A Mother's Guilt Episode 32 Sonya is found guilty of homicide, sentenced to 15 years imprison

A Mother’s Guilt Episode 32

A Mother’s Guilt Episode 32 Sonya is found guilty of homicide, sentenced to 15 years imprison

“Your honour we filed a motion for a new expert witness based on Sonya Alipio’s statement and Mr Lamoste’s medical legal record proving there was a possible second shooter at the scene.”

Paco together with Domeng and Georgette ran out and Paco stopped Sonya but she could not be tamed.

Roman realised Someone was following him again and he set a trap to catch the person. It was Marjorie.

In the court room, Sonya swore a oath and was happy that her son was the one cross examining her as a witness to the case.

They fought really hard as Roman did not want to be abducted. She told Roman that she was not there for anything bad but she was just there to alert him that Jacob might betray them to. Roman still struggled with her and when she turned Roman towards the car She asked whether he helped Katrina to escape and he said he knew nothing about it.

Marjorie hit Roman for him to fall.

Back in the court, Sonya said she was 53 years old. Paco asked her where she was in May 2, 2004 and she narrated that there was a fiesta and her son collapsed as he was lost of breath so she sent him to hospital. The doctor said they needed 500,000 pesos for her son’s operation.

She said she did not have it so she did everything she could to raise the money Judge Tutuga ordered for tissue for her. She said friends helped her but the money was still not enough to conduct the operation to save her son from dying so she decided to go for her insurance at Educare.

Paco asked whether she did not know that Educare has gone on bankrupt at that time. She said all that she wanted was a money to save her son, thus nothing mattered to him at that time. She narrated that she went to Educare at that time most of the policy holders were there.

Later Mr Lamoste left with his car so she followed Mr Lamoste to pour out her grievances if he could help raise her money but when she went Mr Lamoste was holding a gun.

She noted Mr Lamoste pointed the gun at her, saying he would blow her head off if she did not leave. She said she explained her situation to him but Mr Lamoste pointed the gun on his own neck saying he had no money and had nothing to live for but was able to persuade him to choose life.

Mr Lamoste then strike a deal with her, saying he did not have anything but his watch which could be of help to her to bring back her son to life.

She further narrated that he then handed him the gun, and was holding him forcing her to shoot him so accidentally she heard a sound of gun. When she opened her eyes Mr Lamoste was on the floor and before he died he mentioned Anna.

Silence swept the court as everyone became emotional and shed tears.

“How dare you, how dare you mention her name criminal”

Judge Tutuga asked them to handle Jean. Sonya shared tears.

Attorney Balmaceda disputed that her act was not a self defence she knew what she was doing. And she shot Edward Lamoste intentionally but Sonya said it was a mere accident.

“Objection….Attorney is barging the witness.”

“Stop it or I will hold you in contempt,” Judge Tutuga ordered Balmaceda as he kept on to harras Sonya.

Balmaceda’s questions irritated Sonya so she rose and confronted Balmaceda for saying she killed Lamoste because she was upset.

“No further questions your honour ”

“The witness is excused.” Sonya then went to her seat and Paco went to hug her while consoling her.

“Your Honour we will like to present our last witness.” Attorney Vega said when she senseda pending harm.

“Objection your honour you said Sonya was your last witness,” Balmaceda interjected.

“I thought Sonya Alipio was your last witness,” Judge Tutuga anxiously asked.

“Your honour we filed a motion for a new expert witness based on Sonya Alipio’s statement and Mr Lamoste’s medical legal record proving there was a possible second shooter at the scene.” Attorney Vega explained.

“Things that witnesses did not answer during pre trial cannot be presented later. I can’t allow it… motion denied.” Judge Tutuga said.

“Do you have anymore on unannounced witnesses Attorney Vega?”

“I rest my case your honour,” Attorney Vega told the judge after he denied her motion.

“Then we set our next hearing for August 6 2018. Prepare your closing statement and I will handle the verdict, court is adjourned.”

Balmaceda told his client that Sonya’s statement established nothing it was an intent to kill. He revealed that to them when Jean asked whether Sonya’s statement could affect the verdict.

Sonya thanked her Attorneys. Attorney Vega told Sonya’s family that she had a bad feeling about the entire thing because every evidence pointed out that Sonya was guilty.

Nessa asked Domeng not to worry because things would be good for Sonya. Domeng was worried that Sonya might remain in the bars. Domeng said unpleasant things against Nessa so she got upset and she fled. He later ran after her.

Anna searched the room and got some documents.

She later met with Archie who disclosed to her that he started some technological advancement course after he studied computer programmes back in the college.

“I think I need your help” Anna said.

“Life was simple back then”
“Oh my God!”

“What is it?”

“Let me just say long time answers to my questions.”

Domeng settled his difference with Nessa and they hugged her as they received applause from the people around.

Anna called Paco to inform him that she has discovered something. Initially Paco found it difficult to receive the call since he was having dinner with Georgette and she gave him the go ahead to pick since it could be about their investigation.

Jacob called Marjorie and asked how it was going with Katrina and he said it going well as planned.

