A Mother's Guilt Episode 34 Roman dies, Domeng fights for his life after being shot

A Mother’s Guilt Episode 34

A Mother’s Guilt Episode 34 Roman dies, Domeng fights for his life after being shot

“Honey I was thinking everything that has happened to Roman today… It means we are not safe.”

Roman met with Marjorie in their hide out to show her evidence about the audio recordings, videos, photos, documents and other related discs which he kept in a file about all the crimes which Jacob committed.

Marjorie asked what he would do with it and he said he did not trust Jacob because he would get rid of him anytime soon, thus wanted to present the evidence to Paco before something bad happened to him.

Marjorie agreed so Roman called Paco to inform him that he has an important files which showed the actual killer of Edward Lamoste.

Initially when Paco received the call he was in a room with his family so once he heard the information was an important one he excused himself to stand outside where no one was there but Domeng came from the other side and overheard Paco’s conversation.

When Paco hang up, he asked about the call and he said it was nothing important. Domeng suspected that Paco did not tell him the truth so after dinner with the family when he saw Paco sneaking out of the house he followed him secretly.

Roman told Marjorie that they did not have a choice than to give everything to Paco before Jacob kills them.

When Paco reached the destination, he started screaming to signal the person of his presence. It was in the night so the place was dark. Paco kept on screaming, suddenly Roman appeared.

He was shocked to see Roman, for a moment he got scared that it could be a plot to kill him but Roman said he had the evidence. Paco was not convinced since Roman was a” loyal dog” of Jacob so he asked him why he would give an evidence of a crime he and Jacob did.

Georgette called Paco several times as she could not reach Paco. Sonya became worried when Georgette called her to ask of Paco since Paco and Domeng was not home and they could not reach them.

Suddenly Domeng appeared and Roman got upset that he told Paco to make their meeting a secret yet he was followed by someone. he then brandished a gun, Paco begged him to put the gun down because he did not inform anyone.

Domeng said he saw Paco going out and decided to follow him so Paco knew nothing about it. They asked him whether he came with someone or informed anyone about where he was going and he said he was the only one.

Paco begged Roman to trust him, he asked Domeng to excuse them so Domeng went to stand the back of the walls.

He then called Nessa to ask her to give her phone to Sonya. He informed her about everything so Sonya called Joe Joe and they also tailed them at the location.

Paco asked Roman for the evidence and also why he wanted to help them. Roman said what he was holding, refering to the file in his hands contained audio recordings of Jacob’s conversation, CCTV footage, documents and pictures.

He further stated that Jacob was the master mind behind the the death of Edward Lamoste and the fall of Educare. Suddenly Paco’s mind switched back to his legal meeting with his team where he told Georgette that Jacob could be the master brain behind all the crimes.

Roman said his life was in danger and wanted to give the files to Paco to help exonerate Sonya from the crime because it was not Sonya who shot Edward it was one of Jacob’s goons who shot and killed Edward Lamoste.

As he was about to hand over the file a shoot out sound was heard so Paco went under cover, unfortunately Roman ended on the floor because the shooter aimed his gun at Roman.

Sonya and Joe Joe were almost there, as Domeng heard of the gun shot, he got closer to check if Roman was the one who shot Paco but realised a goon who was descending from the stairs shot Roman and Paco was hiding.

“Archie wait for me to explain” Anna and Archie were facing problems in their relationship. Anna failed to talk to Archie about her movements this made Archie feel that he was not valued as a boyfriend in the life of Anna.

“Whatever the reasons are I deserve to know everything in your life.”

Domeng after hearing the sound of a gun return to inform Paco with a loud voice that he called Sonya and she would be there with the police soon. The henchman heard everything that Domeng was saying so he wanted to get rid of the evidence as soon as possible before the police get to the scene. They both were hiding.

Realising that if he did not get the file which contained the evidence the goon would go for it, Paco was also thinking of means to get hold of the file before the goon reach to it.

Paco together with Domeng coming from different angles (right and left) for the file, when they were a step to reach it a shot came from behind.

Domeng was shot suddenly Sonya felt it so she told Joe Joe to save her sons. Joe Joe advised her to stay where she was as he goes inside since it was dangerous.

Realising his junior brother was shot, Paco tried to hold him and help him. That gave the henchman opportunity to take the file and the phone of Roman from his pocket and made away with it.

