A Mother's Guilt Episode 7 Jacob plans to disgrace Sonya at Jean's birthday Party

A Mother’s Guilt Episode 7

A Mother’s Guilt Episode 7 Jacob plans to disgrace Sonya at Jean’s birthday Party

Paco passionately kix$ed Anna and as he was pulling back Anna turned him on again. They ki$$ed as if their lives depended on it. Paco began smooching Anna, caressing her body. Anna lost in her thought and also ki$$ed back.

After the joyous moments, which Anna thought the ki$$e$ were Paco’s form of saying “I Love You” Paco later said sorry. He felt bad for kissing Anna once he began thinking at the right side of his mind.

Anna looked at him and said he should not say “Sorry” because it was nothing:

“It was just a kiss” she tried calming Paco but Paco kept apologising.

“I am fine” Anna interjected.

They went back into the car.

Jacob took Sonya Alipio’s file from Katrina’s desk still wondering what he could do to pull Jean away from Sonya.

Katrina came to meet him going through her files, he said sorry to her and she said she knew he was looking at Sonya Alipio’s file. He wondered why Sonya has earned the trust of Jean and he said he can’t trust someone easily like that. Jacob later asked of his leave and ordered Katrina to also go home since it was late.

Sonya was cooking and she called Domeng to come over.
Paco sent Anna home after their rounds he was still feeling writes for the “Kiss” that went on between them. As Anna alighted, Paco felt hard to come out until Anna reminded him of the goods she bought which was in Paco’s car trunk. He then came out to offload the stuffs.

Nanny came out from the house to help her with the things, as Anna was going Paco called her and Anna said she appreciates everything Paco did.

Paco once again said sorry to her and said he did not mean to take advantage of her emotional situation and kept apologising.

“Sorry it was just a kiss” Paco added.

Anna asked him not to worry because there was nothing attached to it. Paco expressed his sincerity to her and she said as they were being sincere with their feelings, Anna came up with a proposal and said she also kissed Paco back. She then left.

That statement got Paco laughing the entire night. He was so happy. Anna climbed her bed and thought of everything that went on between her and Paco that day. She was very satisfied and happy with how events turned out.

As Paco reached home he texted Anna to inform her that he had reached home and wished her goodnight. At home Paco came to meet Sonya sitting there waiting for him.

Sonya told him that she heard he went to see Jean and he said he actually went out with Anna to do some rounds in town, which they bought some items for Jean’s party.

In the next early morning, Jacob came with roses and breakfast to wake Jean up in bed to wish her “Happy Birthday”!

He greeted her with lots of kixe$ and Jean said she had not brushed her teeth but he kept on ki$$ing her passionately. He said he loved her. Jean was so happy to see tossed and given breakfast in bed.

Paco was speaking with Mummin, Domeng was loading the delivery boxes on his bicycle. Mummin asked about Paco’s date and he said he believed he was going to see Anna.

Paco said he had a great day with Anna during the date but he was heading to Attorney Vega and he told him about the snake gift which someone brought to threaten the Attorney.

Nanny and Anna were talking and Paco’s name came in. Nanny wanted to know how the date with Paco went because she could see Anna was very cheerful. They began laughing and she said the time with Paco was a quality one.

Anna came out to meet her mother helping the servants to fix tables and decorate the place for her party. She said her mom should stop because the day was her day and she should not do anything. Jean said she just wanted to help and Anna said no she would not allow her to do anything.

She suggested to her mom to go to the spa and get pampered. Jacob appeared in the scene kissed the neck of Jean and said he would go with her to the spa.

Attorney Vega had her meeting with her lawyers to seek for means to investigate Mr Lamoste’s death.

“We need to come up with a strong argument at the the Supreme Court to help set Gabriel free.”

“We need to file a motion,” Attorney Vega said.

Paco at the meeting received a text from Anna as a reminder for the night’s event. She said her mother’s birthday was Tonight at 8:00pm “see you there”.

Paco was so happy, he then watched Edward’s pictures which were Infront of him and had a second opinion about the development. As he was lost in his thoughts the attorney called him several times before he heard his name and Attorney Vega asked him whether he was concentrating on what she was saying.

He said he was just reviewing the evidence Infront of him as he thinks a fingerprint print test would help set Gabriel free. He saw in one picture that Edward was wearing a watch and the pictures of his death the watch was not there.

After further arguments by other lawyers to barter his points they came to conclusion that his proposal was good and they would use it to help fish out the truth about Edward’s death.

After the meeting everyone left and it was left with Attorney Vega and Paco, she lauded Paco for his “strong argument” , adding that “by the way good job today.”

Paco was happy and expressed his preparedness to help uncover the truth. Attorney Vega then said she did not like it when innocent people are accused of crimes they did not commit and as long as she lives she would do everything to ensure justice is prevailed.

It is all set for the party that night, guests arrived. Roman also arrived and presented gift to Jean . He asked about the whereabouts of Jacob.

He later saw Jake and asked Jacob to calm his nerves, saying everything will be fine. Jean after attending to the guests said they should feel at home.

Jacob’s family arrived and he and Jean went to greet them. Jacob’s father hugged Jean:

“Happy birthday to the best decision my son had made,” Jacob’s father said.

They then sat on one table and the father told Jacob that he should find a better doctor to recommend a good nurse for his sick mom to ensure his mom’s recovery from her stroke.

Jacob went for Roman and came with him to greet his father. Jacob asked whether he still remembers Roman and he said yes he was his business partner. When Roman left them the father said he loved Edward Lamoste more since he was the best business partner.

Sonya’s family arrived at the function and a as they were going they caught attention due to their level. Jean was happy that they made it there. Jacob said their presence has made Jean happy and thanked them for coming.

Jean ushered them to a special table she reserved for them.

After they settled on the table Domeng and his female friend went to serve themselves. As they were standing Jacob and Roman signaled eachother. Their eyes suggested that they were plotting evil against Sonya’s family.

Paco joined Domeng, he also went to serve himself as he was doing Anna signaled Domeng not to say anything as she wanted to take Paco by surprised.

She went close to Paco and thanked him for coming, they had a chitchat and Sonya did not like the eyes her son watch Anna with. She tried to disrupt them by taking her plate with an idea of going to serve herself.

Before she reached Anna had already said bye to Paco. Sonya asked Paco what was going on between Anna and him because they had a long time chatting which could make people think otherwise about them.

Nanny went to tell the rest of Sonya’s friends to go and serve themselves at that moment Katrina had already promised Jake that he would take care of Sonya and her friends since he did not want them close to his family.

As they left the table Jean saw it as an opportunity to orchestrates her plans but Sonya and her family arrived.

As Anna was singing to usher the start of the party Domeng had an upset stomach. Katrina saw how desperate Domeng was to find a rest room she approached him and showed him where he could go.

At that moment Paco was videoing Anna, Katrina after what she did joined Paco. She also tried to take footage of Anna’s performance.

After Anna gave a lovely performance to cheer her mother and the guests the applauded her for the amazing performance.

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