A Mother's Guilt Episode 28 Jean discovers that her secretary was banging her husband

A Mother’s Guilt Episode 28

A Mother’s Guilt Episode 28 Jean discovers that her secretary was banging her husband

“I have always known… I have always known uncle that you are not the person you are claiming to be. You wanted to take my dad’s position but I will bring you down.”

Jacob asked Katrina and Letty what was going on and Letty said there was a certain video on Katrina’s phone.

“Lies mom Jean pure lies…” Katrina tried to catch her breath. The phone was already in the hands of Anna. Anna gave back the phone to Katrina.

Jean asked Letty the kind of video and Letty spilled the truth.

Letty said it was a video of Katrina and Jacob together in bed. Jacob was stunned by what Letty said.

He questioned Letty on why she could say something damaging about him. He said he was highly disappointed in her and did not know that-that is how she would treat his family after all they have done for her.

Jacob said he would not open the house doors to a backstabber like Letty. Jean said perhaps Letty had a point somewhere so in order to clear their doubts Katrina should handover the phone to Anna.

“Hand over your cell phone to Anna. “

She hesitated for some moments but eventually gave her phone to Anna. Anna went through it.

“Did you see anything Anna?”

“There is nothing here mom.”

In prison Sonya tried to introduce herself to Julia but Julia already knew she is called Sonya Alipio. Sonya tried to be friends with Julia, just to fish out more information from her concerning how Educare went on bankrupt.

After the explicit video is said by Anna not existed, a flashback revealed that Katrina deleted it once the family appeared during the scuffle.

Jacob became furious that Letty stained his name while knowing such allegations could break down his family.

He then blamed Letty for creating unnecessary tension while there is no any and  sacked Letty. Jean said there could be explanations for that. She told Jacob not to do that Anna also added her voice but Jacob would not change his mind so Letty told Anna not to plead on her behalf because she was ready to leave the house.

Julia did not want to make friends with Sonya so she tried to walkaway from Sonya but Sonya won’t allow her. The prison queen saw it and intervened on Sonya’s behalf to block Julia from walking out of Sonya.

Letty packed her things, Anna came to see her and said sorry to her for not fighting harder for her. Anna insisted that she would not allow her to go.

Jacob dragged Katrina out of the mansion and confronted her for what she did. As he was confronting her, Jean appeared in the scene. She requested to speak with Katrina.

“Honey she is not worth it,” Jacob fastened his eyes on Katrina to make Jean thinks he was an honest guy this did not feed on any flesh who appeared in a form of a woman.

“Okay I will be here with you” Jacob added.

“No I suggest you leave us.”

“This is just between me and Katrina.”

Jacob then excused them  after Jean insisted. Although he was scared that his cover would blow but he had no option than to leave.

“Katrina you are my secretary

Are you sleeping with my husband?”

At the other side of the scene, Paco was seen forcing himself to sleep but could not sleep and rose from bed. He had lots of things on his mind concerning Sonya’s case.

Meanwhile Katrina was trying hard to win back the trust of Jean and she replied that she could not possibly have an affair with sir jacob. She pleaded with Jean to brush of such idea from her head as she tried drawing closer to Jean to convince her, Jean ordered her not to get any closer.

“Thank you very much for your service. Jean fired Katrina and asked her to go.

“Mom Jean but that is unfair!” Katrina exclaimed.

Asyong was sitting drinking water. Paco joined him after he rose from his bed. They chat for a while.

Paco visionalised the legal matching pictures to think of how it linked to the other.

Katrina reached home and Jacob texted her that he was at her condo. She thought Jacob was in for another chapter of love making so she happily went to open the door for him.

Jacob strangled her and threatened that if she did not stop pestering him and his family she would have herself wanting.

She ordered Jacob to leave her otherwise she would expose him and Roman to get them arrested.

Jacob was surprised to hear that from Katrina and he described Katrina’s words as “bluff”. He asked Katrina to quit acting like she knew her dirty secret.

“I am not stupid Sir Jacob.”

“You and Roman are the reason Sonya is in prison and I can expose you for what you did to Me Lamoste.”

“Stop fooling yourself you knew nothing!”

Jacob said everything Katrina was spewing were mere assumptions and she had no proof or evidence.

Katrina asked him: “What about Educare funds.”

Jacob asked “what about the fund?”

Katrina revealed that she took pictures and printed some important documents which were evidence of his crimes. She told him that she knew he was the one who betrayed Mr Lamoste and was the reason Educare went on bankrupt.

“Stop playing games with me Katrina…”

“Or what….”

Katrina reached out for a pocket knife and ordered Jacob to leave otherwise she would hand him over to the police.

Georgette joined Paco after he texted her. She asked of the thing that was eating Paco up and he said it seemed someone was threatening Asyong.

However, Letty met up with Paco in the morning and told him that Katrina and Jacob plotted Domeng’s disgrace and blamed one maid in the house which he eventually fired her, adding that Katrina was having an affair with Jacob.

