A Mother’s Guilt Episode 40

A Mother’s Guilt Episode 40 Attorney Georgette San Diego dies

“We all have to be vigilant after all Jacob will do everything to get what he wants including breaking the law.”

Jacob met with Asuncion and Dindo to plot how they could get the evidence which Vega found. They plotted how to recover every single evidence to make Sonya remain behind bars forever. They also plotted against Domeng.

Sonya called Jean and told her that they had already packed in and said Letty was taking care of Domeng in there.

“I can offer you more security assistance” Jean said but Sonya said it was okay they did not want to bother her as they were already grateful to her.

Jean saw Jacob opening the door and alerted Sonya that Jacob was in and would talk to her later. Sonya then said bye to her. Jean hang up and told Jacob that she was talking to Mommita and Jacob asked how she was doing.. She said she was okay. She then asked Jacob how his meeting went.

Surprised to hear that, Jacob asked her which meeting and Jean said he told her that he was going to have a meeting with some investors. He then said yes and when he went they asked him about his side of the story about the embezzlement case.

“But I told them with my credentials I can manage a project on my own.”

“Of course ” Jean replied. His phone beeped. It was one of his goons informing him about their plans with Vega.

“Speaking of investors they just informed me , regarding follow up schedule for the contract so…”

“that’s good” Jean said.

“Yeah!” He added.

Paco and Georgette came out and he asked about what she discussed with Anna.

“But it is between me and Anna” Georgette told him as she leaned on her car.

“What did I do to deserve you Georgette?

“Because you deserve the best Paco” she held his face.

“And we deserve eachother” Georgette told Paco.

“I am glad that after everything we are together.”

“Thank you for being one of my best friends” She assured him that after Sonya’s case everything would be okay.

Paco was worried about everything that Jacob was doing and Georgette said everything would fall into place.

“We have to be there for the plan to work,” Georgette added.

Paco was also scared that Jacob would do something against Domeng and Georgette told him that there was nothing to be worried about since the police was providing him with security.

He then ki$$ed the forward of Georgette and said he could not relent his efforts till he gets Jacob behind bars.

“I am looking forward to that” Georgette replied and they hugged. Inspector Asuncion was hiding behind a car watching Paco and Georgette.

Attorney Vega addressed her team and the officers, She lauded them for assisting her and the team to uncover the truth.

“All security officers are kind enough to assist us.”

“We all have to be vigilant after all Jacob will do everything to get what he wants including breaking the law.”

“But he is not the only one with tricks on his sleeves.”

As Attorney Vega and her team went to the car for the masterful plan implemented by Vega to transport the evidence against Jacob to the crime laboratory, SPO3 Asuncion was also spying on them. He called Jacob to update him.

Attorney Vega gave each team member a brief case, a master plan that caught Jacob’s gunmen off guard.

“This is by far the most dangerous”

“We are lawyers we need to protect the truth at all course,” Georgette gave Paco admiring look.

“Are we ready ? we need to do this … let’s go..” Attorney Vega added.
As they took few steps Georgette exclaimed


“Something wrong Attorney San Diego?”

“I just want to do this!” Georgette said.

They held hands and prayed. Georgette led the prayer.

“In Jesus name…”

“Amen” the team responded. Attorney Vega said may God guide them and ensure their safety.

As they were going into the car Paco called Georgette, held her hand.

“I l*v* you so much” Paco assures Georgette of his l*v* to her.

“I l*v* you to” Georgette responded. They ki$$ed.

Dindo joined SPO3 Asuncion and as he was speaking with Jacob they saw the cars moving with an escort of the police. Asuncion also arranged with Dindo to tail them for the evidence.

Paco saw someone following them. They were doing conference call to update themselves. Paco was in the company of Inspector Bonafacio and asked Georgette who is in the company of Joejoe whether she has seen someone and she said no.

“No sighting” Attorney Vega update them.
“No sightings” Attorney Otelessa shared her update.
“No sightings here as well” Joanne updated.

