A Mother's Guilt Episode 6 Paco works with Attorney Vega to uncover his mother's past

A Mother’s Guilt Episode 6

A Mother’s Guilt Episode 6 Paco works with Attorney Vega to uncover his mother’s past

Jean came to see her daughter and clashed with Sonya and Paco. She was upset that Paco did not take care while driving but Anna said she was partly to be blamed for what had happened since she did not wear her seat belt.

She said if she had done that she would not have hurt herself in that manner. Jean told her that she has always told her to wear her seat belt whenever she is in a car for her own safety.

As she saw Sonya, she asked her what she was doing there and she said her son was Paco and came there to check up on Anna.

Paco and Anna watched eachother mysteriously, Anna asked her mom whether she knew Sonya and she said they met 12 years ago and she has been meeting her but what she did not know was that she is the mother of Paco. Anna said it was destiny.

Anna told her mother that could she believed that Paco was at the same hospital with her late dad and collapsed during the fiesta.

Jean had a call, Jake called her to inform her that Paco was Sonya’s son and Jean said she knew and it was coincidence. Jake insisted that there was nothing coincident about it.

He said first Sonya was a policy holder now her son was Paco and he came to present himself as a driver to Anna so he suspected that they were up to something but Jean thought otherwise and asked Jake to stop thinking evil against Sonya and Paco. She said they were harmless.

Domeng informed friends who asked about Paco that he was involved in an accident and was in hospital that was why he was the only person working at the restaurant since Sonya was at the hospital.

Sonya after descovering that Anna was Jean’s daughter and was the client Paco was having she felt guilty and rushed to a washroom. She was moved by the coincidence she began throwing up.

Anna’s Nanny was helping her to sit but she said she was fine. After the call Jean came to see Anna and she told her that they were planning a surprised birthday party. Jean said it was a good idea.

Paco went to call her before he received a call from Domeng that his friend wanted to check up on him.

Jake was watching Sonya’s family on his laptop. Jean arrived and they began talking about Sonya. She said Jake was being sarcastic and that Sonya’s life was intertwine with their lives. She was also of the view that there was something powerful stronger than them in play.

Jean indicated Sonya had no bad motive against them but Jake insisted that if his words mattered to her she should consider what he was saying.

Paco arrived home and hanged out with his friends together with Domeng. The next morning he was leaving to apply for a job. Mabel arrived and asked of how he would get his car and he said the one at fault would pay for the damages and physical injury.

Anna called and told him that she was at home and did not even pass the night at the hospital. Paco was happy to hear that and he told her to extend his greetings to Jean and Nanny.

JoJo visited the restaurant and Sonya updated him about Paco once he asked about his accident. She said it was Jean Lamoste’s daughter who Paco was driving and the accident happened. JoJo was surprised to hear that but he found it amusing but was happy that they escaped unhurt.

Anna was talking to Jean and Jean told her about Jake said concerning the help she wanted to assist Educare policy holder with but Anna asked her since when she had to inform Jake about every plan of hers. Jean said Jake was her husband and deserved to know everything but Anna said she would not use Jake’s money to do that and saw no need for her to inform Jake before.

During that time Katrina was there and was ease dropping. She came to present a document and Jean asked her to place it on the table so as she was doing it she used the opportunity to listen to Jean and Anna’s conversation.

Sonya was locking her gate when Jean arrived in the company of some kids who were riding bicycles. After she reached there she gave the kids money for leading them to Sonya’s place.

Paco arrived at the school where Attorney Vega was lecturing after her lectures Paco rushed to her and called her Attorney asked whether he was one of her students, but Paco said no. She told Paco that she did not want to waste time on unnecessary pleasantries especially when she was going to have her launch.

Paco informed her that he wanted to apply for the job and she urged her to apply the job if he felt he was good and could do it. She said the one who qualified would be contacted and left Paco.

Jean told Sonya that she reminded her of Edward and she wanted to help her and her son with the scholarship. She also invited Sonya to her birthday.

As Nanny and Anna were making the birthday arrangements Katrina visited.

Meanwhile, Sonya wished Jean happy birthday and she told Sonya that her birthday would be next week.

Domeng and his friend went to see a man who needed a delivery boy. The man told Domeng that he would be paid 150 pesos per delivery. Domeng became excited but he told the man to make him see the things that he would deliver since he did not want to get involved in any criminal job. So the man took his knife and torn the veal of the box to show it to Domeng. He then accepted the delivery job since the items were not anything bad.

Jacob queried Jean about the guests for her birthday party and why she invited Sonya to the party. She said the list were full of workers and clients so she wanted a friend to be there and she saw that friendship in Sonya that was why she invited her. She said Sonya turned her scholarship proposal down twice and it was the least she could do to win her trust in order to help her.

Jake saw that he could not say or do anything to stop Sonya so he accepted and wished her happy birthday. They hugged and shared some intimate moment together.

Paco was watching the works of Attorney Vega on his phone he was very much impressed. Sonya came to the room and saw how passionate her son was to help bring the culprit of Mr Lamoste to book.

Sonya went to inform Asyong and told him that she wanted to reveal the truth since Paco was now passionate to help Attorney Vega to get into the bottom of the issue. Asyong advised her against turning herself in.

Paco arrived at the interview, he bumped into somebody since he was late and was in a hurry. There were 100 applicants shortlisted for the interview and Paco was one of the lucky people who gained the chance to be interviewed.

As he went into the interview room attorney Attorney Vega said he was late and would not condone that, he asked him not to do that again, saying it was unprofessional of him to be late when Paco was about to explain why he was late.

Attorney Vega received a present when she opened the box gift it was a snake those gathered there were frightened so she asked them not to be frightened because she has seen worse snakes than that. Paco was enthused about how courageous Attorney Vega was. She covered the gift and gave to one of her workers to find a proper place to dispose the snake.

Paco to meet Attorney Vega again and was given Mr Lamoste’s case file.
JoJo visited Sonya’s restaurant to buy barbecue. He asked of Paco and she said Paco was trying to work with Attorney Vega on Edward Lamoste’s murder case.

Flashback: Domeng and Paco talked about Attorney Vega, how good she was and Paco said he would work with her.

Flashforward: Paco saw Domeng and he told him about his new delivery job and the 150 pesos they paid him for the delivery.

Paco asked him to be cautious and vigilant in doing such work.

In the house, Paco was still watching the development of Mr Lamoste’s case, the press conferences and interviews which Attorney Vega granted to help in Proving Gabriel’s innocent about the murder accusation that had put him behind bars for the past 12 years.

Attorney Vega even said her client was innocent and someone tried to eliminate him in order for the truth not to come out and promised her committment to make the truth come out.

As he was watching the development on his phone Anna texted him and he called her out of excitement. Anna told him that it was not necessary for him to call. She then asked him whether he would be available the following day so that they have a date together.
Paco accepted and even told his friends about the date. They made fun of him.

Jacob queried Anna on why she did not invite some of his clients, Anna said he would make them guests but Jake was not happy that and they began arguing. Nanny stopped Anna from arguing with her father.

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