A Mother's Guilt Episode 48 Jacob finally nabbed by the police after the burial service of Jean

A Mother’s Guilt Episode 48

A Mother’s Guilt Episode 48 Jacob finally nabbed by the police after the burial service of Jean

“Well let’s just hope Jacob’s love for Jean is bigger than his criminal mind,

“Sonya I feel so tired,” suddenly Jean’s condition deteriorated, Sonya screamed for nurse, however Jean said she couldn’t not breath and fell into coma.

At his hideout, the blind helper brought Jacob some herbs and once he left Jacob heard the news about Jean being admitted at St Michel Medical Centre. Jacob made a call to get the hospital contact.

Jacob disguised himself and went to a call centre to call the hospital. A receptionist received the call. Jacob asked of Mrs Montecillo and the receptionist asked who he was, he then said he was Jean’s father and was worried about his daughter.

He told the receptionis that he wanted to know how he was faring. As Sonya, Paco, Attorney Vega and Anna were leaving the receptionist called Anna’s name that the father of Jean has called.

Anna said there was no one like that but she knew the person. She took the phone and mentioned Jacob’s name. Jacob did not respond, Anna told him that he would be caught soon wherever he was hiding then she cut the call.

Jacob got upset and kicked a certain chair close to him.

“Well I will bet my life on it that it’s him,” Attorney Vega interjected when Sonya asked whether she was sure it was Jacob.

A doctor came and said:

“the other day she told us she was having difficulty in breathing. We noticed some blood, we need to know where the blood is coming from. Your mom needs to undergo a surgery.”

Sonya and Letty was asked to identify if the corpses were that of Marjorie and Katrina. They went to confirm.

After Jean’s operation the doctor came from the operation room Anna after seeing her rushed to see her. They both looked at eachother mysteriously, Anna then hugged Paco.

Later a funeral was held for Jean and they buried her close to Edward.
How many people do we have to bury just to catch that man,” Attorney Vega rhetorically asked.

Jacob listened to the news and the helper brought him some food. He had a chitchat with him. He asked of Jacob’s family.

He recalled his dad during Jean’s birthday and later what his uncle told him about him out of the country together with his mom after his embezzlement case went viral.

Sonya spoke with Paco when they were leaving the cemetery to express regret about the lost of Jean.

Paco informed Sonya about the plans the legal team were putting in place to gather evidence against Jacob.

Domeng and Nessa were having conversation and Sonya joined them. She talked to him about Domeng being a key witness in the frustrated murder case. She also cautioned Domeng to be extra careful and prepare himself well.

Anna visited a church: “Lord I know I don’t come here always for you but I know you just there. Please make me understand and most of all about everything that was happening and one thing for sure we really need your guidance in this trying times.”

The police saw a certain man carrying woods and they asked of Jacob, the man did not know him. Suddenly one of the officers brought a shoe to to the rest of the search team and asked if that was one of Jacob’s shoes.

A flashback showed that one of Jacob’s shoes stucked in the river he crossed before fainting.

At Attorney Vega’s office Paco and the rest of the team carried out means to track and nab the fugitive.

Meanwhile, Attorney Balmaceda informed Jacob that Jean was dead.

“No that is not true!” Jacob exclaimed.

“She undergone an operation and did not survive the operation a few weeks ago she was cremated and it was very private. I am sorry for your lost,” Balmaceda said.

“You are st^pid” Jacob insulted him for telling him that when everything was done.

“Okay..I need you to double check something for me,” Jacob told him.

His uncle also confirmed that Jean has lost her life, he ran and left the hunter. He cried bitterly and the hunter came to him.

“Come on now Miguel,” he tried calming him. He took a stone and tried to hit the man with it . The man cooled him as he knew he was hurt he later stopped and gave the stone to the man to kill him with it instead.

He said he could not live since he lost a dear one.The man calmed Jacob.

Rizalina and JoJo visited Sonya. Sonya wished that Jacob would be caught as soon as possible.

A hand switched on a radio while sipping a glass of juice then opened the wardrobe for an attire. The person took a red attire and applied lipstick. This is to indicate that the person was a woman dressing.

Sonya lighted up a candle Anna was with her. Sonya prayed that Jacob would be caught as soon as possible for Anna to get the justice she needed.

The police raided the hut of the blind herbalist who helped Miguel and they asked of Jacob. He said he did not know of Jacob and they asked him to inform the nearest police should he find anyone like that, they then left.

Jacob who was wearing a hat revealed himself from his hiding place and said he had to search for Jean’s grave.

Anna was in a church when she was leaving a nun came to talk to her. She told her to believe in God and trust him that everything would be okay once God’s hand was in. Anna was happy with her kind words.

The nun who introduced herself as Sister Mary said Anna was always welcomed in the church. They laughed.

At midnight Jacob got to Jean’s grave, he spied around till the cleaner left before entering the grave yard.

