A Mother’s Guilt Episode 49

A Mother’s Guilt Episode 49 Jacob faces trial for his crimes

There is one thing I learnt having cases like these, it is not the original crime that get people into trouble it is the cover up.”

Anna told Jean that she was moving on in her life. She recalled Georgette’s advise to her to move on.

Jean said she was glad that things were getting back normal they said cheers and toasted for happiness.

The legal team of Attorney Vega visited Gabriel to talk to him to witness against Jacob.

Gabriel did not see any need to testify, he was so mad that Sonya knew about the death incident and kept quiet for 12 years for him to suffer in jail.

Paco tried to make him see the reason he had to appear in court to testify since he earlier gave false witness account against Sonya.

Already Sonya had been exonerated from the crime and Gabriel’s testimony in court showed he told lies.

“Don’t forget you can be found guilty of obstruction of justice and this is the chance for you to correct your mistakes,” Attorney Otelessa added.

criminal case -49-2018 People of the Philippines vrs Jacob Montecillo, the marshal read.

“Prosecution may call their first witness,” Judge Tortuga orders.

Gabriel then stood up an went into the witness box.
Paco began his questions when it got to a certain level Jacob’s Attorney raised objection and claimed the questions were unnecessary and lies.

“Your honour I have a point,” Paco defends his stance.

“Get it to me,” Judge Tortuga ordered. Paco went for a picture of some sudden buildings Gabriel had put up.

Paco asked him to tell them about his source of income and how he had been able to achieve so much in the shortest possible of time. He then pointed Jacob Montecillo as the one who charged him to testify against Sonya.

After the hearing, Sonya ran after Gabriel and Carolina to thank them for testifying. She used the opportunity to sort out their differences.

At home, Letty, Asyong and Sonya talked to Paco about the trial and how they needed more evidence.

Letty remembers the time that they went to insert hidden cameras in the Montecillos mansion.

Anna and her mother engaged in a conversation while eating. Jean could not believe that she gave a criminal a chance into her life to destroy her family.

“Mom please don’t be too hard on yourself you needed someone and Jacob was there,” Anna refrained her from saying that but asked her whether she l^ved him and she said:

“Yes… but do I regret it? Yes,” Jean recalled the good times she shared with Jacob.
“I want to see him,
“Because he is evil mom that is why,” Anna said.

“May be he is blinded by too much love, how can a person be corrupted by so much love how?” Jean wondered.

“Mom that’s not love, you can never ever cause harm to the one you love,” Anna explained.

“That is crazy obsession,” Anna added.

“Then may be,” Jean said.

“Of course not I am just wondering what happened, human nature is fascinating, but with Jacob I don’t know what happened,” Jean said feeling all sorry for him.

Prison Life

In prison, Jacob was fanning himself because the place was hot. The inmates began to make fun at him but he kept quiet and pretended as if they were not talking to him.

Later a guard came there to inform him that he had a visitor. When he went it was Anna. Anna looked at him while sitting.

“Nice shirt, it really looks good on you,” Anna made fun of him.

“I don’t have time for your childish talk,” he took steps to leave and Anna called him uncle he then waited to talk to her and said she wanted to gain justice for her father.

“How are you coping in your situation after your mother’s death?” Jacob asked Anna.

“Don’t act like you were conscerned with my mom,” Anna interjected.

“I l^ved your mother she was my wife,” Jacob explained but Anna said if he l^ved Jean he would not have engaged her in his dealings

“Come on Anna that’s unfair!”
“Your mother was brainwashed by Sonya,” Jacob added.

“I always pray for you uncle,” Anna said.

“Your prayers will be answered,”Jacob added.

Jacob’s hatred for Edward Lamoste

“But please uncle help me understand, why did you kill my dad? I always thought you were like brothers but I never knew you hated him that much to kill him,” Anna cried.

“Because he deserved it,” Jacob hissed.

