A Mother's Guilt Episode 13 Anna accepts Paco's proposal

A Mother’s Guilt Episode 13

A Mother’s Guilt Episode 13 Anna accepts Paco’s proposal

Domeng and Nessa were doing their assignment. Nessa was happy that things were going on right within Domeng’s life and Unyo getting that help to also go back to school.

Sonya and Unyo brought back Asyong to the house, she gave Unyo money to get some medicines for Asyong and Asyong said it was enough since she spent at the hospital.

As Unyo went to get the medicine, Sonya told Asyong that Paco was just a step finding the truth and she wanted him to know the truth from her not from a third party.

At the mansion of the Montecillos, Anna approached her mother, asking her whether she was busy Jean said no she can never be busy when talking to her.

“I am so happy you finally decided to stay with us,” Jean said.

“Mummy can I ask u a question regarding Educare?” Anna asked.

“There was bankruptcy and Edward couldn’t save it,” Jean stated.

“Mom what if it wasn’t dad’s fault. My dad was an experienced man he knows how to handle people,” Anna said.

Jacob appeared in the scene and interjected that if it was not Edward’s fault whose fault was it.

“Tell me…. what do you know?” Jake got upset.

“I am just asking,” Anna explained.

“So what do you know?” Anna quizzed again.

“What I know is that I helped your dad to actually saved the company I helped build.

It is not my fault that your dad was a big failure,”Jacob said angrily.

“Excuse me! You don’t talk about my husband that way!” Jean exclaimed.

“I am your husband now Jean” Jake fumes

“You know what I mean,” Jean tried to calm him down.

Jacob was very furious and walked away

Asyong grandson, Unyo brought the medicine and Sonya advised him to take care of Asyong. At that moment Asyong was asleep. Unyo wanted to give Sonya back her change and Sonya said no. He should use it for Asyong’s upkeep.

Roman met the henchman and he asked him whether someone was at the crime scene and he said Yes. The henchman said there was a woman with Mr Lamoste before he shot him.

Roman asked who the woman was and he said he knew her and where she was, he demanded for money before carrying out Roman’s order to silence her.

Roman told Jacob that his suspicion was true, there was a woman who was at the scene and the henchman confirmed it.

Jacob became upset and push Roman into a chair while holding his suit, threatening him to ensure the henchman get everything covered otherwise they would be in trouble and Roman would suffer the most.

In the house, Roman received a text together with a picture. He felt threatened, impatient and did not know what to do.

As Paco was waiting impatiently for Anna a small boy came to talk to him. He took the opportunity to engage in a chat with the boy so that he would not see how fast the time was flying.

When the boy left Anna came. For a moment Paco was scared that Anna would not come to meet him. Once Paco saw Anna he ran to meet her.

They engaged eachother with some french ki$$es, they could not stop fighting for eachother’s lips at the park.

After some time of intimacy, Paco asked Anna what was her answer about his proposal to her and Anna happily said yes. They showered eachother with lots of kisses. Paco carried her around for saying yes to his proposal. He was the happiest man on earth.

He the gave back the bracelet which Anna returned to him the night she came to say goodbye to him since she was returning to New York and called the relationship a quit.

“I l♥️ve you” Anna said as she fixed her eyes on Paco.

“I l♥️ve you to” Paco said in merriment.

In bed, Jean said sorry to Jake for her earlier action against him. Jacob said he had forgiven her. He said he was just stressed up because of the Supreme Court issue and never meant to say what he said that triggered their fight.

A Mother’s Guilt Episode 13 Anna accepts Paco’s proposal

A Mother's Guilt Episode 13

Jean indicated that she knew the court issue was stressing everyone out but after that case they should all take a break to refresh their minds.

Jake accepted. He caressed Jean to send her to sleep as he still wondered in head the woman who was at the crime scene.

“Who is that woman” Jake wondering as he was in bed.

Roman received live video of everything that was happening in prison to watch Gabriel’s move. A prison officer took that footage while speaking with Roman to know what they would do to hurt Roman for him to remain in prison forever.

