A Mother’s Guilt Episode 53

A Mother’s Guilt Episode 53 Jacob abducts Jean and Sonya 

“Who knows blackmailing you will actually work.”

Paco went to the grave of Attorney Georgette San Diego, he recalled their moments together and cried.

On his bed he still kept thinking about Georgette, however, Anna after seeing the bracelet which Paco gave to her also remembered him while packing her belongings.

In prison, Jacob recalled the series of verdicts which he was found guilty and how Paco through his skillful work exposed his lies. To top it all Jean’s deceit to him and how she visited him in prison to demonstrate how she formed alliance with his enemies to capture him.

“I can’t wait to see you suffer Sonya,” he said with so much resentment towards Sonya.

In Sonya’s house, preparation were on going to pack out from there. They were packing all their things.

Meanwhile Jean was telling Letty that they were making plans to get her visa ready so that they could all go to America. Jean said she was sure Edward would have loved that to happen. She promised that never would Anna and her leave Letty because that is how much they l^ved her. They hugged.

The Goodbye

Sonya was also saying final goodbye to Asyong and wished that things would not have turned out that way for them to part ways.

Paco went to lay a flower on the grave of Georgette to finally say goodbye to her and to thank her for the support and affection she showed towards him.

Anna also arrived with her flower to say bye-bye to Georgette and she met Paco there. Paco recalled how he met Anna and Anna said: “You were the perfect guy I l^ved Paco.”

“I have to go, I will see you at the party,” Anna asked for her leave so Paco took the flower she brought for Georgette in order for him to lay it.

“Good bye Paco,” Paco then asked her to wait.

“Goodbye symbolises hope that one day you will be seeing the person you say goodbye to.”

“I would l^ve that , whatever,” Anna then left and Paco stood quietly near Georgette’s grave holding Anna’s flower for Georgette.

In prison Jacob was walking and some inmates also came up with a plot to attack him unknowingly.

Paco, Samboy and Unyo were playing a basketball in their area.

The inmates who plotted surrounded Jacob and beat him mercilessly. He began vomitting blood. When they saw the guards approaching, they escaped so Jacob thought of means to use that unfortunate incident to his advantage.

He saw a stone and he used it to hit his face, he then shouted for the guards and fainted in the process. The guards sent him to hospital for medical aid.

Sonya was still packing her things and she saw a plaque which Paco got after school completion. He recalled how Paco brought it home and she felt honoured, thus hangged it on the wall of her room where she would always see it.

Domeng proposes marriage to NPK

Nessa was crying that Domeng was leaving but Domeng asked her not to cry. He took a toy flower ring and knelt before Nessa asking her whether she would marry him. Nessa stopped sobbing, she was stunned to see Domeng kneeling Infront of her to propose marriage to her.  She realised that those who were there were watching her so she held Domeng up before those who were approaching saw them.

Domeng said that was his advance proposal to her before they go to Cebu. He assured her that he shall return for her.

Paco was still playing the basketball with Samboy and Unyo. They later hugged. Nessa also laid her head on Domeng as he showered her with lots of ki$$es on her forehead.

Sonya then hugged Mabel and Cora, it was hard for them to be separated. They never thought that a day would come that they would actually separate from eachother.

Jean bought the groceries and was speaking with Letty that she has gotten all the necessary things for the party. She told Letty to wait as she opened the backdoor of her car to put in the things.

Letty said she and Anna were making the necessary preparations for the party and Jean said it was a great idea.

After she closed the backdoor and was about to open the front door she told Letty that she would see her in a few minutes and said bye to her. Letty hang up, suddenly somebody from behind covered Jean’s nose with an handkey till she fainted.

He then drag Jean to his car, in the process Jean’s ear ring fell. He carried Jean in his car trunk and made a call that he had captured Jean.

Plan of Escape

After a nurse attended to Jacob and left, Jacob who faked to be sleeping woke up immediately when he saw the last person with him had left him.

Letty opened the door when she heard a bang. Sonya and her family including Jojo came in for the party. They met Attorney Vega there. Sonya asked of Jean and Letty said Jean told her that she was on her way but she believed she has kept long due to traffic.

Anna on the other hand was trying to reach Jean on phone but couldn’t get her. Anna told them that it was an hour ago when Jean informed Letty that she would reach home soon and as at the time of the call she was still not back.

“I have a bad feelings on this,” she lamented. She kept calling. Jean began to cough and cried for help. She hit the door and screamed that they should open the door. She became restless, pacing up and down still shouting for the door to be opened.