“How could you say that? irrespective of what you have done against my family I will never wish death upon you. That is cruel,” Anna cried.

“Cruel….You wanna talk about cruel Anna. Your daddy always reminded me of how much failure I was,” Jacob explained.

Anna said her dad was a great and just man and would never do anything bad against him.
Jacob stated that he always treated him as a person with no good business skills and always made him feel that his ideas were not needed.

A flashback showed Jacob sending a business proposal on behalf of Educare which Edward threw it aside claiming it was unnecessary.

“You know..not once…not once did he ever say i was good enough. It was always him being the superior one. So tell me Anna tell me is that not cruelty?” he queried.

“That is not true…” Anna cried. If you had done the job right he would have praised you.

“How would you know?” Jacob interjected.

“What can you remember,” he stated.
A flashback revealed when they wanted him to be the godfather of Anna. Jean came to serve Jacob a drink and told Jacob to accept the offer. He then said yes.

He said he l^ved both Jean and Edward and there was no way he would say no to them.

“You have no right to Judge me,” Anna slapped him. Jacob indicated that the only who l^ved him was also taken away by Edward and Anna said Jean never loved him until her final breath.

She revealed to Jacob that she met Jean at the station when Jean went to the washroom and told him about everything Jean said concerning Jacob.

“My mom never l^ved you, she said she l^ved me and Edward because we are her family not you,” Anna screamed.

“That is not true,” Jacob gloated.

“You hate him because you always come second to him and that is the truth,” Anna added.

“You hated my dad because everybody loved him and not you. You gonna die alone Jacob,” Anna threatened.

Jacob said he did not care anymore because he already lost the one who supported him.

“You see Paco, Nanny Letty are all with Sonya together with you enjoy and don’t think that this jail will keep me from avenging my wife’s death. It won’t stop me and I will…I will avenge her death,” Jacob threatened.

In the house, Anna informed Sonya, Letty and Jean about everything Jacob said. She said she thought he would regret but he was remorseful and saw in his eyes that he meant it when he said he would avenge Jean’s death and would make Paco pay dearly for it.

“Don’t worry sweetheart ok , I am here, we are here!” Jean assured Anna of their protection and support.

At the law firm Attorney Vega charged Attorney Otelessa and Joanne to work on the witnesses account.

Anna asked about the next strategy of the team.
“Well our strategy is… you know Jacob all these while has everything that is because we did not have evidence against him,” Atty Vega explained

“Then shouldn’t we be worried?” Anna asked.

“On the contrary Anna everything is going on well according to plan,” she said.
She said Gabriel testimony would make it difficult for Jacob to be set free. Paco said through Gabriel Judge Tortuga has realised how subtle Jacob could be.

Key witnesses of Attorney Vega

Paco pasted some two pictures of those who were would testify in the trial on the wall.
At the trial Paco asked one lady witness about the account of Jacob.

“Objection your honour the agent’s testimony has nothing to do with the case, may I remind counsel the embezzlement case is not issue in the trial,” Jacob’s lawyer objected.

“No I beg to disagree, your honour the embezzlement case is linked with an intent of Jacob trying to kill Mr Lamoste. That’s why we are all here in the first place,” Paco said.

“Objection overruled the witness may answer the question,”Judge Tortuga overruled it.

NB: As Attorney Vega is talking to Anna the trial was shown to complement her narration to Anna.

Attorney Vega said it won’t be easy but with the witnesses they have, it would be a tough time for Jacob.

“There is one thing I learnt having cases like these, it is not the original crime that get people into trouble it is the cover up,” Attorney Vega noted.

Liza was also in the court room accusing Jacob that he made her posed off as Editha’s daughter to cover up his Editha Fuenthabella’s account.

In Letty’s account in the court, she said she saw Jacob throw a gun into the water by standing at the bridge.

Inspector JoJo also gave his testimony about the operation to find the gun. He established that the gun which was thrown away by Jacob was the one Sonya fired and its bullet was found in a statue.