“Hi you busy” Anna came to her mom.

“No never busy for you,” Jean once more replied.

Jean asked what was her plans now that Anna had decided to stay. She said she would be searching for a job and Jean said she had something important to say concerning her job search but before she would talk to her about that she had something important to say.

“I know you and Jacob are having hard time but I will ask you to try patch things up with him. If not for anyone do it for me,” Jean told Anna.

Anna accepted to patch things up with Jacob to make her mother feel happy.

Jean told her that she would like the three of them including her, Anna and Jacob to take a trip for them to relax their minds on the tension that the court issue had brought on the family. Anna accepted and asked:

“But mom can I bring my boyfriend to.”

Jean wondered who the person was and She said Paco. Anna asked Jean whether she was still upset with Paco for siding with Gabriel and working with Attorney Vega but Jean said no….

“and besides how can I get mad with the that one person who put smiles on that pretty face of my daughter.”

“I know how it feels for you to be young and fall in love,” Jean added.

Anna was happy to hear her mother accepting her relationship with Paco irrespective of what had happened.

She asked Jean whether that was how she felt when she felt met her father.

Meanwhile Paco had told Samboy that Anna has agreed to be his girlfriend and they were now dating. Samboy felt so happy for Paco he began shouting that his friend now has a girlfriend and Paco asked him to stop what he was doing.

Jean told Anna that she had similar experience when She and Edward met and began courting but she told Anna to take care of herself to overcome any challenges.

Anna stated that no matter the challenges “as long as we know that we love eachother we will overcome it.”

Jean advised her to take it slow,

The officer who was working as informat to Jacob told one inmate to hurt Gabriel.

As Domeng was roasting the khebab Nessa came to help him out .

The henchman arrived and Nessa thought he was a customer so she went to take his orders and she came to inform Domeng about it. She said the man also requested for Soft drinks.

Roman called the henchman, he cut the call in order to search for a place where no one would hear him talk to Roman.

As he stood up from his seat Domeng approached him and told him they were working on his order he paid the money and said he was doing something important so they should not bother. He left them and went to speak with Roman.

Asyong’s structure got destroyed by the owner of place. She was throwing him out of the place. Unyo came with Sonya. Sonya asked the woman to stop what she was doing as Asyong was even sick. She told the woman to have pity for Asyong and stop torturing Asyong.

In her room, Anna felt butterflies in her tummy she was so happy and never thought love could feel that good.

Flashback: Anna was deeply kix$ed by Paco and when she said YES to Paco’s proposal he carried her around.

Flashforward: Anna could not hold back her excitement she sent Paco a text “See you tonight after your review.”

Meanwhile, Paco was receiving legal lecturing, as he was recording the lecturing he off his phone.

Anna tried reaching him but the call could not go through.

At Asyong’s place, Samboy helped Unyo to erect the canopy. Sonya tried to calm Asyong down as they tried fixing the problem.

In jail, the inmate who was given the tipoff to put Gabriel in trouble intentionally bumped into Gabriel as he was going. Gabriel stood and looked at the man without uttering any word.

In the evening, Anna and Paco met in a restaurant for their date. as they were eating Anna called for Paco’s help for a kind of information she could not get from the internet. Paco gave him advise on what she could do. He said Anna could get subpoena from the court in solving the problem.

At work, Jacob was holding the watch, still thinking about who that woman was. He was dead scared that the issue would expose his secret. He asked himself in soliloquy that “did she steal it or buy it.”

Jean called Jacob saying it was getting late and he said he would be home soon.

Paco said conflict of interes “Let’s get away from all of these.” He carried Anna and Anna asked him to put her down.

In the evening at the grave yard, the henchman saw Sonya, Samboy and Unyo when Sonya gave Unyo a polythene bag full of stuffs to be given to Asyong.

As the henchman saw Sonya watching him he turned his back and acted as if he was making a call.

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