He took of his hat and told Edward that at the end he won since Jean was now dead.

“I am here honey, I am sorry this happened to you. You have no idea how much I am hurting now. The most important thing is you were dear to me but now you are gone. You have gone to Edward. Honey you don’t have to, I know of your betrayal I know everything,” Jacob recalled everything he knew about Jean.

“I know you wanted me dead,” he recalled when she poisoned his coffee. He also recalled when Asuncion informed him that Jean was meeting Sonya.

He also recalled when Jean was texting Sonya and he applied sudden break for the phone to fall. Then he took her phone and threw it away.

“But I know you were manipulated by Sonya. I just turned a blind eye because that is how much I l^ve you,” he cried.

“That’s why I wanted us to go far away, far from Sonya and her bad influence but I guess it is too late. I already lost everything when I lost you. They think I am evil they haven’t seen anything yet,” Jacob was ready for war.

The cleaner returned but stood aloof to watch Jacob, he was an NBI agent who disguised himself as a cleaner to spy on the grave. He informed his team leader that  positive the suspect was at the grave yard.

The leader of the agent also alerted the rest of the team.

“We are moving,” They got down of the car and surrounded Jacob. They ordered Jacob to kneel. They handcuffed him and sent him away.

As sonya, the family and Attorney Vega was about to eat a news broke that Jacob Montecillo had been arrested. Someone knocked the door when the door was opened behold it was Jean and she was the one who earlier was dressing and sipping juice.

Anna hugged her and they sat on the couch to watch the news. It was further reported that there was alleged embezzlement charge against Jacob for embezzling the funds of Educare owned by Edward Lamoste.

The report indicated that he was charged with frustrated murder, and was behind Edward Lamoste’s death among other alleged crimes.

They were happy that Jacob would not be able to escape as he was now nabbed.

“And we will makes sure that he rots in jail,”Attorney Vega added.

Paco then said they were gathering evidence against him.

“But mom I want to thank you for your unconditional love. You have always been my inspiration,” Anna said.

“I l^ve you my baby I never thought this day will  ever happen that Jacob would be caught,” Jean said.

“You are the bravest woman I know,” Anna complemented Jean.

“Thank you sweetheart!”Jean said she would not have done that if Sonya was not the one facilitating everything.

“Well you two are the bravest mothers I know,” Anna added.

“This is a group effort,” Jean said!

The Plan

Flashback: “Your mother is fine the operation went well,” the doctor said. Anna was happy and hugged Paco.

Sonya suggested that they should use Jean’s ill-health as the key to get Jacob. She believed that Jacob would never stop hunting for Jean since he already called the hospital to ask for Jean.

Attorney Vega anxiously asked Sonya what she was implying whether she was suggesting they should fake that Jean was dead.

Jean who supported the idea believed that once they do so Jacob would visit his grave and it would be an opportunity for them to catch the fugitive.

“Mom but that is risky,” Anna’s eyes showed fear.

“This will have legal consequences,” Paco added.

Attorney Vega accepted but she said she would secure legal means to ensure they nab Jacob by executing that plan.

“I am desperate to end this I don’t want another blood shed,” Jean cried as she supported the plan if that would secure the lives of everyone.

one of them asked what if the plan did not work!

“Well let’s just hope Jacob’s love for Jean is bigger than his criminal mind,” Attorney Vega said.

“We will coordinate with the NBI,” Attorney hinted.
Paco suggested they should use Marjorie’s corpse to carry out that plan.

Sonya agreed with Paco and recalled that she and Letty were called to confirm if the corpse was that of Marjorie.

After the cremation Sonya lighted the candle at the cemetery as they mourn Marjorie. Sonya said Jacob
Sonya and Paco met with Attorney Balmaceda to inform him about the plan.

He said he needed not to be told that.

“That is deception and it is a lie”
Paco told him that bribery was a grievous crime but Balmaceda broke his ethics to engage in bribery.

“You are blackmailing me,” Balmaceda said.
Paco said it was not a blackmail and they knew he tried to bribe Judge Tortuga and all those when used against him would get him sacked from the bar so it was the least he could do to help Mrs Montecillo.

He then made the call to break the death news to Jacob.

Sonya then told the team that Jacob had disguised himself as Mr Miguel

“I know our justice system is not perfect but one thing I can promise you I am always going to be here,” Attorney Vega promised and Jean accepted.

“Let’s be like Jean, she never stops fighting after everything ,” Attorney Vega bringing another play.

“This is two way process…and let’s be like Sonya. Her sense of justice is different but her l”ve to sacrifice as a mother is also the other way,” she added.

Paco told Mrs Montecillo that Anna and him promised to protect their mothers. Letty added her voice which triggered Anna to also make a statement.

“Yes we will fight together as a team in the right arena and then score,” Anna added.

Sonya suggested they should join hands to fight for victory. They joined hands and it was all joy for them.

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