“Stay vigilant everyone ” Attorney Vega said they should be very alert till they reached the crime lab. Bonafacio saw one of the goons and made her gun ready.

Georgette and Joejoe also sighted one and Joejoe made his gun ready.

Paco’s car was crossed and SPO3 Asuncion in a mask pointed a gun at them demanding for the evidence. Bonafacio uplifted her hands to surrender and threw down the evidence and urged Paco to move the car fast. Paco then drove off quickly.

Thinking he has finally gotten hold of the evidence. When he took the briefcase and opened it was an empty case with inception

“No Fake News Ka!”

“Be careful guys”Georgette told Paco and Bonafacio.

Paco updated them about what happened to them and Georgette said she has also seen one of the goons. Paco advised Georgette and she said he should not worry…
” I know exactly what to do.”

SPO3 Asuncion got upset with his motor rider.
Attorney Vega has already reached the crime lab but Georgette told Paco that they should still stick to the plan.

As they were speaking Dindo and his motor rider attacked Georgette’s car and Georgette told Paco about her route.

Joejoe told Georgette to drive as he deals with the goons. Joejoe left the front seat to the backseat and opened the car door to shoot the goons. Unfortunately Dindo’s rider fell off and died.

Paco and Bonafacio got to Georgette’s route location and saw the dead body of Dindo’s rider. Inspector Rizalina called the ambulance and showed them the location. Paco then continued from the route searching for Georgette.

Dindo took a different lane to cross Georgette and shot her which made the car geered off and hit a certain thing. Joejoe hit his head on the car door and fainted, leaving Georgette unprotected.

Dindo got down from the motor and demanded for the evidence. Georgette couldn’t talk, she was panting as she was affected by the bullet which hit her heart. Dindo opened the back door and took the briefcase but it was not the sought after evidence it was a flower in the case.

Attorney Vega, Joanne and Otelessa reached the crime lab and presented the evidence.

Dindo after seeing the flower got upset and asked Georgette where the evidence was and Georgette said he would never get it. Paco and Bonafacio reached there this made it impossible for Dindo who wanted to shoot Georgette for the second time to do it. He fled.

Vega ordered Otelessa to call Georgette and inform her about the good news as she also calls Paco. Otelessa called Georgette but no one was picking. Attorney Vega called Bonafacio that she has successfully presented the evidence to the crime lab.

“I won’t make it Paco just stay here …stay with me.”

Paco hugged her as Paco was leaving to drive

“Finally Your mother will be free…” she then died. Paco cried, he held her close to him and cried his head out.

Atty. Vega’s camp finally laid Georgette to rest. As such the feisty lawyer commended her fallen ally for an outstanding job in the investigation.

Paco was really affected by the incidents Sonya tried her best to calm him as she laid on his shoulder. Paco was the last to have layed flower on his colleague and l*v*r.

Attorney Vega remembered all her works, her dedication, passion and enthusiasm in seeking for for the truth. Her intellectual prowess Atty. Vega noted strengthened the team’s work.

“I just want you to know that every work you put in place and the sacrifices you made for us to get the case to the court of appeal, good job, attorney San Diego good job,” She wept bitterly and hug her team.

Later Anna expressed gratitude to the late attorney for her help in seeking justice for Edward Lamoste. She said through her help Sonya would be set free at the court of Appeals.

Flashback: Anna remembers Georgette words of her saying no one deserves in justice.

“Thank you Georgette, thank you!”

Paco came in to change the flowers he layed on his

Flashback: “What did I do to deserve you Georgette?”

“Because you deserve the best Paco and we deserve eachother”

“I l*v* you so much”

“I l*v* you you to”

Later Paco was at the cemetery where Georgette was kept. Sonya talked to Paco to get over the death of Georgette.

Paco wondered who else would follow Edward Lamoste, he said Roman was killed, Domeng’s life was in danger and now Georgette.

Sonya felt in at ease with everything that was going on. Another time Paco came there to lay another flower.

Flashback: Georgette came to tap on Paco’s shoulder “Hi Paco!” Paco turned his eyes and was surprised to see Georgette.

