A Mother's Guilt Episode 36 Jacob aressted for money embezzlement

A Mother’s Guilt Episode 36

A Mother’s Guilt Episode 36 Jacob aressted for money embezzlement

“You made a fool out of me for so long Jacob it is about time you get a piece of your own medicine now that you are exactly where I want you to be… in jail.”

Sonya tried consoling Paco. Jean watched Edward’s pictures and swore to him that she would give him the necessary justice she then said sorry for failing him and Anna while she promised that she would not allow anything bad to happen to Anna.

She got upset with herself that she married a man who killed her husband and said she would not rest till she brought Jacob down.

Jacob appeared calling her “honey” saying he had bought a ticket for their trip which they would embark on Friday to America.

She asked him whether he got one of the ticket for Anna and he said yes and would convince Anna to travel with them.

“I still consider her as my daughter” Jean held his arm. Jacob promised that Attorney Balmaceda would take care of everything concerning Sonya and get her behind bars again.

Jean said it was a mistake that Anna blamed him for the death of Edward and he said he wished Anna would see that. He gave her a peck and told her that he would go out to town and return later.

As he was climbing the stairs he made a call, planning to meet someone. He checked his back to ensure Jean did not find out his movements.

Jean also called Sonya to talk to her. She waited for Sonya in a certain restaurant. Sonya arrived to meet her. Jean happily went to hug Sonya.

“Sonya I’m sorry, I’m sorry”

“Yes is true that Jacob killed Edward and was ready to kill Anna”

Jacob waited for Dindo and when he came he pointed a gun at him saying he thought he was there to meet Roman. Jacob told him to relax because he was the one who Roman was working for him and since he was dead he came to meet him instead. He gave him money and he decided to talk to him.

Sonya said she should inform the police about it. Jean said she never knew all those years she had been living with a criminal and never knew. She pleaded with Sonya that she meant her no harm and now she has woken up to realise the actual person Jacob was.

“I just lost another husband.” Jean cried and told her about the pictures of Jacob’s victims and saw Anna’s picture part of the pictures.

Dindo admitted he was the one who killed Edward Lamoste and framed Sonya for it based on the instructions of Roman.

Jean asked Sonya to help save their families from Jacob. She said now she was acting careful with Jacob in order not for him to suspect her.

Jacob paid Dindo and gave him a health uniform to pose off as a nurse to kill Domeng at the hospital. He said he wanted him to eliminate the Alipio boys, explaining that Domeng was a kid brother of Paco.

Attorney Vega and her team met to talk about how their investigation about Jacob’s funds embezzlement was going. It was established that Jacob secured many properties under Editha Fuentabella’s account. The team took lists of properties acquired by Jacob under different accounts.

“…but we need more to make this case even stronger.” Attorney Vega said that would help their case aside Roman’s confession about Jacob.

Jean revealed to Sonya that Jacob has secured a ticket for them to travel to the state she promised to find and review all the necessary evidence to incriminate Jacob on the collapse of Educare.

Anna and Georgette met with Liza and as she was demanding for payment to release more information about Jacob, Georgette said they needed not to pay her for anything and gave her a letter. The letter urged her to talk otherwise there could be a legal action against her for posing off as someone she was not.

Georgette then introduced herself to her as lawyer. Liza was perplexed. Paco found out something on his phone and showed to Vega and she said they had to act quickly.

Jean told Sonya that they had to keep everything between them as mothers. Anna and Letty came to talk to Jean but Jean acted and drove them away, saying Anna was accusing Jacob and would have none of that. Jacob appeared and told her that they had to go with Anna. Jean said no Anna would not go with them.

Anna was surprised to see Jean acting in that manner and said she and her nanny came to talk to her in order to give her chance to make up with them but Jean failed to see reason.
Jean said Anna and Letty have joined force with Sonya and word not allow them to talk against her husband.

When Jacob mentioned Edward Lamoste Anna warned him not to mention her dad’s name.

Anna told Letty that they should leave.

“Good bye mom, enjoy your journey.” She left with Letty.

Jean went to sit on her bed and Jacob came to talk to her that he could convince Anna and plead with her to go with them but Jean refused and said it would be unfair and would demean Jacob Infront of Anna.

“Anna I am sorry, soon you will understand why I am doing this. I just want to protect you.” Jacob asked Jean who she was texting and she said it was related to work at the office. Jacob then told her that everything would be okay.

“Hun, I packed everything is there anything else that you need?” Jacob said no but said the time for their flight had changed.

“Some kind of maintenance issue so they rebook us to an earlier flight, 5:00pm.”

Jean stood up and Jacob asked what was wrong and Jean said she wanted to see Anna before they leave.

“But we might miss our flight.” Jacob told her to call her instead.

“That is a good idea.” Jean took her phone from her bag and called Anna that she wanted to talk to her.

