so he did not have any money to give to her.

Sonya begged him and he later pulled his gun which he wanted to kill himself with. He pointed the gun on her and asked her to leave, she kept begging him to help him save her son.

Mr Lamoste insisted that he did not have anything on him to help her save her son as he could not even help his family. He then aimed his gun on himself but Sonya held him not to kill himself since his family would need him more especially now that his company was in crisis. He said no he wanted to die,he then took off his watch and gave to her to sell it to take care of her son who was dying.

He said he did not have any money on him but his watch costed half a million and in an exchanged he wants her to to shoots him.

Sonya did not understand him, she told him that he could not end his life because he would pass through it. As the scene was going on a certain man his himself to spy them secretly.

Mr Lamoste explained to Sonya that his life had no value because he was buried in debt and did not want to live.

He further stated that he wanted to give his daughter a good life and if he stayed alive his daughter would not get the quality life he planned for her but when he dies she would get the life he wanted for her.

Sonya said she would not do it. Mr Lamoste told her that she requested for his help and he has helped her so she should also help him by killing him. Sonya insisted that killing him will not solve the problem but Lamoste said insurance would secure the life of his daughter and his entire family, thus justified why he had to sacrifice his life to seek to the welfare of his family.

If I die my family will receive heifty sum of money from the insurance company which will help give my daughter a better life.

As he knew it was difficult for Sonya to shoot he tried pulling the gun and shouted that Sonya should end his life.

The noise of his voice caused Sonya to accidentally pulled the trigger and the bullet went through his chest.

A Mother's Guilt Episode 1

The sound of the gun met the sounds of the rocket , Mr Lamoste hit the floor as Sonya eyes were closed not knowing the unfortunate had happened she opened her eyes to see Mr Lamoste lying on the floor.

A Mother's Guilt Episode 1A Mother's Guilt Episode 1

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