A Mother's Guilt Episode 42 Dindo pronounced dead while Jacob escapes from Jean's death trap

A Mother’s Guilt Episode 42

A Mother’s Guilt Episode 42 Dindo pronounced dead while Jean poisons Jacob’s coffee

“You are really beyond saving Jacob!”

Realising that he had committed a crime, Paco stood motionless. He could not believe that he has killed someone.
He looked agitated and kept watching Dindo, who was in a pool of blood. Anna held Paco.

“Paco, Paco it is okay”

“Look at me”

“It is okay…Paco”

Paco went to check whether Dindo was breathing but he saw no sign of Dindo’s pulse.

He wrapped his hands on his head and began to cry for committing a crime.

Jean after talking to Sonya revealing that Balmaceda has solved Jacob’s problem and he could soon get hold of his account gave Sonya a cheque.

Sonya wanted to refuse but Jean said:
“You can use it for your children”
Sonya then said “Thank You”

Sonya’s eyes spotted something and she kept looking on which led Jean to ask:

“Sonya are you okay?”

Paco was stunned by event he tried to press Dindo to see if he could react.
He recalled Georgette and convinced himself that Dindo took the life of a dear one from him and it was justice that he would die. Anna then took steps to him and held him.

“Paco stop, stop, stop”

“He is gone, we are too late!”

Paco recalled Sonya’s advise to him that he should not put anguish in him for him to go to an extent of murdering someone.

Jean by the look of Sonya and her sudden change of character, claiming Jean was plotting against her by giving her that cheque and she could not buy her torn the cheque apart.

“Well you and your principles” Jean also stood up and equally replied Sonya. Sonya said she could not be bought and Jean’s family would pay for everything. She then walked out taking different exit.

Jacob then approached Jean at the restaurant just when Sonya left. She took her bag from the chair and placed it on the

“What is this honey?”
Jean then turned and saw Jacob.

The police came in and told Paco that he should not move, he is under arrest. Paco surrendered but Anna said no.

“No no what are you doing?

The police handcuffed Paco and Anna said no he was not guilty. He was actually the person who saved her but the police sent Paco away while she ran after them.

Jacob and Jean got home.

“Jacob will you stop!”

“Will you stop” Jean yelled!

“What … because you have been acting yourself lately,” Jacob spewed.

“So what do you expect me to do?”

“To act normal upon everything that is going on?”

“Come on Jacob!”

Jacob then said Jean did not trust him.

“Don’t you lecture me about trust, you had me followed.”

“You left me with no choice” Jacob spewed.

Jean recalled how she was followed when she wanted to meet Anna and talked to her after Sonya called her to advise her to talk to Anna.

Jacob asked her why she went to meet Sonya.

“You want me to tell you….”

“Fine I will tell you the awful truth Jacob.”

“That it was you and no body else who brought Edward and his company to its knees”

“Now you tried to deny that.”
Jacob was surprised to hear that from Jean.

At the police station Atty. Vega walked in and told the police that he was his lawyer and charged the police to remove the handcuff from Paco’s hand.

“Yes mom” the police inspector then went to remove it.

He is not dangerous, he is not criminal”

Jean kept on confronting Jean.

” I know for quite sometime now Jacob”

She recalled all the charges that Anna levelled against him.
He then asked her how did that got to do with her meeting with Sonya. Jean said if he cared to know why she met with Sonya then she would give her the answer.

“You wondered what I was doing there right?
“Ask me again Jacob, what was I doing out there ask me.”

Jacob for a moment thought Jean when he got to his secret room saw something and wanted to form alliance with Sonya and rise against him but Jean said she was looking for evidence.

“Anything that will set you free…Now that is the truth” She yelled.

“That still doesn’t explain why you met with Sonya and the cheque she gave her,” Jacob was still not convinced.

“Come on Jacob… believe me”
“I want to protect you” Jean faked some tears to make Jacob believe her.
“After everything we have been through, I deserve to know the truth.”

Sonya ran to meet Paco and Anna and hugged them.

“So that is it…you don’t want to explain”

“I can see you don’t value our marriage that is fine” She then took steps to walk away. Jacob did not know how to explain but was gathering strength to know the best way to talk to Jean for her to understand.

He then held Jean to stop her from leaving. He tried to explain things to her.

