A Mother's Guilt Episode 8 Domeng fingered in a scandal at Jean's party

A Mother’s Guilt Episode 8

A Mother’s Guilt Episode 8 Domeng fingered in a scandal at Jean’s party

Anna said she heard her mom cry the night her father died. That she said saddened her heart knowing who she had been left in her life was only her mother.

Through it all, Anna said she took care of her even when her dad was not there. Jean became a mother and father as well. She then asked her mom to wipe off her tears as eventually her 12 years pain will go away.

Anna said her hugs, ki$$es, love always gives her hope that she has somebody to depend on.

“I lost my dad but this beautiful woman here put all efforts to make me feel happy,” She then wished her happy birthday.

Paco and Sonya were blown by the story said by Anna. Sonya then realised that Domeng was not there and she began asking for him.

After using the washroom, Domeng then returned to the party. Jean thanked Sonya and her family for gracing the event. Sonya then hugged Anna.

As they were exchanging pleasantries, Jacob’s father asked of his leave and said his wallet was missing.

Everyone became speechless so they began searching everyone present at the party and they started with the waiters. Katrina came to inform them that they had searched everyone except the Alipio family.

Jean said they were her friends and they can’t search them. Anna also intervened but Jacob said they could not allow them to go they would have to be searched.

Paco also said they were people with dignity and they would not be able to commit the crime they were talking about. They searched their bags and eventually found the wallet in Domeng’s bag.

Domeng said he was innocent, Paco then dragged him aside to ask him how the wallet ended in his bag and he said he had nothing to do with that. He told Paco that he knew him well and he knows he is not a thief.

Paco then returned to defend his brother but Jacob called the guards to come for Doneng. Sonya protected him and said she would not allow that so they should arrest her instead.

Jacob said, that is what he had been telling Jean and she would not listen. He said he would not let things slide so he would get Domeng arrested and Sonya said they should arrest her instead.

Jean said they should solve the issue in a more civilised manner. Jean asked the rest of the guests to leave. Paco said before they would arrest Domeng they should watch the CCTV footage.

Katrina now became disturbed, Jean and Jacob together with his father met in a private place and Jean said Sonya did not deserve to be treated that way. She told Jacob that there was no need for him to call the police, she would go and watch the the CCTV footage but Jake stopped her and said they should wait for Roman.

Jean said she had belief in Sonya since she turned down her scholarship proposal as Educare holder she could bet that she and her family were innocent.

Anna ran to the Alipio’s and said sorry. Sonya and her family including Anna went into the car. Sonya then called JoJo to inform him that Domeng had been arrested and told him what had happened.

Katrina tried to temper with the CCTV footage, Jacob came in and she said sorry. She then updated Jacob on how she was able to frame Domeng. She said she tried several times to frame them and her initial efforts proved futile
but later had the opportunity to roll out her plan when Domeng was searching for washroom. She said she made the opportunity relevant and she dropped the wallet in Domeng’s bag.

“Sorry Sir I just want to please you”, she added.

“Clean up your mess or else,” Jacob interjected. Roman also came there and thought of means to help Katrina.

Standing outside, Jean said she could not stop Jacob and it hurts her that things were turning out that way. Anna who was desperate and found Jacob’s action uncalled for believed Domeng was innocent. Jean said she could not wait to watch the footage to rectify the whole issue.

They saw Jacob approaching from the CCTV footage room and Jean asked if she could watch. Jacob then told them that they were working on the footage for them to watch later.

Jacob then told Anna that Domeng had to be punished for the wrong move as every wrong move required a lesson.

As Sonya, Paco and friends were waiting, Jacob arrived and still insisted that Domeng took the wallet and he would make sure they pay harshly for it. He called on the officers who were already in the building to arrest Domeng.

Paco indicated that they could not arrest Domeng for lack of evidence and he would only allow them to arrest Domeng when the CCTV footage proved otherwise.

Jean stopped the officers, saying there were no evidence yet as they were still had to wait for the footage.

Roman was working on the footage, while Katrina was standing next to him he then transported the video on a drive.

Due to the tension, Anna wanted to go to where the event was held for the footage but Jacob stopped her to enable Katrina and Roman do the dirty job before they could watch it.

Jean called Katrina for update and she said Roman was in charge of it, Jean the announced that the footage proved Domeng’s innocent so he was no longer arrested for the crime.

Nessa began pulling Domeng’s leg, Jean then said sorry to them for the scandal caused. Jean hugged Sonya and kept saying sorry for the disgrace.

A worker who was crying due to the incidents which she ended up in it approached Roman and later met up with her and gave her an envelope. As Nanny was talking to her, a car arrived and the worker left without answering to Nanny’s questions.

Anna said sorry once more to the Alipios and Paco also said thank you to Anna for supporting them. Anna said she did nothing and was concerned about the scandal that erupted. She said Domeng was Paco’s brother and she trusts his honesty.

As Anna was talking to Paco, Jacob and Jean stood aloof to spy on them. Jacob said there could be something between Anna and Paco and Jean said that was least of their worries because what they had to do was to apologise to the Alipios.

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