A Mother's Guilt Episode 9 Jacob sets a war between Paco and Anna

A Mother’s Guilt Episode 9

A Mother’s Guilt Episode 9 Jacob sets war between Paco and Anna

Jacob and Jean met up with Sonya to apologise for their behaviour towards them. Jacob said in moving forward they should contact them for any assistance in the future. Cora was not happy about the action of the Montecillos. To her apology was not enough to make up for the disgrace.

When Jean, Jacob and Anna arrived Letty told them that Rita has left without explaining things to her and Jacob said
“flight is a sign of guilt”.

Jean was lying in bed brooding about the earlier incident. Jacob who came to the room said in his head that Jean should not see the footage. He then joined her in bed, while smooching her body he asked her whether she was still upset. Jean said he did not treat Sonya and her family right.

Jacob said, that was the reason why he apologised for his actions and asked the Alipios to contact them for any assistance.

Paco and Domeng was preparing for bed and Domeng talked about how Paco used his legal knowledge and skills to defend him. He said Paco was courageous in working with his profession. Domeng wished that some day he would also achieve his dream life and become a successful architect.

“That was mere assumption Mr Montecillos unless you have solid evidence to back your claims,” Domeng demonstrated how Paco acted when defending him.

As the conversation was ongoing Sonya stood at the door to watch them.

Roman came to see Jacob and Jacob said the stupid plan backfired and prayed that Gabriel’s issue would not end up like that.

Sonya went to the church to pray and thank God for protecting Domeng from the humiliation she prayed that God should help make her son’s dream come to pass and also help Paco’s relationship with Anna not to turn sour if some day the truth comes out.

Jean and Anna visited Sonya in respect to the incidence that happened the previous night. Anna said apology was not enough that was why they visited in person to make up for the incidence that happened. Sonya said there was no need for that.

Jacob’s Attorney met up with him upon Jake’s call. Jacob indicated that he did not intend to make him work on Sundays but due to the pending court issue they had to arm themselves for the case if only they wanted to win over Vega.

“We need to review Gabriel’s case,” he told the attorney.

Anna left Jean and Sonya while drinking to see Domeng. Mabel and Cora who were there also left but Jean asked why they were leaving and Cora blew kisses to her, saying they shall meet later.

Anna asked Domeng whether he was okay after the incidents and he said he had gotten over it and was okay. Anna apologised and asked for Paco. Domeng called Paco and when he was not saying anything relevant Paco said he would hang up as he was doing an important thing before Domeng’s call.

Anna then took the phone and said she made Domeng call him. He was so happy to hear from Anna. Although he was reviewing evidence of Mr Lamoste’s case but he abandoned it because of Anna when she said she was there.

Jean then offered the scholarship to Sonya again in order to make up for everything. Sonya then accepted after further insistence.

Sonya gave the scholarship documents to Domeng and he said he wanted to be architect in future. Jean then said Jacob and her were into related business: “we buy houses, rent some and resell.”

She further stated that she knew architects in the industry and promised Domeng to take a tour with him and introduce him to some of them.

Sonya told Jean that Domeng had lots of drawings of building plan and Jean asked him whether he would like to show them to her perhaps they could use the designs for future projects and he answered “Yes” after Sonya nodded to urge him to say yes.

Paco met up with Anna and introduced her to his friends including Nessa and Samboy.
It was raining, so Paco covered Anna with umbrella while they were walking. Someone asked Paco whether Anna was his girlfriend.

Anna talked about returning to the state as the conversation was ongoing they were feeling sad to part ways so Anna asked Paco that they should change the subject.

Paco talked about how he grew up, Anna said Sonya was a strong woman after Paco told her how singlehandedly Sonya raised him.

She said her father’s case would be heard within two weeks time and did not want anything that would set the murderer free from jail.

“If that murderer gets his freedom it will be bad news for her family,” she stressed. Jacob called Anna to ask her where she was and she answered that she was with Paco. He asked her why she was with him. Anna responded that Paco was her friend. She then asked Jacob why he called and he said he was searching for Jean since she did not inform him before leaving the house.