Jacob prepared breakfast for Jean and asked her not to question his love for her.

He apologised and said nothing happened between him and Katrina. He explained that he was drunk that time and passed the night at Katrina’s place but nothing happened between them. He said he would never share his bed with any other woman other than Jean.

He knelt and said God answered his prayers by the day Jean said   “Yes” to his proposal.

Letty and Paco tried to join the pieces of everything that had happened together. From the time Anna discovered the withdrawal slip from Educare to the time that a lady came to the house claiming her mother was working for Mr Lamoste at Educare to the day Jacob got the gun of Edward Lamoste which was exhumed from the grave to throw into the water.

It happened that Letty suspected Jacob and followed him to the bridge which he threw away the evidence.

Letty shed tears as she was sad about everything that was going on. Paco consoled her.

Fast forward, Nessa got jealous when Domeng tried to woo another lady and introduced Nessa as his sister. Nessa left while Domeng was calling. She snubbed him.

Anna said sorry to Letty for allowing her to go through all that. She informed her that Jean had already fired Katrina.

In the evening Nessa came around, Domeng got closer to her and she ordered him to run after the girl. She got upset that Domeng already told her he was in love with her and went about telling others girls that he was in love with them and were beautiful.

“I just wanted to give Jacob the benefit of a doubt,” Anna said and thanked Paco for giving  Letty a place to lay her head.

Archie came for Anna and he sent her to the restaurant to surprise her.
Anna loved the designs and was enthused with the decor.

Archie left a note on a table in the restaurant. Anna read it. Archie said in the letter that he was not a best cook but he was the best man to shower Anna with his love.

Archie remained outside as Anna was in the restaurant checking the decor. He opened the trunk of his car to take a bouquet of flowers and one of Jacob’s actress came around to ask of the person who set up the restaurant, as he was answering. Anna came there. After seeing her face Anna said she knew her. She was the girl who came to cry and pose off as a daughter of a woman who used to work at Educare.

Realising she has been caught by her lie, she fled and Anna ran after her, asking her to wait.

Paco and Georgette met at the law firm to talk. Paco added Jacob in his matching picture. In the matching picture, there was an unknown man orchestrating everything.

He was quite sure that Jacob could be the mastermind behind the demise of Edward.

As Anna was following the lady Archie also followed them. He asked Anna to stop but Anna said she had to speak with the lady. So Archie went after the lady and a moving car almost hit Archie that gave the lady opportunity to ran off.

Domeng catched up with Nessa to amend things. He re-proposed to her after Nessa admitted loving him. He said he loved her three. They decided to date but Nessa called it a bluff.

Anna apologised for what happened when Archie dropped her off at her house. Archie said it was nothing and she said good night to him.

The lady called Gabriel to inform him that Anna almost caught her. After the call Anna came in and she said she saw the lady and she ran away. Jacob said because she felt guilty that was why she fled.

Anna poured some of the wine which Jacob was drinking and had a toast together with Jacob after drinking she said goodnight to Jacob.

Attorney Vega, Georgette and Paco met at the law firm. Paco revealed everything about his findings to Vega.

“We need evidence, evidence…evidence we cannot file a case based on conspiracy theory.”

“We need concrete proof that Mr Montecillos was indeed the culprit.”

Attorney Vega suggested that they should go ahead with their self defence strategy and they could rely on Asyong’s testimony.

Attorney Vega told Paco that his idea could jeopardise Sonya’s case. She then said they should come to her office when they discover something new.

“Get me evidence,” She exclaimed and left them. Paco did not know what to do.

Georgette prepared something special for Sonya. As she and Paco visited Sonya.

Sonya tasted and said the food was delicious.

Sonya was grateful to Georgette. She saw how Paco and Georgette looked at eachother she suspected something.

Anna gave the picture of the lady out to a guard to to investigate whether she lived within the area.

Jacob met with his business partners after their meeting. Roman and Jacob were left inside and Jacob told Roman to ensure Julia did not expose them.

Paco and Georgette visited a restaurant. There were some people celebrating their birthday and Paco remembered when he celebrated his birthday.

Anna asked Jean to promise her that she would not miss any of her therapy.
Jacob got home and he said he had a meeting with the Chinese investors. Anna then said goodnight to Jean and Jacob as well and left.

She went behind the door to spy on Jacob and Jean as he ki$$ed Jean:

“I have always known… I have always known uncle that you are not the person you are claiming to be. You wanted to take my dad’s position but I will bring you down,” Anna thought and banged the door.

Asyong was sitting outside and Paco joined him. Paco pulled a chair and sat close to him.  Paco asked him to tell him about the exact thing that happened to Mr Lamoste and he said he haerd Mr Lamoste saying “shoot me shoot me.”

In the next morning Julia woke up to see blood stains on herself she screamed and was scared that she had been stabbed.

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