The NBI agents for the second time visited the household of Mr Montecillo. They continued their questions on Jacob’s dealings with Julie.

“I just don’t understand.” Jean said.

Jacob referred to the NBI agents that he wished he could answer all their questions.

The male agent gave him an anonymous slip and said he earlier discussed with them. They said but he should verify who had been transferring money to that anonymous account.

“Wait! are you trying to imply something?” Jean felt uncomfortable with the questions to her husband.

Anna went to stand at the back and felt happy about everything that was going on. She sipped her drink.

A flashback revealed that Anna reached out for a document and a tape which she and Archie worked on to find some matching account.

After that she called the NBI to tip them off to investigate Jacob for a money laundering crime which happened at Educare.

“I will prove to you that your source gathered it all wrong,” Jacob tried to convince the agents.

After they left, Jean voiced out to Anna that she was unhappy with the questions they were asking Jacob.

“He even tried to revive Educare.”

Jean said she would forever be grateful to him.

“I firmly believe this is all big misunderstanding.”

After Jacob and Roman saw the NBI agents off, he told Roman that they had to get rid of all the evidence and asked just to confirm that no one had betrayed him.

As he was opening the door to get inside, he overheard Jean talking to Anna that it could not be possible that Jacob was backstabbing them.

Jacob wondered whether Jean has finally gotten to know the truth.

“I love her too much” Jacob wondered what he could do to Jean if she found out about his involvement in Educare’s collapse.

Paco and his family discussed about how Sonya’s case would go.

Roman met with another henchman as they planned a dubious operation to cover the back of Jacob.

Jacob in his dark room took off the picture of Katrina plotting against Roman on how to get rid of him.

Jean was searching for him and came to knock on the door of his dark room. Suddenly he took off the pictures of his victims, folded them inside a small cloth and kept it in his drawer.

He then opened the door and Jean said she had been searching for him and he told Jean that they were in 2018 so Jean could call him on phone to tell him that she was looking for him. She said she left her phone in her room.

Sonya in prison could not sleep so she talked with her inmate friend about her fate in the next day’s hearing.

At the court:

“Counsel I have reviewed the facts of the case and I am yet to make a decision.”

“Your honour may we call for a short recess?”

The two Attorneys began their closing statements.

“Your honour please I implore you not to look at Sonya Alipio as a murderer but a mother  who….

For 12 years chose to suffer alone but despite her sins a testament and reflection she kept on to be a mother for her children.”

“That is a plaque of insult to mother’s everywhere Sonya Alipio had a choice but she chose to murder Edward Lamoste.” Balmaceda fumes.

“There is no doubt about it…. Sonya killed a man which is wrong but your honour we can only imagine what she went through but when confronted with a difficult choice when her son was in hospital and a gun was forcefully kept in her hand what could she possibly do?”

“But we are a nation of laws… the law only listens to fact this is to conclude that Sonya Alipio killed Edward Lamoste fact! her fingerprint, shoeprints at the crime scene and the most sacralogious was she murdered someone.” Balmaceda stressed.

“What the prosecution failed to prove is intent and that is a fact!

True Sonya had a choice and she chose to live for her sons.” Attorney Vega emphasised.

The court marshal read out the verdict and she said:

“The court finds the accused Sonya Alipio guilty…..”

Jean and Jacob had that satisfactory look and were beaming with smiles as they jubilated silently and held hands.

The reading went on:

“….beyond reasonable doubt for the crime of homicide and not of murder ” Suddenly Jean face turned she was not happy and wondered how it happened like that.

“…the court sentence her to suffer for the penalty of 15 years and one day of temporary as maximum in prison.”

Domeng cried, Cora, Mabel, Asyong among others stood in disagreement. Sonya consoled Domeng and told Paco to take care of him. She hugged him and asked him not to cry.

As they were getting outside the court the press ran after Jean to ask her take on the verdict.

“I know Edward had his on flaws but he was a good man who deserved not to die in that manner. He needed justice although the court has given Sonya maximum of 15 years and it is not justice enough because my lawyer and family will ensure that Sonya Alipio remains in jail Forever.”

She left with her family. Anna looked worry while standing next to a car.

Archie asked Anna why she did not look happy while she was supposed to be happy. Anna said she should be happy but she still felt that something was wrong.

Attorney Vega and Georgette met with Paco’s family as Domeng was crying she said

“infact I see it (the verdict) as a blessing in disguise.”

they told Domeng that Sonya could be granted a bail since it was an issue of homicide.

Jacob ordered Balmaceda to ensure that Sonya was not granted bail. Roman pointed a gun at Marjorie whether she was the one who leaked the documents.

She said she knew nothing about it.

Jacob was angry about how the verdict went so he went to practice shooting. As he was shooting he remembered how Sonya called him in prison, thinking it was Julie and the verdict given depicting that the criminal was still not found.

He received a call from Balmaceda indicating to him there was a problem.

Domeng and Nessa met and they engaged in their usual funny love chat.

Attorney Balmaceda also met with Jacob to inform him that Sonya’s lawyers were filing for proposal to grant her bail so they needed an alternative plan to ensure Sonya is not set free.

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