A Mother’s Guilt Episode 43

A Mother’s Guilt Episode 43 Domeng files murder charges against Jacob

“All you need to do is to sign the affidavit and just say that the fake account is yours.”

Attorney Vega said the lady was found the day Anna was attacked by Dindo and the CCTV footage showed that she was protecting Anna and had always been providing her with security.

Anna recalled the car which ran into Dindo in his first attempt to eliminate her.

Nanny Letty said they should investigate who the lady was.

“They already checked the woman and she worked for private security firm to provide a personal guard for people,” Attorney Vega explained

Anna wondered that so all those while she had a personal guard she did not know of.

“It was seems so” Attorney Vega answered. Letty still wondered who employed the lady’s services.

Jean kept talking to Sonya on phone that if  they had to bring Jacob down they needed to beef up their plans and action and there was another option for them to use.

Sonya asked the kind of option they had.

“We need outside force” Jean said.

Jean disclosed that there was someone willing to help ruin Jacob and of they join forces with the person they could bring Jacob down.

Sonya asked who the person was and how Jean managed to know that.

“It was an anonymous message,” Jean said.

Sonya went to meet the person behind the message and behold it was Katrina. She asked Sonya whether she was the one who leaked the embezzlement information about Jacob. Sonya then realised she was in the company of Marjorie.

Flashback: Marjorie laughing at Sonya, telling her that she wanted to kill her as she did with Edward Lamoste.

Marjorie smiled, Sonya accused her of working with Jacob and attacked her for being an ally of Jacob but Katrina intervened to separate them from the brawl before it escalates.

Katrina then explained to Sonya that Marjorie was a trustworthy person and was no more working for Jacob after the sudden demise of Roman.

At the Montecillo mansion, Jean joined Jacob holding an affidavit. She asked questions about the new development concerning the documents she was holding.

“Attorney Balmaceda prepared an affidavit to support the defence of the embezzlement case possibly this will help solve the embezzlement charges against me.

Jean said what was written on the documents regarding the Editha Fuenthabella’s account was not true.

“It doesn’t have to be true,” Jacob interjected.

Jean said if she supports the action and sign her account might also be frozen.

“Is that what you want?” She anxiously asked Jacob.

“Honey, actually if you think about it is a small sacrifice,” Jacob said as his wife that was the least she could do to exonerate him from the crime and convinced her that it was her chance to help him.

“All you need to do is to sign the affidavit and just say that the fake account is yours” Jacob added.

Letty was about to open the door:

“Mrs Montecillo..”

“Mom, Mrs Montecillo” She heard someone calling. She got closer and asked the lady whether it was her she was calling.

“Yes mom” A receptionist said but Letty said she was not Mrs Montecillo she was called Letty she told Letty to sign the utilities document on behalf of Mrs Montecillo.

Letty was surprised to hear that, she asked the name of the property owner she said the name was Mrs Jean Montecillo. She looked surprised.

Sonya said she did not believe them but Katrina tried to win her trust to join hands with her and Marjorie to execute the plan to trap Jacob. She explained that Jacob had betrayed Marjorie and wanted them killed but Sonya saw that as a trap to turn her to Jacob.

“Hun…is this even legal ..I mean.. is this admissible in court?” Jean asked Jacob.

Jacob answered that Attorney Balmaceda was knowledgeable in the law and…

“This is was his idea in the first place!”

“So where is he?

“Honey, he has other important matters to attend to”

“This is important, this is about your freedom, this is about your reputation”

“That is why he is counting on you…we are counting on you”

“Honey this will help us in a big way”

“This is a statement if you don’t sign it will serve as an evidence that can get me behind bars. Is that what you want…. I mean for me?” Jacob queried.

Jean said there were technicalities that she wanted to clear before consenting to it to avert a bigger scandal.

“But if you are sure about this, that this can help you, this can clear your name, this can open your account then I am all for it” Jean reaffirmed her commitment to Jacob.

“Thank you honey,” Jacob said with a cheerful face. They hugged but

Letty came in to confirm whether Anna was told she had a bodyguard and Anna said yes. She then asked Letty what it was about but Sonya came in to interrupt the conversation.

She asked whether the receptionist saw any of them earlier and Anna said yes it was Nanny Letty and Sonya held her hands that she wanted to talk to her. Anna and

“You know that now that Domeng is cleared and want to testify I think we need to do the necessary preparations to facilitate the process against Jacob,” Atty. Vega realised Paco’s concentration was on his phone. She called him and asked what has caught his attention.

