A Mother's Guilt Episode 39 Sonya's Attorneys find the needed evidence to prove her innocence

A Mother’s Guilt Episode 39

A Mother’s Guilt Episode 39 Sonya’s Attorneys find the needed evidence to prove her innocence

“I know that time is not on our side but we have come this far just believe that we can do this for Sonya!”

Jacob wanted him and Jean to embark on their delayed journey but Jean refused and convinced Jacob to back out from the plan to deal with his embezzlement case in order to clear his name and also for him to come clean at the sight of the public.

Jean took her gun from her bag and said she could defend herself since Jacob has thought her how to shoot.

“Trust me I can defend myself.” She assured Jacob.

“I just got a notice from the court of Appeal” Attorney Vega told Paco and Georgette during legal meeting.

She said they had 15 days to prove to the court about Sonya’s inocense to change the court decision.

Georgette said they had to have credible evidence.

“Attorney Alipio where are we on the second shooter” Attorney Vega asked Paco how the preparation was going.

Paco said they could rely on Attorney Bonafacio as she has arranged with the NBI for them to go to the crime scene and find evidence to back the forensic report on Edward Lamoste.

She also asked Georgette about the search preparation.

“For the money we have we can’t afford the machinery,” she answered.

“What is our next option then?” Georgette replied that she engaged the police in the search for the evidence which Jacob threw away because that is the work of the expert so they could rely on them for their machinery since that is what they do.

“Okay that is good” Vega satisfied with the team work.

“I know that time is not on our side but we have come this far just believe that we can do this for Sonya!”

“But I need the two of you to be very careful, every step of the way” Attorney Vega added.

“Yes Attorney” Paco responded.

“Okay let’s cancel the meeting okay let’s move.” They stood

“Oh wait!”

I mean it… understand?

“Yes Attorney” Paco responded again.

“Okay let’s go…”

Georgette held Paco’s hand, Paco took his bag and they got out and locked the door.

Katrina had her bag on her talking to her mom and asked her not to worry as she would get home soon. She went into her car, she fastened the seat belt and when she was about to drive Marjorie held her neck.

“Where are you going Katrina” Marjorie asked.

“Let me go”

“Let me go …please” she shouted.

Katrina recalled how she fled from Marjorie’s hand. Marjorie told her about a new plan for them to be together for one common goal but Katrina doubted. Marjorie scared her about Jacob in order for them to form an alliance.

Already Katrina knew that her life would not be spared once Jacob see her, Marjorie informed her that Jacob thought she was dead.

Sonya was happy that Domeng was getting better. The doctor told Sonya, Samboy and Unyo that Domeng would be discharged soon if he kept to recover fast as he was doing.

Archie met with his business partners, Anna came there and Archie excused his business partners.

“Didn’t you have to go to somewhere else?

“Don’t you have to go and meet Paco?”

“Arch I’m not here to argue…. I just want to clear everything between us,” Anna said.

Archie said he realised that he was nothing more for Anna.

“When I told you that I l*ve you I meant every single word of it” Anna tried to convince Archie.

“And what about Paco?” Archie expressed his distrust for Anna.

“Arch” Anna interjected as she did not want them to include Paco in their conversation.

“Anna just admit it let accept the truth!” He said Anna was inl*v* with Paco and she had to get rid of her feelings for Paco.

“Otherwise you will just hurt people who actually l*v* you” he then left her to sit with his business partners and said sorry to them.

Anna stood there quietly and did not know what to say anymore.

Paco got home and Unyo told him about the good news which the doctor told them when he visited Domeng.

A man on motorcycle got down from his motor and it was Dindo. He got closer to Georgette’s car which was packed outside Sonya’s house.

Letty and Asyong were also coming from the dark and were talking about Paco and Georgette how they were going with Sonya’s case.

Letty bumped into Dindo and he went on his motorcycle and fled. Letty had bad feelings about Dindo and suspected him so she told Asyong that he could be a bad person and rushed inside.

Unyo was talking to Georgette as he opened a bowl of barbecue and Paco served Georgette with milk.

Letty arrived and said there was someone who came to spy their house. Georgette asked who he was. Paco showed the CCTV Picture of Dindo to them, Asyong said he could not recall the face well.

