A Mother's Guilt Episode 33 Sonya granted a bail of 150,000

A Mother’s Guilt Episode 33

A Mother’s Guilt Episode 33 Sonya granted a bail of 150,000 pesos

“Good because I also don’t have a problem of giving you that pay either. infact I am ready to give you a raise …a big raise just make sure Sonya remains behind bars.”

He then opened the door and Jean said she had been searching for him and he told Jean that they were in 2018 so Jean could call him on phone to tell him that she was looking for him. She said she left her phone in her room.

Sonya in prison could not sleep so she talked with her inmate friend about her fate in the next day’s hearing.

At the court:

“Counsel I have reviewed the facts of the case and I am yet to make a decision.”

“Your honour may we call for a short recess?”

The two Attorneys began their closing statements.

“Your honour please I implore you not to look at Sonya Alipio as a murderer but a mother  who….

For 12 years chose to suffer alone but despite her sins a testament and reflection she kept on to be a mother for her children.”

“That is a plaque of insult to mother’s everywhere Sonya Alipio had a choice but she chose to murder Edward Lamoste.” Balmaceda fumes.

“There is no doubt about it…. Sonya killed a man which is wrong but your honour we can only imagine what she went through but when confronted with a difficult choice when her son was in hospital and a gun was forcefully kept in her hand what could she possibly do?”

“But we are a nation of laws… the law only listens to fact this is to conclude that Sonya Alipio killed Edward Lamoste fact! her fingerprint, shoeprints at the crime scene and the most sacralogious was she murdered someone.” Balmaceda stressed.

“What the prosecution failed to prove is intent and that is a fact!

True Sonya had a choice and she chose to live for her sons.” Attorney Vega emphasised.

The court marshal read out the verdict and she said:

“The court finds the accused Sonya Alipio guilty…..”

Jean and Jacob had that satisfactory look and were beaming with smiles as they jubilated silently and held hands.

The reading went on:

“….beyond reasonable doubt for the crime of homicide and not of murder ” Suddenly Jean face turned she was not happy and wondered how it happened like that.

“…the court sentence her to suffer for the penalty of 15 years and one day of temporary as maximum in prison.”

Domeng cried, Cora, Mabel, Asyong among others stood in disagreement. Sonya consoled Domeng and told Paco to take care of him. She hugged him and asked him not to cry.

As they were getting outside the court the press ran after Jean to ask her take on the verdict.

“I know Edward had his on flaws but he was a good man who deserved not to die in that manner. He needed justice although the court has given Sonya maximum of 15 years and it is not justice enough because my lawyer and family will ensure that Sonya Alipio remains in jail Forever.”

She left with her family. Anna looked worry while standing next to a car.

Archie asked Anna why she did not look happy while she was supposed to be happy. Anna said she should be happy but she still felt that something was wrong.

Attorney Vega and Georgette met with Paco’s family as Domeng was crying she said

“infact I see it (the verdict) as a blessing in disguise.”

they told Domeng that Sonya could be granted a bail since it was an issue of homicide.

Jacob ordered Balmaceda to ensure that Sonya was not granted bail. Roman pointed a gun at Marjorie whether she was the one who leaked the documents.

She said she knew nothing about it.

Jacob was angry about how the verdict went so he went to practice shooting. As he was shooting he remembered how Sonya called him in prison, thinking it was Julie and the verdict given depicting that the criminal was still not found.

He received a call from Balmaceda indicating to him there was a problem.

Domeng and Nessa met and they engaged in their usual funny love chat.

Attorney Balmaceda also met with Jacob to inform him that Sonya’s lawyers were filing for proposal to grant her bail so they needed an alternative plan to ensure Sonya is not set free.

Jacob said: “Attorney I will not pay you enough….”

“Jacob I do not have a problem with my professional fee as an attorney if that is what you are asking.” Balmaceda indicated

“Good because I also don’t have a problem of giving you that pay either. infact I am ready to give you a raise …a big raise just make sure Sonya remains behind bars.” Jacob expressed his preparedness to corporate to ensure Sonya’s downfall.

Balmaceda said the decision was not in his hands but in Judge Tutuga’s hand.

Jacob interjected that he was ready to triple the money. He signed a cheque.

“And that is payment for advance job done.”

Jacob signed another cheque for him, Balmaceda took the cheque and he asked what he should do with it.

“A gift..a gift for Judge Tutuga!”

Balmaceda said he was not comfortable with that besides Tutuga might not take it but Jacob insisted that…

“C’mmon Attorney everyone has a price.”

Balmaceda said the judge might think they were desperate.

“desperate time calls for desperate measures,” Jacob added.