Sonya explained to Letty that Jean was behind every misfortune that befell on Jacob and she was the one who facilitated the arrest of Jacob.

She further stated that she was the person who provided Anna with personal security and asked her to take care of Anna.

She then revealed that Katrina and Marjorie also wanted to join hands with her to bring Jacob down.

Paco was unhappy to see a news item about him, a legal practitioner who has shot a notorious criminal to death.

“It is not worth it.. Dindo was a wanted man.”

“You simply defended yourself and Anna,” Atty. Vega cheered Paco up but Paco said he felt bad about the incident especially when his mother was once accused of a murderer and he has also stained his hands with someone’s blood.

“I understand where you’re coming from and that is a feeling that we cannot prevent.”

“You know Paco I lost my father in an ambush,  I did not understand it back then, for me at that time that was justice but I understood it when I grew up” Attorney Vega narrated her life story.

Letty said Sonya should not trust Katrina for she was a bad person but Sonya explained that Jacob wanted to eliminate Katrina.

Letty indicated that both Marjorie and Jacob were notorious criminals.

“But if you resort to violence then that is in justice”

“As lawyers we can only do so much we can only to protect others and ourselves.”

The bottom line is that as lawyers we can’t save the world, One case, One client at a time


Attorney Vega tried to convice Paco.

“Hi DPK” Nessa and Domeng had a video call. Unyo and Samboy joined the call to talk to Domeng. Domeng informed them about his plans in order for him to move freely in town as any other person.

Jacob secretly met with SPO3 Asuncion to give him the documents and said Jean had agreed and she signed it.

“Just make sure you destroy it” Jacob said that was her first test to test Jean’s loyalty and sipped a drink.

Paco watched the video of Georgette on his phone and thought of her. He recalled her words: “you are the most honourable man i know” he then said sorry to Georgette for breaking her and Vega’s trust.

Paco was extremely affected by how he ended the life of Dindo. He also watched other videos Georgette shot of him. Anna came in but because Paco was occupied he did not notice the presence of Anna.

Anna walked out and bumped into Letty. She said she wanted to talk to Paco but he was busy thinking about Georgette that was why she excused him.

Letty knew Anna was still looking for a chance with Paco but Anna said she had to give Paco a break now.

“We have a bigger fight to face Nanny,” Anna then changed the topic.

“You and Mom Sonya were acting very weired” Anna said.

Letty recalled what the receptionist said concerning Jean owning the property but did  not reveal the truth to her as Sonya had already shut her mouth from voicing the truth.

“Jacob! Jacob look at this”Jean came in with a certain document.

“Sonya files a murder case against you on behalf of her son” She then asked whether he wanted to kill Domeng.

Jacob as usual denied the allegations, he looked frightened. Jean gave a suspicious look. Jacob claimed it was one of Sonya’s plots to ruin his reputation.

Jean said she anticipated that from Sonya and after everything she has done she wanted to destroy her family.

“I will support you hun…”

“I am here to support you,” Jean tried to calm Jacob. Jacob was bleeding inside, Jean hugged to comfort him.

“I won’t back down” Jacob threatened but his phone rang, which halted the rest of his speech.

He received and it was Attorney Balmaceda on the line. He asked him why Sonya pressed such charges against him.

He told Balmaceda that he just received the notice.

“I have it right in my hand, I am holding it” he looked more agitated as Jean was happy. She called Sonya to inform her about the look on Jacob’s face.

Sonya then informed her about her meeting with the person behind the anonymous text. She said it was Katrina.

Jean recalled the pictures she saw at Jacob’s secret room which had red pen inscribed on Katrina’s face suggesting she was dead.

“I thought she was dead!” She exclaimed.

“How did that happen?”

“How did she survive”

“Can we trust her?” Sonya then said there was another henchwoman who was with her and they were ready to bring down Jacob.

Jean alighted from a taxi and ran to hug Letty.

“I miss you so much” Sonya told them to go and Sonya called out Marjorie. Marjorie got close to the door. Katrina said it was Sonya so they should open her, Marjorie called Sonya and warned her that she would regret it if she brought the police.

“Can you please open the door for us to talk at least!” Jean said.

Katrina went to open while Marjorie pointed her gun.

“Mom Jean!”