His phone beeped, It was Asuncion but Jacob referred to him as senator. SPO3 Asuncion broke the bad news to him that Dindo had passed away and it was Sonya’s son, Paco who shot him when he was carrying his mission to eliminate Anna.

Jacob then acted and told Jean that Anna’s life was in danger because someone tried to kill her. Jean asked Jacob who the person was and he said it was a call from the police.

At the station, Attorney Vega told Sonya to calm down as per the investigator they were not going to press charges .

JoJo was happy about that and Vega said the CCTV footage showed two people one was a guard and one was a woman.

Anna recalled the car which came to knock Dindo down for her to ran.

Jean rushed in.
“I came as soon as I heard” She hugged Anna while Anna shed tears.


“It is Okay… it’s okay I am here, I am here” Jean said she would not have known what she would have done if something had happened to her.

“But I am okay now Paco saved my life,” Anna cried. She said if it wasn’t for him she “would have died by now.”

Jacob then appeared and Anna warned him to drop the act. She accused him of being the brain behind everything. Jean tried to stop her from causing a scandal.

Anna then told the police that Jacob was the one behind what happened.

“Everyone calm down.”

Vega told Anna to stop and Jean asked Anna to stop, saying Attorney Vega knew what was best for her.

“Isn’t that supposed to be your job mom?”
“To keep your daughter’s best interest at heart?” Anna queried Jean.

“You don’t understand honey” Jean tried to calm Anna.

“No I actually do understand” Anna said Jacob was a criminal and Jean was trying to cover up for him. Anna charged Jean to abandon Jacob.

“I am sorry Anna” Jean cried.

“Are you serious choosing this man over me?”
Jean tried to hold Anna.

“No…no..get away from me, I don’t need you in my life anymore”

Vega told them to leave since they were agitating her client. Anna cried and Sonya provided a shoulder for her to cry on.

Nanny Letty received a call from Asyong.

“I will advise you to stay with a friend” Attorney Vega told her.

Sonya said it would be better if she stayed with Nanny Letty and Anna said she was with Domeng and Sonya said they could live together so that their lives would be protected from Jacob.

Domeng spoke with Letty.
At the police station Anna thanked Sonya for being there for her. She accepted to be with Letty and Domeng.

At the Montecillo Mansion, Jean received a text message from Sonya informing her about where Anna would stay. Jean cried for her inability to protect her daughter from Jacob. Jacob then opened the door and watched Jean from afar.

“Before I go I just want to confirm something with the two of you, Anna, Paco” Attorney Vega told them.

Anna told her to go ahead. Vega said consistent statement both made suggested that they knew Dindo. she asked who was Dindo and his mission. Paco said he was the one who killed Edward Lamoste.

“So it true” Sonya said he was working for Jacob and was the one who has been carrying the dirty job of Jacob.

“You know…as much as I am happy to say that now he is gone he would have been good as a witness to reveal Mr Montecillo as the master mind behind the death of Edward Lamoste.”

“What does that mean Attorney”
“Does that mean we are back to nothing” Anna asked. Domeng opened the door. Sonya made a statement and Domeng came there. Sonya called out his name and went to hold him.

Domeng said he could do something about it. Although Sonya wanted to refrain him from talking but Domeng would not keep his mouth shut.

“Domeng what exactly are you saying?” Attorney Vega asked. Domeng said he witnessed Jacob committing all the atrocities.

Jacob admitted to all the crimes concerning the embezzlement at Educare and said he was interested in Jean that’s why he stole the funds so that he could give Jean and Anna the best of life they deserved.

He recalled when Jean spends time with Edward and how jealous he was in seeing them together.
“So how did you pull it off?” Jean asked.

Jacob said he did everything through Roman. Confessing his sins he said Roman transferred the money to a fake account.
A flashback revealed how Jacob and Roman brought Educare down.

“That is how much I valued you,”

“I want to take care of you even without you knowing so that you can choose me over Edward.”

“So tell me honestly, were you the one who killed Edward?”

“Of course not ”
“Even in my worse nightmare Edward’s was like a brother to me.”

“So who killed Edward? Jean asked.

“I don’t know, I don’t know.. you will have to ask the investigators,” Jacob sniffed.

Jacob and explained that he knew nothing about Edward and Roman’s death.

“Is this everything you want to tell me” Jean was looking forward for more confession.