Joe Joe saw the back of the henchman. He shot at him and the henchman shot to make his way through.

As she heard lots of gun shot Sonya could not wait any longer she ran in and told Joe to ran after the goon.

Paco heart condition triggered while mentioning the name of Domeng, he then fainted. Sonya came to meet all his two sons lying lifelessly on the floor. She screamed for ambulance.

Joejoe returned to call an ambulance to the crime scene and he also said the goon got away. At that moment what was important to Sonya was the life of her sons. She shed tears hoping they would regain consciousness.

Anna tried to explain things to Archie in his car but Archie would have none of that.

“but I told you it is complicated…”

Georgette was told that the Alipio boys were shot, she called Anna to inform her about it and told her the hospital they were admitted.

Arch I have to go and see Paco

“Don’t force me to make a choice”

Anna said sorry to Archie and got down from the car. Archie called her several times but she did not mind him. She rushed to the hospital.

The Doctor explained to Sonya that Paco was stressed out due to the incident and he would get well soon.

As Georgette came to see Paco Joe joe informed her that the doctor said his condition triggered due to stress.

“I came once I heard the news” Attorney Vega told Sonya. She asked her to take heart.

Anna arrived and asked of the room of Francisco Alipio. The nurse said Francisco Alipio was in room 3. Anna ran to Paco’s room.

As she saw Paco’s condition Anna felt devastated.

“Please Lord heal Paco.”

Sonya also went to the hospital church and prayed for her sons. She called on God to heal her boys.

“Haven’t you heard what happened to Roman?” Jean told Jacob once he got.

What happened? Jacob pretended to be shocked!

Roman was shot and he was at the hospital.

What? Jacob pretending to be shocked by the incident.

“Georgette believe me after everything that has happened tonight everything will change.” Attorney Vega expressed hope in their next trial.

Georgette then said she would handle the press, and answer their questions on Attorney Alipio and the death of Roman. She asked Attorney Vega to stay there with Sonya.

“Stay strong Paco” Anna told Paco hoping that he could hear her.

Jean and Jacob got to the hospital, as he was crying saying he was like a brother to him, Roman’s family came there.

“You don’t do this to me… Roman” Jacob smiled and was happy about the death of Roman.

“I will give justice to his death.”

“He was like a brother to me” Jacob promised the family of Roman as he shed tears.

“My client is going through a stressful day!” Georgette addressed the press.

Sonya was sitting outside crying and devastated the nurse came to update her after she left, Cora, Asyong, Samboy, Nessa and Mabel appeared in the scene to share the pains of Sonya.

“Honey I was thinking everything that has happened to Roman today it means we are not safe.” Jacob told Jean to convince her that they had to travel to keep Anna safe.

He then went to a certain room held the evidence.

“It is time to eliminate all the evidence against me.”

Back to the hospital, Nessa went to see Domeng, she cried and asked him to return to life as she had no one except him.

The journalists asked how Paco got shot and why he met with Roman, the man who died and asked whether he shot Roman.

“Please respect my client.”

“The police are still investigating about the shoot up.

We are sure that all the truth will come to to light and we will be able to prove Sonya’s innocence. Georgette further promissed the press that they would release an official statement about the incident to get them updated on everything.

The police came to question Sonya about the incidents.

Attorney Vega jumped to her defence when she realised the questions were inappropriate.

“That involved criminal activity and my client can’t answer these.”

Anna reached where Georgette was granting the interview. Immediately the reporters saw her they asked her about the death of Roman since he was a family friend but she said no comment and they asked about the verdict.

Anna got pissed off and walked out of them and they followed her.

“You underestimated me,” Jacob said referring to how he got rid of Roman. A flashback revealed that he was the goon who shot Roman.

“All these evidence against me….” taking the documents one after the other, he smiled.

“I will get rid of them.”

And that boy Domeng….
“He is a witness and I will kill him to.”

Sonya went to the ward which Domeng was. She asked him to stay strong since he was fighter. She asked him to fight for his life, as  she was talking to Domeng, Mabel, Cora, Asyong who were behind the transparent window realised that his condition was deteriorating. Sonya together with her friends immediately called the doctor.

The doctor and the nurses came to kick him.

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