A Mother's Guilt Episode 24 Paco rekindles his relationship with Anna over a new evidence of Edward's case

A Mother’s Guilt Episode 24

A Mother’s Guilt Episode 24 Paco rekindles his relationship with Anna over a new evidence of Edward’s case

Georgette was inside and Paco knocked to join her. She least expected to see Paco at the law firm as it was late. She told Paco that her mother was demanding to see her. Georgette said although she missed home but she could not go back to Australia.

Anna reached home and was crying trying to explain to Letty how her encounter with Paco went. As Letty was calming her down, Jean appeared and was shocked that Anna went to meet Paco while she had already warned her not to do so.

“Mom I tried but could not do it I love him, I still love him,” Jean got upset and expressed her anguish to Anna by slapping her.

At the firm, Georgette told Paco that Anna did not love him so he should get over it. She later told Paco that she cared about his welfare and safety hence her advice. Anyway… this is a way of Georgette dissuading Paco from loving Anna … let’s see how it goes.

Jean in her furiousness asked Anna: “Do you know how insulting that is,” Letty tried defending Anna. She said it was not easy for Anna as she was trying her best but the issue has to deal with the heart. To her making a decision that involved the heart was not an easy task so Jean should understand Anna.

shhhhhhh… Jean shut Letty up and went on with her warning to Anna. She said if Anna did not stop loving and following Paco all hell will break.

“Because if you don’t all hell will break lose trust me,” Jean eyes emitted fire as Anna cried and took comfort in the hands of Letty.

Domeng, Unyo and Samboy were watching the video and pictures Domeng took of the wanted lady on the phone of Domeng.

Paco arrived looking so worn out. His life was getting messed up due to the love of Anna. The guys saw him frustrated they asked what was going on with him. Paco told them that Anna broke up with him and was not easy for him.

Already Sonya has assured him that Anna still had feelings for him and he should wait for Anna as long as he could for things to fall into place. Paco was not ready to give up on Anna. The guys asked about Georgette suggesting he could hook up with her as loving Georgette would be easy unlike Anna who would break his heart.

Georgette at home shed tears over Paco. She still could not believe that Paco could not get over Anna whose family members were reason Sonya was in prison. She watched the pictures of her and Paco on her phone.

Roman made a call to the henchman that night to arrange their next dubios plan for him to carry out that night.

Domeng showed the video he took of the wanted lady to Paco. Although Paco was glad that they have confirmed the existence of the lady but he was not happy with the fact that Domeng was endangering himself while they knew he was in school. He advised Domeng against going to the area again. Paco further stated that the legal team and the police would take it from there.

Paco thought about Anna and he said he did not have to let their break up destrupt him and his work. He pledged to himself to remain focus and go ahead with the case of Sonya.

Remaining focus, Paco behaved as if he had devine backing. He pasted pictures of the evidence on the wall. As they were going through it Attorney Vega told Georgette that something was not right about the case.

She said according to the autopsy report Mr Lamoste was shot from a long range and Inspector Bonafacio confirmed that Edward was shot from 3-5metre away.

At the police station Paco tried experimenting with Joan based on Sonya’s statement on how close she was with Mr Lamoste.

Inspector Bonafacio said the report indicated that the shot came from far not close. Paco said then how could it be possible if his mother was close to Edward.

After the legal encounter, Attorney Vega lauded Paco for a good job done.

Sonya called Asyong to inform him about the new development.

The next day, Attorney Vega together with Paco, Georgette and Attorney Balmaceda went to the tomb which Sonya claimed she kept the gun. Asyong dug the tomb. Balmaceda asked Vega whether she was sure about what Sonya told her and she said:

“I have complete faith in my client let’s wait and see.”

It was then established that Roman after calling the henchman, the man during midnight went to exhume the gun from the tomb and handed it to Roman. Roman met with Jacob and he gave Jacob the gun.

Asyong tried to search for it but could not find it. Attorney Vega, Paco, Georgette were left speechless.

Asyong later informed Sonya that he could not find the gun and believed someone had taken from there.

As they reached, Paco asked how possible it was for the gun to go missing like that. Georgette said she might be in a state of shock “how can she remember it accurately.”

Paco was thinking and was quite, Attorney Vega asked Paco what he was thinking. Paco said he wanted to use the way they used in finding the watch to find the gun.

Asyong still did not believe how the gun went missing. One of the attorneys believed someone had given an hint so she blamed Georgette.

Georgette wondered why the attorney was pointing accusing fingers at her. Attorney Vega would not have none of that she said before they would point fingers at somebody they needed concrete proof.

Georgette realised that the woman was talking about the other night she was talking on phone and she said she was talking to her mother in Australia and could give her phone for them to check the call lists.

As Paco was leaving he said bye to Georgette. Joan ran to Georgette and said sorry for what happened at the meeting. Joan confessed that it was through her that the gun was stolen.

She told Georgette that:

Flashback: the man she hangged out the other night went through her things when she went to the washroom. She came to meet the man giving the information about where the gun was kept to someone on phone.

Immediately she overheard the guy’s conversatio she went back to the washroom to think of what she would do.

The guy after the call came to knock on the washroom door to ask if she was ok. She then said sorry to her.

The other attorney who suspected Georgette asked for forgiveness after she learnt the truth. Georgette accepted her apology and was happy that the problem has finally been resolved.

Paco in the night texted Anna that he had to meet her since the issue he was about to discuss was in line with Edward’s death. Anna did not know what to do whether to accept to meet Paco or not. We could say Anna was just looking for opportunity to spend a moment with Paco. Now the opportunity has presented itself.

Katrina came to look for Jacob and Letty sent her out. As Katrina was standing and did not understand why Letty would drive her away saw Anna leaving the building and she followed her.

As Anna drove her car, Katrina drove to follow her. She saw Anna meeting Paco. The two had a romantic time that night on the street. They passionately ki$$ed and Georgette snapped pictures of them and sent them to Jean.

Jean was driving and saw the pictures, she immediately called Katrina to ask her the exact locatiom of her daughter.

Anna asked why Paco called and he said it was about her father’s case. He said the team discovered new development that led to the death of Edward. He asked Anna whether her father had different enemies. Anna said Edward had no enemies and Paco said perhaps some Educare policy holders and she said that issue had already been cleared.

Jean arrived and told Katrina to show her Anna. As Paco gave Anna the documents, Jean shouted take your hands off my daughter. She then pulled Anna away.

Anna asked Jean to calm down but Jean said she would not allow Paco to play around with them again because Sonya already did that.

“Keep away from my daughter or I’m gonna crush your dreams,” she left with Anna.

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