Paco was telling Mabel and Cora that they could do something about due to the legal system homicide sentence

Attorney Vega and Balmaceda met Judge Tutuga, he admitted that both had good argument on the case but for the sake of fairness he was prepared to ensure justice.  He also said he had received an expensive watch, he would have loved but the watch, taking the watch from his drawer.

He took the watch from it case and compared it with the one on his hand saying both says the same time and since it was not his style he crushed it. Balmaceda’s face turned down, feeling guilty.

“Here is my decision” He presented two documents each to Vega and  Balmaceda.

Paco and Georgette who were sitting outside had their fingers crossed waiting to hear about the response of Judge Tutuga on their petition for bail.

she took a package from from Cora and gave to Georgette. She thanked her and left with Paco seeing her off.

“Our petition for bail has been granted” they laughed and Paco hugged Georgette. He thanked Attorney Vega for his effort and Vega said he should be thankful  to him .

He told her to go and inform Sonya the good news.

Jean on the other side greeted the decision about the court on the petition with range blaming Jacob that his effort in ensuring Sonya remain in bars was not well executed.

“Honey we tried our best!”

Attorney Balmaceda said they proved to the court that Sonya had an intent to kill and said all lots of things to make Sonya be found guilty. With time Sonya would be well punished.

“Attorney it was not good enough, I want her to suffer and I want her to suffer now” Jean fumes.

Paco hugged his mom as he told her the good news. He informed his family that they had to pay 150,000 pesos for her release. Everyone was willing to help in the way they could to raise the sum.

Sonya went to the prison church to pray. Domeng joined Paco and he gave him 20,000 as an amount he was able to raise for the day.

Letty was happy to see how Domeng and Paco were doing everything to ensure heir mother come out of jail.

Domeng spoke with Sonya on phone and was happy that pretty soon his mother would be out. He said goodnight to her adding that “seed you soon.”

As Marjorie was speaking with Roman on phone she saw some people approaching her base so she kept quiet to spy on them as Roman kept mentioning her name.

Domeng and Nessa met at the night to engage in their trivial love chat trying so many love names to call Nessa with. but Nessa was not impressed with any of the name. He said good night to his moon, his star his baby girl.

Marjorie ran with her belongings and went inside the car while speaking with Roman on phone.
A flashback revealed she engaged with shoot ups with the goons who appeared in her base.

Roman met with someone that night talking about Jacob.

In prison Sonya’s friends were happy to see that she would soon leave. Sonya said the contact book of Julie would help her to erase her suspicion once she was out of there.

She told her friends to be of good conduct, she  hugged them and a guard came to inform her that her people were there.  once she came out she hugged Domeng, Cora, Mabel, Attorney Vega, Paco and all those who came there to send her home.

As the wind of joy was blowing a car appeared and Jean got down

“Well, well, well what do we have here? a prisoner on the lose.. ” watching Sonya with an unhappy look.

Paco politely asked them not to cause any scene.

“Don’t tell us what to do,” Jacob interjected.

” You don’t barge in here harassing my client.”
Vega spewed.

“You are correct Attorney, Sonya enjoy this moment while you can.”

“Jean don’t start please,” Sonya pleaded with Jean.

“I haven’t even started yet.” Jean spewed.

Sonya warned Jacob pointing on his face his bad deeds but Jean got shocked.

“Babe you still haven’t answered my question yet.” Archie wanted to help Anna but she said she wanted to do it alone.

Sonya was sent home and Nessa, Unyo, Joe Joe and Asyong went to meet her. Domeng introduced Nessa as his girlfriend and Paco also introduced Georgette to Sonya as his girlfriend and they were back again.

Jacob sent Jean to where he does his shooting training. Jean said he never liked the place. Jacob said now that Sonya has beens set free there was the need for her to learn how to handle gun to defend herself when necessary.

Sonya was sent inside while Domeng showered her with ki$$es.

Meanwhile Jean said she swore never to get close to guns when Lamoste died because it was a weapon which was used to kill her husband.

“Aren’t you alarmed?

I can’t always be there to protect you” he convinced Jean to let go of her past with Edward and urged her to think about him and Anna. He asked if he was ready to lose Anna too and Jean said no, not for Anna. He then said she should just learn to protect herself. Jean then held the gun aiming on her target, ready to pull the trigger.

Georgette said Attorney Vega has given Paco a day off to spend with his family and proposed that they should go to a restaurant.

Sonya was indebted to her but she said all the effort was Paco’s.

Roman sent evidence of Jacob’s deeds to Marjorie. They were pen drive which has the pictures, audio recordings, CCTV footage, documents among others which he kept in a file.

Later, he called Paco to meet up with him since he had something that would put Jacob behind bars for all his crimes.

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