Letty recalled how he bumped into her and watched his face,he told Paco to give her the phone for her to see the face again. She took the phone and watched and she said yes it was him.

Paco then said he was the person who injected Domeng and tried to flee with Domeng in the ambulance. He said Dindo was the one who wanted to kill Domeng.

Unyo said then he could be up to something bad and ran outside to check.

Anna opened her car, feeling all sad. She took the bracelet which Paco gave her. She cried as she recalled her happy moment with Paco.
She received a text from Archie urging her to stay safe always. Anna replied him.

“Infact I never stopped loving him but you had your chance and now he is with Georgette”

“You will never get back to what you and Paco used to have” she sobbed as she tried convincing herself to stop l*ving Paco.

Jacob and Attorney Balmaceda met. They had a discussion about the Court of Appeal notice and told him that the court has given a timeline for Attorney Vega to present an evidence. Jacob ordered Balmaceda to do something and use his connection to ensure Vega’s fight for evidence prove futile since Balmaceda has done some before.

“Mr Montecillo I am still the officer of the law” he said.

Balmaceda indicated that Vega could not do anything based on the timeline given to them by the court and asked Jacob whether there was something he had not told him about it.

“Otherwise I am confident that Sonya will still be guilty” He had a call and excused Jacob.

“Attorney what is that about?” Jacob became anxious when he overheard the conversation of Balmaceda.

He said Attorney Vega led a team of experts to a certain bridge to search from the waters an evidence.

“You see Attorney Vega never ceases to amaze me.” Balmaceda shook his head with a smile on his face as he could not ascertain the move by his colleague, Vega.

Attorney Vega and the team went at the bridge with the people who were going to separate the waters to find the gun which Jacob threw away.

Jacob was scared to the core hoping the devil would shield him now. He asked Balmaceda why Vega was doing that. This is to just affirm whether somebody has exposed his deeds perhaps he might eliminate that person to when he got to know.

“I am just surprised as you are!”

“Nothing to worry… this is another publicity stance by Attorney Vega” Balmaceda said.

Jacob looked worried and said perhaps it could be something that would help Vega’s petition. As he saw how frightful Jacob was he asked him whether he had something hidden and if it was so, he urged him to tell him.

Joejoe got to Attorney Vega and said the police were ready for the search mission and were hopeful to find the evidence. Attorney Vega wished things would go as planned.

Paco, Georgette, Inspector Rizalina Bonafacio, the NBI, Asyong and Sonya were at the crime scene. Sonya was asked where she stood and pulled the trigger as she told them about it and how the gun fired, she illustrated her position and how she fired.

Georgette said according to the autopsy report a second shooter killed Edward Lamoste. Inspector Rizalina told his team to search all the bullet holes.

Meanwhile the police search team at the bridge found the gun. They presented to Joejoe and he gave it to Attorney Vega.

“This is it… this is the proof we have been waiting for” beaming with smiles Joejoe was happy about the work of his team.

“Madame Sonya thank you for going through all these” Georgette lauded Sonya. The NBI agent came with a ladder.
Paco went inside and search around with his eyes. He called Anna to come over when she went he showed them something he saw. Sonya, NBI agents and inspector Rizalina went there to check.

A flashback revealed that Sonya missed the target and her bullet went straight into the statue of Mary while Dindo’s bullet ended the life of Edward Lamoste.

Inspector Rizalina then used an object picker to pull the bullet from the statue and placed it inside a rubber.

“All these while the answer to our question is right under our nose” Anna expressed shock about everything.

Sonya was happy, finally things were fallen into place. Bonafacio was also happy for Sonya as her inocense would soon be proven. Paco embraced Sonya. She sobbed as she saw the bullet.

Nessa ran inside Domeng’s ward, she draws the curtains and went showering Domeng with ki$$es. She laid her head on Domeng’s heart very happy to see Domeng awake. She said now the name she would call him with was “DPK” meaning Domeng Pretty Kitty while he also changed her name to “NPK” which meant Nessa Pretty Kitty. She kept on laying her head on Domeng’s heart.