A lady came in with food for her and she told Jean that she had a call, Jean didn’t want to answer but the henchwoman threatened her with a gun.

She then took the phone and shouted: “Who the heck is this?”

“Hi honey …how are you,” the voice came.

“Jacob!” Jean exclaimed.

“What the heck are you doing?” Jean queried.

“Honey you are where you need to be,” Jacob spewed.

“What do you mean,” Jean screamed. Jean requested him to stop it when Jacob threatened to destroy the Alipios he promised not to hurt her.

Jacob hang up and Jean asked the hench woman to allow her to go to see her daughter but the lady locked her up.

Anna wanted to go and search for Jean so they all supported in the search. Sonya and Atty Vega went to the station to see Jacob to get him to talk about where he had kept Jean but he denied having a hand in the abduction of Jean.

The guard at the shop which Jean was last seen sent Anna to the car park to see where a certain car was packed and Anna said that was Jean’s car.

She was in the company of Rizalina. Rizalina searched around to see if she could find evidence that would facilitate the search. She found a earring and asked Anna whether it was for Jean. She confirmed that it was for her mother.

Meanwhile, Paco and Jojo were watching the CCTV footage and saw a henchman kidnaping Jean. He called Anna to inform her that it was “positive” that Jean was abducted by some goon.

“This is Jacob’s fault I’m sure of that,” Anna told Rizalina.

In prison Jacob kept on with his act.

“What! Jean is missing? Where will I see Jean?

“We better do something about this Attorney,” Jacob acted surprise to hear Jean was missing. Sonya kept accusing him of abducting Jean and told him to reveal where he kept her.

“That is serious allegations you know!” Jacob acted innocence turning to Attorney Vega to ensure nothing happened to his wife.

“We don’t have time to play games,” Attorney Vega warned him.

“Look at me, look at where I am,” he pleaded that they should find Jean as soon as possible.

“Let’s go Sonya,”: Attorney Vega told Sonya when Jacob was not ready to talk.

Letty kept calling Jean but her line could not be reached. Domeng asked her to calm down as they would still find Mrs Montecillo. Letty wished they could find her soon. Domeng kept cheering her up. He then embraced Letty.

Sonya was surprised that Jacob acted innocence. She still believed Jacob had kept Jean as hostage.

“And why will Jacob do this? Unless someone is the target,” Attorney Vega wondered.

“Attorney I am the target,” Sonya then called Paco that she was the target and asked of Domeng. As Attorney was driving some goon who was Infront of them shot them and Paco heard of the gun shot.

The gun affected the arm of Attorney Vega. Sonya tried to protect Vega but the henchman beat Sonya, suffocated her and abducted her. Paco kept calling Sonya but no one was talking. They reached the crime scene and met Attorney Vega injured. Paco said they were taking her to the hospital.

Attorney Vega told them that they were running out of time so he and Anna should search for Sonya and Jean instead. She insisted that Jacob was behind it so they should compel him to talk.

“Make him tell you where he brought your mother and Jean,” she told Paco and Anna.

Rizalina asked what about her and she said:
“I will be fine.” Already the ambulance was there and the health workers sent her to the hospital.

In prison, Jacob was called and he kept quiet as he sleeps looking at the time. His eyes showed that he was expecting something.

Jean tried to escape but the henchwoman saw her. She tried to outsmart the henchwoman but the later was quick to brandish a gun and pointed at her (Jean) which led Jean to submit to her.

Anna, Paco, Jojo and an NBI agent reached the station and requested to see Jacob. The officer refused but the NBI agent said they had an order to see him as soon as possible.

They went to Jacob’s cell, the guard called him several times but he was not responding. Anna told him to open the cell to check if Jacob was actually there. The guard hesitated, he was not ready to follow Anna’s order but the NBI agent threatened to call his boss to inform him about it which then changed his mind.

The guard then opened the cell and took off the cloth. To their dismay they realised that Jacob had escaped. The NBI agent made a phone call that Jacob had escaped.

Paco got scared that Jacob might be after Domeng and wanted to leave to secure Domeng. Anna asked him not to leave yet since she (Anna) was also a target but advised that they secure a plan to capture Jacob instead.

Jacob was driving and called David, his uncle. David sounded upset to see a call from Jacob
he said he had warned him not to call him again but Jacob thanked him for using his contacts to get him out of prison.

He recalled how the prison guard called him and secretly opened the cell for him to flee. He also recalled how he met the henchwoman to give her orders not to harm Jean but provide her with all the necessary things she would need or request.

“Who knows blackmailing you will actually work.”

He thanked David for given him keys to his house as well. He said through him his plans would be actualised.


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