A Mother's Guilt Episode 22

A Mother’s Guilt Episode 22

A Mother’s Guilt Episode 22 Anna gets jealous after seeing Paco and Georgette

Paco and his legal team met, they talked about the pre trial. Paco said they would need evidence and witness to back their case Sonya said there was no witness. Georgette indicated that witness would help prove Sonya’s innocence.

Anna brought breakfast to Jean and said sorry and promissed not to leave Jean alone again. She said they would need eachother now. Jean asked Anna not to worry because the Alipio family killed her spirit and there was no way she should blame herself for that as she understands her.

In prison the inmate left clothes in a bucket and a guard accidentally dropped it. She asked her why she left the things on the wall and warned her not to do that again. She told her that she should tidy up the place.
Sonya went to help and a guard went to inform Sonya that someone was there to see her.

When she went it was Anna. Anna asked Sonya why things happened that way. Anna said Sonya owed her explanation but Sonya said everything that happened on that night was not intentional.

Georgette asked Paco to chill after he was thinking about how they could get witness to support their defence strategy.

She told Paco that they should go on a date as she promised to bear the cost.

Anna was heading to her restaurant and Letty called her, she told Letty that she went to see Sonya and was sad about the development.

Letty told her that she shouldn’t have gone there and asked her how she was doing. She said she was fine but was going to have a meeting with the bank manager.

Paco and Georgette arrived at the restaurant, Paco sat and Georgette went to get the Manu as she went she saw Anna.

She was surprised to see Anna. She screamed Anna’s name “Anna Lamoste” and she said yes. Attorney Georgette introduced herself wanting to shake hands with Anna but Anna did not stretch forth her hands.

Anna asked her what she was doing there, she was not enthused to see Georgette. Georgette told her she was being sarcastic.

Anna felt so bad to see Georgette defending Sonya and Georgette said she came there with Paco but as things were turning out not right she was leaving.

Paco was looking through menu book and Georgette came to inform him that they should leave. Paco did not understand since they had not eaten yet but Georgette urged him to trust the process and leave with him.

Paco was still lost about Georgette’s action, Georgette insisted that she was his lawyer and they should leave. Paco then followed him as they were leaving Anna watched them through the transparent door and shed tears.

Nessa was helping Unyo to roast the kebab as Fomena was not there. Domeng was spying the house which Sonya’s viral video was taken from there.

He then went at the gate trying to climb and look through as he was doing a guy who was cleaning the car stopped him. He claimed Domeng was a thief and wanted to beat him. Domeng then fled from his hand.

As Georgette was driving Paco, she revealed to him that she met Anna at the restaurant and said sorry for not informing him earlier.

She said that was the reason she told them to leave. Paco’s phone rang he received and it was Attorney Vega. She asked if Georgette was with him and he said yes. She told Paco that he and Georgette should see her right away.

Jacob spoke with Julie on phone and she informed him that that Anna had a meeting with the bank manager. Jacob told her to make Anna’s relationship with them be solely business and she said she would do that.

After the call Jacob was wondering what was going through Anna’s head. He thought that Anna wanted to stab him at the bank and reasoned not to allow her.

“Are you playing games with me Anna, is this a trap?”

Later, Roman came to the Montecillos mansion to talk to Jacob. They were conspiring and Anna barged in. As Roman saw Anna he left.

Jacob asked her how work was and she said it was okay. Jacob told her that he had a meeting with a Chinese company about a project.

Anna said it was great and she also told him how her day went. She said she had a meeting with the bank manager. Jacob asked her why and told her that she could count on him for any help or support.

But Anna insisted that she wanted to stand on her own feet without accepting any help from him or her mother.

Attorney Vega, Georgette and Paco went to see Sonya to discuss how they could go with their self defense strategy.

Attorney Vega said they had to be a step ahead of their foes. Georgette suggested that they would need a sketch artist to draw the person who compelled Sonya to talk and recorded it.

They said there could be a master brain behind that viral video and was hoping to find the actual person who made the person intimidate Sonya to talk.

Jacob met Roman and he watched pictures of the gun which was used to kill Edward Lamoste. The task he gave to Roman was for him to find the actual gun which Mr Lamoste was holding.

“This can’t be happening” Jacob fumes as he could not get the actual gun owned by Edward. He threw the pictures away and told Roman to do his job right.

After their case meeting, Sonya was left with Paco and she informed him that Anna came to visit to asked her to explain why she exchanged Edward’s life with Paco.

Paco told Sonya not to be revealing so many things to Anna as they were in the court getting to the bottom of the issue.

In the mansion of the Montecillos, Jean told Anna that she had arranged a meeting for her with the best architect. She said the architect was good looking and had class but Anna told her mother to drop it as she already knew where she was driving at.

Jean said Paco was not good for her, at the middle of her speech Jacob told her to stop. Jean then said sorry to Anna and told her that she got carried away.

In the next morning, Paco was dressing and Domeng pulled his legs that he was looking great and asked whether it was because of Georgette. Paco laughed, Domeng further stated that he always says Georgette was his classmate but he could sense something else.

As they were talking Paco’s documents fell, Domeng helped him to pick it and he saw a sketch.

He asked Paco what the sketch was for and he said the sketch was the lady who leaked the viral video of Sonya.

Domeng suddenly took his phone and snapped the sketch. He told Paco that he would help him to catch the lady. Paco advised not to do it as they were using their professional means to get the woman.

Domeng went to show the picture to Nessa and Unyo and asked them for their help. Although Nessa warned Domeng against his intentions but Domeng insisted that …that was the only way he could help his mother’s case.

He made Nessa and Unyo accompanied him to the building which his mother’s viral video was shot.

He knocked the gate and a certain man came out. He showed the picture of the woman to the man. As the man saw the sketch picture he rushed inside but Domeng pulled him out to answer his question.

The man said he did not know the lady and rushed in while locking the door on Domeng and his friends. He texted the woman to alert her about what was going.

The lady saw the message and wondered.

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