“Long time no see Katrina, I thought you were dead already”

“What is this?” Katrina asked Sonya why she brought the wife of Jacob and said they would all die if something happens.

“Will you shut up Katrina” Jean warned Katrina. Sonya told Katrina to stop it. Sonya revealed that it was Jean who leaked the embezzlement documents.

Katrina recalled when she asked who exposed Jacob.

“It was no one else than me” Katrina felt safe and urged Marjorie to put down the gun. Sonya said they would operate under her condition.

Marjorie said they would never operate with anyone’s condition. Letty then said rule number one she should put down the gun.

“Marjorie we need eachother right now”  Katrina talked to Marjorie. She said they should form the alliance with them. Jean said they should be a step ahead of Jacob if they wanted to win in the fight.

The next day at the Montecillo’s mansion Jean came out with her one of her servants and told her that she could take the time that she wants on her leave.

The servant thanked Jean after she left, Jean put something on the floor within some gravels.

Marjorie, Katrina and Letty were in a car and Marjorie wanted to step out of the car but she was stopped as it was not convenient  for her to go.

Domeng after seeing Jacob arriving remembered the shooting incidence and wanted to attack Jacob. He was held back by Paco and Sonya.

Good acting boy..” Jacob spewed as his lawyer and wife stood by his side.

“Can we just stop this?”

“Let’s get over with this okay” Jean said.

Marjorie finally went down and when she was spying around if it was okay for them to enter the house a guard came around to ask her what she was doing there.

She asked whether that was Mr Montecillo’s house because she was there to see him but it seemed no one was around.

The guard said he would call Mr Montecillo to inform him about it as he took his phone Marjorie signaled for help.

Katrina wanted to go but Letty said it was dangerous for her face to be seen.

Domeng narrated the story to the officer and he pointed Mr Montecillo as the henchman who shot Roman and was about to shoot his brother and the bullet ended up in him.

“Don’t point your finger at me” Jacob pushed Domeng’s hand away.

The officer asked Jacob where he was at that time and he said was in the house while Jean added that they were sleeping.

Sonya shouted Jean’s name for giving false testimony.

“That is our sleeping time..”

“That is the truth Sonya!” Jean interjected

Katrina went down to help Marjorie from the guard when he wanted to call Jacob to inform him that someone was there looking for him.

The guard recognised Katrina and mentioned her name. He asked her where she has been since he had been told that she travelled and was no more working for the Montecillos.

She said she has now returned and was in the area to even see Mr Montecillo. The guard stop the call since he had seen a familiar face. Katrina said bye to the guard and the guard left.

Letty joined as the guard left and they went inside the mansion to install cameras in order for Jean to know the movement of Jacob.

“You did good Domeng” Vega lauded Domeng for his testimony.

Jacob confronted Sonya and told her that he was sorry if their action was sparked by Edward’s trial.

“Mr Montecillo the trial is over this is not the place to appeal to our sympathy”

“Attorney which sympathy” Jaco asked.

Vega said great then.

“Let’s go Hun…. see you again in court!” Jean told Vega and Sonya.

Asuncion and his armed men waited to follow Sonya and Domeng. He showed the goons Domeng’s picture. After they saw Sonya and her family departing in a bus they also went for their motorcycle to tail them.

Asuncion called Jacob to inform him that they had seen Sonya and her family and would soon execute their plan.

Letty came in to tell Marjorie that Jean and Jacob would soon be there as Sonya tested her that they were on their way.

Katrina also told Marjorie to hurry.

The guard stopped Jacob to ask him whether he has seen Katrina. Jean texted Letty that they were there. Letty rushed to inform Marjorie that Jean has signaled her that they were there.

Katrina went to where the CCTV footage machine was  kept and deleted everything that showed their presence in the house.

She said she was wise and learnt some few tricks from Jacob.

“So who is st^pid now I am not that st^pid Jacob,” Katrina smiled.

Jean and Jacob arrived, Jean wanted Jacob to do something and he said he was tired.

Marjorie and Letty ran in search for Katrina and they saw her at that time Jacob was in so they went inside the room and locked themselves.

Nessa was worried that Domeng’s life was in danger but Cora asked her not to worry. Samboy asked where Domeng would be and she said he had to be in the safe house.

When Paco came down from the bus the goons pointed their guns at him. Sonya held Domeng tightly as Domeng hid his face. Attorney Vega looked so worn out surprised to see the goons.


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