“You are the most honourable man I know” Paco saw her as special and promised not to allow any of that to happen to his loved one again and was poised to protect Domeng with all his might against Jacob.

Domeng gave some files to his doctor and the doctor was happy that he was getting over his trauma. He said he always draw when he was alone and the doctor lauded him and suggested other things to him for him to do to forget about the traumatic experience.

“Listen to music, exercise or do anything that will distract you from what happened before.”

“Go ahead, I will see you in the next session” Paco came in to offer food to Domeng. He then saw the doctor on her way out and asked how Domeng was doing.
The doctor said he was getting better but just incase anything happened she would relay the information to him.

Paco’s phone beeped and it was a reminder message that Georgette set long time before her death.

Reminder that tomorrow there will be a possible delivery of the Court Appeals decision. Thank You!

“Paco you deserve it for your hardwork and I am not always here to remind you okay..”
Paco watched the video message of Georgette.
Flashback: Georgette take photos of Paco when he was worked out. Georgette took pictures of Paco when he got tired and sleep during their meeting.

He wept uncontrollably and Domeng saw him. Domeng got close to him to comfort him. He said he knew he was thinking about Georgette and told him to take heart. Paco admitted that he has missed her and hugged.

“Attorney Alipio what are you doing here you on leave stay at home” Atty Vega told Paco when he got to the office.

“Attorney Alipio” Otelessa called his name in shock when she came in.

“He wants to hear the news” Vega told her.

“Perfect timing then!”

“If you want you can read the court’s decision” his colleague stretched fort her hand and gave him the letter. Paco read it and the court has granted their their appeal trial petition.

Jacob got upset when he got hold of the court’s letter. He crumpled it and threw it on Balmaceda. Jean urged him to calm down.

“This trial will give Sonya Alipio another chance.”

“What are we waiting for then, Attorney Alipio call the person who did the forensic test at the crime lab, Attor Dimalanta call the doctor who did the medical report on Edward Lamoste,” Atty. Vega charged her team as the expert witness in the upcoming trial.

Paco prepared himself for the court, he was offered food by Sonya. He ate and left for the court room.

Domeng wanted to go to the court but refrained him since Jacob would be there. He did not want Domeng to be put into trouble so advised him to stay home.

“Let me call the witness, Dr Richie Torres,” Paco called the Doctor who performed Edward Lamoste’s autopsy report into the witness box.

“I am Dr Richie Torres I performed the autopsy of Edward Lamoste and I made his medical test.”

He asked him about what the report of the deceased said.

“As you can see this one is bigger and  this little.” Doctor Torres explained that when a shooter is far it creates little wound but when the shooter is close the wound becomes deep.

Showing the two pictures of deep wound and small wound to the court he then indicated that Mr Lamoste’s wound was small which showed that the shooter was far.

SPO2, a police officer who search into the bullet and gun which killed Edward Lamoste. In the witness box he told the court that there were two different bullets found out the crime scene.

One was found in Edward and the other was found in a statue.

He was then asked the kind of bullet which killed Edward, he showed to the court the two bullets and the one which killed Edward.

He further explained that the bullet which killed Edward Lamoste did not match the gun which was used by Sonya.

In conclusion he said Sonya Alipio was not the one who killed Edward Lamoste.

Sonya who was sitting there was beaming with smiles.

“No further questions your honour” Paco told Judge Tortuga.

“You may be dismissed.” The judge said.

“Any other witnesses?”

“No your honour” Paco said.

“No your honour” Attorney Balmaceda also said.

“Witnesses have been called to their testimonies have been presented in court, they shall be now been submitted for resolution.”

The Verdict

Jacob face was drowned as Sonya stood for the verdict

“The court finds the accuse Sonya Alipio not guilty of murder” Noise of Joy elated the court room with people clapping and cheering Sonya.

“The accuse is exonerated from the crime charged against her.”

“No..this is rediculous, this can’t be happening ….this can’t be” Jean stood in disagreement as she walked out of the court. Jacob then followed her.


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