“Yeah that is all of it, you can use it against me if you want to”

“I will never do that for as long as you are honest with me.”
“Are you honest with me with what I saw you doing with Sonya.” She said yes upon all the sacrifices Jacob made for the family that is exactly what she could do to support him in the troubles he found himself in.

“I l^v you honey”
“I l^v you to”

Domeng said he would bring Jacob down and was ready to to give a statement against him.

Paco asked Attorney Vega’s take on Domeng’s decision.

“well as a woman and as a mother I might say he should not but Domeng is our client and has an obligation to give the witness account.”
“Well Domeng as your lawyer I will urge you to give your statement.”

Asuncion spoke with Jacob on their evil works it seemed he has gotten a new evil officer to replace Dindo.

Anna spoke to Letty and said she just hope and pray that Jean would see Jacob as a monster he was and fight for her as Sonya fought for her sons.

As Jacob was talking to Asuncion to eliminate Anna fortunately or unfortunately Jean overheard his conversation.

“You are really beyond saving Jacob!” Jean thought of a perfect plan to bring his system down in order to save her daughter. She went inside her things and got a medicine.

“You don’t deserve to live!” Jean added a potion to the coffee she made in the morning.

Jacob came there and complemented the smell of the coffee

He held Jean from the back. He thanked her for understanding him despite his confession on the embezzlements within EduCare.

“Now take your coffee and have your breakfast because you have a long day ahead of you.” As He was about to sip he looked at Jean and realised she was not drinking the coffee.

“What is wrong?”
“You look tense” He pulled the cup back from his mouth and asked Jean.

She said she was thinking of Anna. Jacob asked her where did she live now and Jean said she actually did not know but according to some of the workers at Anna’s restaurant she passed the night there.

Jacob for the second time could not drink the coffee when he got it into his mouth. A call which came through prevented him from drinking.

Jean asked him who the person was and he said a business associate. He said he was in a hurry to go Jean told him to have his coffee and he said no he would be late.

Jean then took a bottle in order to put the coffee in so that he could drink it at work but he said no he was okay.

Unfortunately, his hands hit the cup and coffee spilled on the table he said sorry to Jean for being clumsy he gave her a peg and left with his document.

Wow! ! ! Jean’s first assassinating attempt failed! She stood thinking the kind of devil Jacob was for his narrow escape. She still could not comprehend how Jacob managed to escape from her hand.

Jacob met with his investor but it did not go well. His problem was that Jacob was fighting an embezzlement case, his bank account was frozen thus he could not work with him and said sorry to him. He said Jacob should solve his issues before Jacob was upset and stormed out of the restaurant.

Paco was in a church with Sonya he recalled how he ended the life of Dindo. He regretted his actions as he murdered a man with his bare hands. Sonya tried to cheer him up and blamed Jacob for everything.

Asuncion met up with Jacob, he joined him in his car. Jacob said Anna was in a safe house together with Domeng.

In the safe house Attorney Vega and her clients think of the best way to bring Jacob down with Domeng’s statement.

Asuncion and Jacob also went on with their plans against Anna. Jacob recalled how he met Jean crying while holding on to her phone, How she was forcing her to drink coffee while she did not drink and her meeting with Sonya.

He suspected Jean and charged Asuncion to keep a close eye on Jean and her every movement since he was doubting his trust for her. He warned Asuncion and the person he would add him to the team to execute their plans.

“If he fails even once someone will suffer.”

Paco held the thing he gifted Georgette with as evidence. She thought about Georgette and how he shot Dindo.

Jean spoke with Sonya and said he confessed that his action collapsed Educare. Sonya informed her that Domeng would give a statement against Jacob.

Jean said she might run to America and Sonya said she goes everything they have worked out for would go down to drain so they had to work hand in hand to ensure Jacob was behind bars.

Attorney Vega came in and told Anna that:
“Anna I forgot to tell you something” Anna asked her what was it and she showed her a picture and asked her whether she knew the lady and Anna said no she did not.

Attorney Vega said the lady was found the day Anna was attacked by Dindo and the CCTV footage showed that she was protecting Anna and had always been providing her with security.

Anna recalled the car which ran into Dindo in his first attempt to eliminate her.

“They already checked the woman and she worked for private security firm to provide a personal guard for people.”

Anna wondered that so all those while she had a personal guard she did not know of.

“It was seems so” Attorney Vega answered.

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