He also stated that the gun was exhumed from the actual place which the witness earlier in her statement said she buried it.

“Now we have all the witness testimony to support the case and this will put Jacob behind bars for good,” Vega said as they were coming from the court.

“Next hearing we shall see Jacob’s witness stand,”Otelessa said.
Attorney Vega asked Paco whether he has gotten Jean’s statement against Jacob prepared and he said yes.

“But we have to be very prepared, Jacob is very schemy I am sure under oath he will still lie,” Anna advised.

“Yeah we are counting on that Anna,” Attorney Vega said.

“And when that happens we will be right there to catch him,” the team were happy with their line of action.

Jacob came in and was followed by the press . A news broke and Jacob in an interview with the press stated that all the happenings were mere misunderstanding.

Meanwhile in the house, Don Miguel watched the news about the trial. Paco lighted a candle at church and prayed for God’s guidance and give him and the team Victory in the tial.

Don Miguel closed his laptop in disappointment and asked the nurse how his wife was doing he charged the nurse to take care of his wife stressing that he would be at Jacob’s trial.

As Paco was leaving the church Anna came in and Anna assured him that they could do it.

Jacob in the box

Finally the trial day reached again and Jacob took his oath. He went into the witness box to tell his story concerning the case.

“Now how are you doing Mr Montecillo,?” Jacob’s lawyer asked him.

Jacob quotes Bible

“I still feel blessed, I supposed this is God’s will. In John 8:32 it says:

You will know the truth and the truth shall sets you free,” Jacob said.

“And on that note what is your relationship with Mr Lamoste,” After the lawyer asked Jacob the question, he spotted his father in the court room.

“Mr Montecillo,” the lawyer urged him to speak.

The Brotherhood Account

“About me and Edward we are like brothers from another mother,” he explained.

“Could you take us back to days or weeks when you heard of Edward’s death,” the lawyers asked.

“Yeah those were difficult times the last time I spoke with him was about Educare,” he added that one evening Jean called him that she tried reaching Edward but it was not going through. Jean asked Jacob whether Edward was doing that due to the challenges Educare was facing and Jean asked him to help Edward, her husband.

Jean who was watching the trial on her laptop turned to Letty that what Jacob was saying was true. She said she always ran to Jacob for help since she thought he was Edward’s best friend.

“I did what any good friend would do and I advised Edward,” Jacob said in court.

He recalled how he spoke to Edward and advised him to fix himself since Jean was worried about him.

Jacob narrated that Edward told him there was no hope for him, this he wanted him to get rid of him. He said Edward gave him a gun to shoot him if he was a true friend and he did not accept as he refused to be part of Edward’s decision.

He said he advised Edward to live and solve his problem. Suddenly a shout came from the trial room:

“Liar, liar, you are a liar,” Anna screamed.

“But that is the truth,” Jacob stated.

Judge Tortuga asked Attorney Vega to hold her client Anna later sat. Jacob looked at his father. Don Miguel then left the court room.

At home, Letty asked whether Jean knew about¬† Edward’s crisis.

“Anytime I asked Edward he kept saying there is no problem, no problem,” Jean felt so bad.

Letty found it hard to believe that Jacob gave a similar excuse like Sonya.

“I really¬† don’t know,” Jean also wondered why he took Sonya’s approach.

Jacob kept saying Edward was his friend so he couldn’t report the incidents to the police and said he helped Edward to solve the problem by giving him ideas.

He mentioned Roman as the person who was working with them at that time.

His lawyer asked him a question concerning how Educare collapsed. He kept quiet and wasted time.

Judge Tortuga demanded him to answer the question, he still hesitated. His lawyer she knew how the issue hurt him so they could skip it for another time.

“No! Anna needs to know the truth,” Jacob answered.

“like I said I l^ve Edward like my brother,” He indicated that Edward became paranoid due to the collapse of Educare and began to speak unreal things, suggesting Edward was having a psychological problem.


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