“Good job” Attorney Vega commended her team as she held the “gun” and the “bullet,” the evidence of everything that went on at the crime scene.

Paco said per their findings everything matched.

“But we have to be wise. We have to plan on how to keep the evidence safely”.

Letty met Sonya and Asyong. Sonya hugged Letty and she told her how grateful she was to her as her information went a long way to help in her case. She said she was not the one who shot Edward Lamoste. She laughed and was glad that she would soon be exonerated from the crime of Homicide.

However, in the Montecillo mansion Jean was surprised that Attorney Vega would go to such an extent to search in the waters for evidence. She told Jacob that she did not know that Sonya was desperate like that.

Letty was happy for Sonya but was surprised that Jacob would go to such an extent  to get rid of an evidence which could prove Sonya’s innocence.

“Honey as always they will do everything they can as they say desperate time calls for desperate measures and you are right

“Honey don’t be affected by them.”

“I know honey … I know you are trying to do everything.”

Letty was walking with Sonya and was happy that things were going on right. She said she wished Jacob would be guilty.

“Do you want us to go anywhere? I mean after everything that is been happening this past few weeks, from Roman, then your embezzlement case and now this”

“I am sure this is stressing you out and we can go overseas”

Jean mentioned many countries that they could go Carquita, Samoa, Bargo,Taiwan, or Paloma.

“You know just to get away even for a while.”

“You know honey…thank you I really appreciate your concern… I really do.. you know what I do is I just try to focus on our work and believe me there is nothing more than I want than to spend more time with you.”

“Unfortunately I can’t go out of town because I have to prepare my meeting with the investors this week.”

“I am sorry hun”

That is okay,that is good to know” Jean suspected that Jacob was up to something.

“Because smart and sensible people are not easily swayed by people,” Jacob said.
Sonya continued her conversation with Letty and was happy Domeng would soon get home.

Letty recalled her encounter with Dindo and was thinking it would not be better if Domeng was sent to the house.

“Attorney we already filed a petition for the rescue mission of the gun of Edward Lamoste.”

Joanne explained that Jacob was released because the judge was a old family friend.

“The accused saw counsel Judge Supremo who helped them on the embezzlement case.”

“Thank you for all of your efforts I know this time. He tried to murder Domeng he is a murderer for killing my dad.” Anna stated.

Domeng was discharged and was sent to the new place by Sonya and Letty to protect Domeng from Jacob.

Domeng asked of Nessa, Sonya said Nessa would be going to school.

Paco and Georgette talked about l*v* and work, he then gave her something which he called  as evidence to thank Georgette for every single help she has given to him.

She recalled a moment with Paco at a restaurant where she blew air into a balloon and said it was an evidence and Paco also loses the balloon by getting the air in the balloon into him.

She took the evidence and said thank you while she hugged him and ki$$ed him. Anna was watching them and got jealous she recalled when she and Paco ki$$ed.

Georgette saw her and mentioned her name “Anna” she asked her whether she was done with her meeting with Attorney Joanne and Otelessa and she said yes.

She then said she had to go, Georgette was surprised by Anna’s action and told Paco that she shall return. Anna ran into a wash room to cry.

“Stop it Anna Paco is now with Georgette,” Georgette knocked and she said someone was inside and Georgette said she knew.

She wiped off her tears. As she opened the door Georgette gave her handkerchief.

“I am sorry I don’t have to do this Infront of you”

“I don’t know what to say” Georgette said she understood her.

“I am not saying that as Paco’s girlfriend but I’m saying that as a friend.”

“You amaze me Georgette” She said she was Paco’s ex “and now you are talking to me as a friend.” Georgette tried to cheer Anna up and said no one deserved injustice.

“I was once a girl in your shoes Anna when I lost Paco but I was wrong and you will realise how good catch he was.”

“You can’t move on Anna you can only pray for the feelings to go away.”

“It might help you” Georgette advised Anna.

“I will try to move on” Georgette held her hand to console her and Anna thanked her for understanding even knowing she was shedding tears for Paco.

Jacob met with Asuncion and Dindo to plot how they could get the evidence which Vega found. They plotted how to recover every single evidence to make Sonya behind bars forever. They also plotted against Domeng.

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