A Mother's Guilt Episode 16 Sonya confesses her crime

A Mother’s Guilt Episode 16

A Mother’s Guilt Episode 16 Sonya confesses her crime

After making love with Anna, in the next morning Paco prepared for the supreme court hearing.

Sonya also went to deliver barbeque to client who requested for the barbeque. When she went to the house she was supposed to meet the person she saw no one and shouted if the person could hear her and come out.

She went inside the house and saw news articles about Edward Lamoste’s death pasted on the walls. She became frightened at first she wanted to leave but had a second thought and decided to meet the person who wanted to emotionally blackmail her.

Later Jacob’s lady showed her face and Sonya faced her

As Unyo helped to prepare barbeque at the restaurant Cora and Mabel arrived and asked of Sonya. Domeng said she went to deliver some barbeque to clients.

Cora and Mabel said they had to find Sonya immediately because they could not reach her on the phone. They were worried about her and they thought someone set her up.

Sonya told the lady that if she believed she killed Mr Lamoste then she should report her to the police but the lady did not stop she confronted Sonya told Sonya her sins right on her face.

In the house of the Montecillos, Jean was preparing to go to the hearing. She was also watching the media coverage of the court case live from the supreme court on her phone.

Anna came to her room and said sorry to Jean. She said Jean gave her strength and Jean said she did not want them to fight but want them to join forces and stay together and be there for eachother as a family. Anna promised to be by her side all the time especially during the trial. Jean then received a call from Jacob to be at the Supreme Court immediately. She told him that she was on her way.

Anna texted Paco to wish him Good luck for the case and told him that she would see him later Paco texted back.

Attorney Vega and Carolina arrived as the journalists were forcing to have an interview with them Attorney Vega protected Carolina.

Domeng called Paco to inform him about how Sonya was tricked as they were speaking Attorney Vega told Paco that they had to go to the trial room and he said okay but when she left Paco went on with the call and assured Domeng that he would meet him to search for Sonya.

Paco rushed to meet Domeng, Domeng suggested they call the police but Paco said they would call once they could not find Sonya.

The woman began to emotionally blackmail Sonya into accepting that she killed Mr Lamoste she made fun of Sonya and secretly recorded it. Jacob and Roman felt happy when Sonya accepted and confessed he made Roman called someone to edit the video circulate it.

Asyong was affected by the situation, he wished he had told Sonya not to go as they were all thinking Cora received a call from Sonya. So she texted Paco that Sonya has called and Paco, Domeng and Unyo ran back home.

Jean reached the court and the press would not stop harassing her to talk on the case. Letty informed Jean that she could not see Anna. They became worried. Jacob arrived and he said sorry for being late as the traffic was massive.

Jean said Anna was missing and Jacob said she could be with Paco and he did not understand that Anna would be having a romantic time with Paco while it was important for Anna to be there with her family.

After seeing Attorney Vega and her team without Paco with them, Jacob was certain that Anna was with him, saying this is not a time for Romeo and Juliet affair.

Sonya returned begins to search for Paco and Domeng at the house but at that time they had not returned. They then reached home and were happy to see her.

Sonya told them that she has something to say to Paco and Domeng so Asyong, Mabel, Unyo and Cora should excuse them. Everyone left leaving Paco and Domeng with Sonya.

The judge at the Supreme Court acquit Gabriel for failure of evidence. Jean could not believe it She told Jacob that this could not be happening.

Paco asked his mom what she was talking about and she said she was talking about Mr Lamoste. She began revealing that she was a policy holder at Educare and when Paco was admitted at the hospital she went after her investment and asked Mr Lamoste to give her her investment and Mr Lamoste gave him his watch and she sold it to get the operation of Paco done.

Sonya admitted that she killed Mr Lamoste but Paco could not believe it. Paco cried, he let go of his mother’s hand and stood from his chair. The truth was too much for him to contain it.

The court calls for immediate release of Gabriel. Jean saw it as injustice as Attorney Vega cheered her team for a good job, Carolina was so excited that finally her husband is set free.

“What is going on …..what is going…” Jean shouted with eyes heavy with tears.

Suddenly a viral video broke out in the court about Sonya admitting to killing Mr Lamoste.

“This is impossible!” Jean exclaimed.
Jean asked where Jacob got the vide from and he asked her why she asked him and he told her to ask Anna since she was the one who was involved with Paco.

“Attorney you know what to do,” Jacob told Attorney Balmaceda

“Yes Mr Montecillos” Balmaceda answered.

Paco was upset that Sonya over the years kept the truth to herself she said how could his mother watch an innocent man like Gabriel to stay in prison for a crime he did not commit.

Sonya said at that time he and Domeng were too young so she wanted to give them life before she could turn herself in. Yet Paco blamed Sonya for everything.

Domeng got upset with Paco for treating their mother like that all because of Anna while their mother did that to save him.

They began fighting and Sonya separated them. The family were going through a lot after the truth came to light. Sonya shed tears so do Domeng and Paco.

JoJo together with other cops arrived at Sonya’s house to arrest her.

Attorney Balmaceda told the media not to worry his client since the family was affected by the verdict. He pleaded with them to respect the privacy of his client.

Anna sent Letty message that she already knew what had happened and she could not believe what was happening.

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