A Mother's Guilt Episode 25 Jean becomes paralysed

A Mother’s Guilt Episode 25

A Mother’s Guilt Episode 25 Jean becomes paralysed 

Jean took Anna away and asked her to get into the car. She thanked Katrina and said good night to her.

At home, Jacob said if Anna had gone to New York this would not have happened. Jean then said we never suspected this coming.

Anna read the documents which Paco gave her. She called Paco to inform him that she wanted to talk to him as she wanted to trust him on the information given to her in that documents.

Paco told her that her mother would be upset and she said he should not worry about that she would handle it in her own way.

As she was leaving to meet Paco Jean warned her not to do so. She asked Jean to respect her decision and said sorry to her. Jean threatened her not to get out of the house otherwise she might disown her.
“I am sorry mom” Anna left and Letty tried stopping her but she did not.

Jean was running after Anna and Jacob tried stopping her but Jean would not. She ran after Anna and she got knocked down by a car.

After Anna saw the accident she came down from her and got close to her mother but as she was drawing closer Jacob did not allow her and said she was the caused of the accident. Jacob told Letty to call an ambulance.

They sent Jean to hospital and Anna said sorry. Jacob also kept blaming her, saying “she is now happy.”

Anna cried!

“If she did not push through this it will be on your head,” Jacob told Anna but Letty said it was an accident so she should not blame Anna.

Jacob went to the house of Sonya and beat Paco for causing the accident of Jean. Cora asked him why he would blame Paco for Jean’s accident.

Jacob said if he did not plan to meet Anna his wife would not have had the accident.
At the hospital Paco texted Anna.

“I am sorry Paco it my fault I will talk to you later,” Anna told Paco.

Attorney Vega at the legal firm with her team members said: “The trial begins and ends with Sonya Alipio.”

Balmaceda also met with Jacob to talk to him about their pending trial and how they could not find the gun which Sonya used in committing the crime.

According to the autopsy Edward was shot from far range, and Vega stated that which meant someone else had shot him.

Katrina received a call during legal meeting with Balmaceda and Jacob. She informed Jacob that he was needed at the clinic since Jean had regained consciousness.

Jean could not feel her legs as the doctor was examining her. She became devastated and kept asking what was happening to her.

Jacob met the doctor in private and asked what they could do for Jean to get back to her feet. The Doctor told him that even if it was operation they would do for Jean to walk again but for now he would recommend therapy as it will help her.

“I hope you are happy” Jacob fumes as he sighted Anna close to Jean.

Anna went to Paco’s work place in search for him. She texted him that she needed someone to talk to.

Georgette came to meet her standing and told her that if she wanted to talk to her client she should talk to her first.

Anna said she was there to see Paco not her so she should allow her to be .

Jean had a crisis since she could still not feel her legs. Jacob came to meet her screaming that she could not feel her legs. He called the doctor as Jean had become desperate.

Anna on the other hand was still arguing with Georgette. Georgette said Anna did not care about Paco and would not allow her to treat Paco in a mean manner so she should talk to her first.

“Don’t even assume that you know what went on between Paco and I,” Anna spew….
“but now I am here because you Anna don’t deserve his love,” Georgette irritated Anna yet the more.

” How dare you?” As Anna was about to respond her she had a call from Letty that Jean wanted to see Anna.

Paco came out immediately Anna left and confronted Georgette for what she did to Anna.

“I was trying to protect you, don’t expect me to apologise,” Georgette defended herself.

I am sorry Paco if you think I am over stepping my bounce,” She told Paco as she made Paco believed that she was helping him for him not to get hurt.

“I am really sorry mom,
I will be with you every step of the way,” Anna promised Jean at the hospital.

Roman told one of their accomplices about what had happened to Jean and she told him to extend her regards to Jacob.

Jacob then went to his car and took a bag which contained the gun from his trunk. He then went to sit behind the driving seat to open it. Suddenly Letty came there and knocked on the front door. She then opened and Jacob quickly hid the gun inside the bag and after speaking to Letty he sped off.

“I want to walk again Anna, I don’t want to stay in bed like this. Let’s go to the state I don’t want to be like this forever,” Jean cried.

Anna told Jean not to worry because she would walk again and get better.
“And I will be there for you for as long as you need me.”

Attorney Vega met with her team and said in line with all that had happened with Joan she would like to keep all the documents among the three of them and said “as of now she is suspended.”

Attorney Vega suspected something going wrong between Georgette and Paco.

Jacob went close to a certain bridge, with his umbrella on him he threw away the gun and said he would see how Sonya would defend herself.

Attorney Vega told her team that “if we want to win this case we have to be more resourceful and creative.”

Jacob went to a bar to drink, and was later joined by Katrina. He gave her alcohol and she said she only drink virgin drinks not alcohol. Jacob told Katrina that he was there to celebrate. Katrina asked what was he celebrating and he said victory.

In prison Sonya could not sleep. She was thinking about the case how they said the gun was not found.

Joan came to meet Georgette in a restaurant and joined her. She observed that Georgette was not in a good mood.

Jacob told Katrina that he had to go to the hospital because Jean might need him. He was drunk so Katrina took his car keys and offered to ride him.

Joan told Georgette that she could tell she was thinking about Paco and she confessed her love for Paco.

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