“Mom you pushed me away.”
Jean said Jacob and her would be leaving soon to the airport.

“Please Mom can we stop talking about that criminal.”

“Alright fine, I just wanted to let you know
our flight time has been changed to 5:00pm so we will be leaving the house in a few minutes.”

Anna walked to the board to write the information on the board for Attorney Vega and her team.

“Okay .. .Okay I will be there to say goodbye!” Anna signal the team to hurry for them to meet Jacob and Jean.

Okay Anna so I will be able to see you later”

“I want to be able to say goodbye to you” Jacob told her to hurry for them to go since they might miss their flight.

“I will see you later Anna love you.”

“Bye mom”

Attorney Vega said they should leave early to get Jacob arrested before he flee from them.

“Let’s go… Let’s go!”

Jacob helped Jean out of the car when they arrived at the airport.

Attorney Vega and her team were impatient due to traffic they were scared that they would not be able to meet Jacob and Jean. Attorney Vega said she would alert the airport police.

Jacob’s things were taken from his car.

“Hurry” Jacob told Jean.

Dindo came to the ICU room when Sonya was there. He came to inject Domeng and Sonya asked him how her son was doing. He said he would soon be alright.

“Hurry” Jacob told Jean.

“Yes honey I am coming , I am coming..”

“Paco come with me.” Anna told Paco when the vehicle was not moving due to traffic. She and Paco took a motto in order to beat the traffic.

“Sorry honey you never got to meet Anna” Jacob was happy that their flight would leave soon so that he would not be a suspect for the death of Domeng.

“It is never too late!”

Jean gave Jacob suspicious look. She tried to delay but Jacob pressured her for them not to miss the flight.

“This cannot be happening” Jean cried beneath her breath.

Anna and Paco ran to the place. The NBI agents arrived and said would work on the arrest warrant now. Attorney Vega and Joanne also arrived. Georgette arrived with the letter of the arrest.

The security alerted the reception about Jacob Lamoste being sought after by the police.

Jean intentionally fell. Jacob tried helping her unfortunately, the police arrived to arrest Jacob Montecillo and Jean asked anxiously:

“What is going on?”

Anna, Paco, Attorney Vega, Joanne and the NBI agents arrived to inform him about his crime of embezzlement. Jean asked:

“Anna what are you doing” She had that satisfactory smile but she faked to be upset with Anna for what she has done.

“Mom I am sorry but I already told you this man is a criminal.”

Jacob looked shocked when he was arrested for money embezzlement and he asked Jean to inform Attorney Balmaceda about it. He said he was not guilty because he has not done anything wrong.

Jean went to call Sonya to inform her how happy she was to see Jacob behind bars. As Sonya was out she realised something about Domeng and ran to the ward while trying to figure out what was wrong. She broke the good news to Domeng that he would get justice because the one who shot him had been arrested. She held Domeng’s hand and was happy that things were going back to normal.

Jacob was behind bars and Attorney Balmaceda came there. He blamed the Attorney and questioned his competency, saying that could not happen to him.

“I am so sorry”

Attorney Balmaceda is the best
Jacob calm down I am doing my best.

“Like what Attorney Balmaceda said he is doing his best to help you.” She said Balmaceda said would

Sonya was informed that finally Jacob has been arrested.
Letty inform Sonya that Jacob threw something into the water and was sure it was something that could incriminate him. Sonya was surprised.

Vega told Paco that they could rely on Letty’s witness account and also the embezzlement issue to win their case.

Paco was taking care of Domeng and Sonya came. They told Domeng to wake up to see Nessa.

“I am starting to get worried that Paco and Sonya will get to you.” Jacob cried as he was predicting his defeat.

“What are you talking about?” Jean acting to be shocked by Jacob’s words.

“They are determined to destroy us, can’t you see?” Jacob expresses fear.

“Don’t worry hun I know the truth will prevail..and when that happens I am sure that everything will go back to the way it should be.” Jacob held Jean’s hand to caress it to reaffirm his love for her.

You made a fool out of me for so long Jacob it is about time you get a piece of your own medicine now that you are exactly where I want you to be in jail.

Jean said in her head as she enjoyed Jacob’s suffering but kept on with her act that she cared about Jacob’s situation.

“I will never leave you hun, I will stay by your side.” Jean promised.

“I l❤️e you I l❤️ve you so much”

Sonya was packing things in a bag, Letty said Domeng would get well soon. Paco came there.

Anna made a call meanwhile Paco and Sonya arrived at Anna’s restaurant. Anna and Paco  looked at eachother with admiration.

Nessa came to visit Domeng telling him about her internet connection showing him a barbecue.

Sonya thanked Anna for settling the bills of her sons, she said Letty told her about it. Sonya said they would find justice for the death of her father.

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