Anna then said Jean did not have to inform him about everything that she does but Jacob said they were not in United States they were in Philippines and in Philippines wives have to obey their husbands and seek their permission in everything they do.

He asked Anna to give the phone to Jean. As Jean was in the room together with Sonya, Sonya tried getting rid of Paco’s legal files pertaining the review of the death of Edward Lamoste’s case and when she was about to send it into the room of Paco Domeng bumped into her and the documents fell.

Jean helped her to pick the documents from the floor but did not see that it was files about her deceased husband’s case.

As Jean was looking at Domeng’s building plans (drawings) Anna presented the phone to Jean and Jacob asked her why she left without informing him Jean then said they would soon get back to the house for them to talk about it.

In the mansion, Jacob told Jean that they agreed not to keep any secret yet she went behind his back to visit Sonya. Jean apologised and Anna was not happy that her mother was given inn to Jake’s threats.

Jake said the issue was between him and Jean so Anna should not meddle in. Anna refused to shut her mouth and Jean told her not to talk to her father like that. Jean then pleaded that they should resolve the issue in a more matured way. Jocob said he was concern about Anna and her behaviour.

Asyong came to see Sonya to know what was going on . She told him that Jean has even given scholarship to Domeng and she was not feeling at ease dealing with the issue.

Anna on her bed sent message to Paco, she heard a knock on her door and it was Jacob. He said sorry to Anna and explained that he was stressed up lately due to everything that was going on especially with the birthday party that was ruined.

Anna also said sorry to him for raising her voice against him. They patched things up.

Paco in that evening dined with his friends and Domeng as they engaged in chitchat.

In the next morning at work, Jean presented designs to Jacob in his office.
“Nice touch of contemporary design,” Jacob was happy with the designs Jean then said she would go out for the things that they ordered the previous day but Jacob asked why she would do that while Katrina was supposed to do that. Jean said Katrina took leave so she was not available.

Katrina went to Attorney Vega’s office and asked to see her. She said it was emergency but the secretary said those who did not make arrangements with the Attorney were not allowed to meet her so she asked Katrina if she could arrange a meeting for her and she said no.

As she was leaving she saw Paco and he took pictures of Paco and sent them to Jacob with a text that read:

“Guess who is working for Attorney Vega.”

“First it was Anna and now this” Jacob said in furiousness.

A Mother's Guilt Episode 9

As Anna was talking to Letty in her room, her phone rang. Jacob called Anna to inform her about it, Anna then got to Attorney Vega’s firm to ask of Francisco Alpio before the receptionist could answer Paco came out from the meeting room and she saw him. They were given 10 minutes break to refresh their minds before they go on with the meeting.

A Mother's Guilt Episode 9

“Now speaking of the devil,” she said with disappointment look and slapped Paco when he asked to allow him to explain things to her.

Paco followed Anna trying to explain things to her but she did not want to listen, she pushed him away and asked him not to get close to her again.

Anna took the elevator Paco could not catch up so he took the stairs to meet her downstairs to explain the situation to Anna.

Paco explained to her that he wanted to tell her that was why he asked her to go out on a date with him. He said the development about the case suggests that Gabriel was innocent and he wanted to bring the real murderer to book.

Anna was left dissapointed after she realised that all Paco wanted to do was to free Gabriel. To her, her family were affected by Mr Lamoste’s death thus Gabriel should remain in prison.

Paco tried all he could to convince Anna but she viewed him as a liar although Paco said he was trying to find appropriate time to explain things to her. Her car arrived and she left.

She took splice in Jean and told her about everything that happened.

Carolina accused Paco of being a traitor, she said Paco was working with Vega to fish out information for her enemies but Attorney stopped her from accusing Paco and asked Paco to meet her at her office.

In her office, Attorney Vega told Paco that what he did was wrong therefore he should not repeat that.

Paco explained that he was in a relationship with Anna but never knew the relationship would grow like that.

He said his involvement with Anna showed how the case meant a lot to him to bring the real culprit to book.

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