A Mother’s Guilt- Hanggang Saan evil characters, their role and who they died from their hands

A Mother’s Guilt- Hanggang Saan evil characters, their role and who they died from their hands

SPO3 Asuncion

SPO3 Asuncion is an officer who traded his ethics for money in a Mother’s Guilt (Hanggang Saan) television series.

The officer’s character began to unfold after Edward Lamoste was murdered. SPO3 and Inspector Rizalina Bonifacio Reyes visited the crime scene to conduct investigation about his death.

He was later seen at the hospital to inform Jean V Lamoste, the wife of the deceased that he and his team found out that Edward Lamoste was shot and had also gotten a lead about the person who shot Edward.

His role and intentions were revealed when he kept meeting Jacob Montoya-Montecillo, the new husband of the widow during midnights to inform him about how Gabriel, a policy holder who was nabbed for the alleged murder of Edward Lamoste was faring in custody.

SPO3 Asuncion employed other inmates to beat Gabriel and in so many times tried to kill Gabriel in prison.

The climax of his role made his intentions obvious for viewers to detect his evil plans and how he trades justice for envelope especially when Sonya Alipio was arrested.

It was revealed that, he actually hid the necessary information about the investigations which he carried out with Rizalina.

The investigation suggested that a woman shot Edward Lamoste and button of the woman dress was found as an evidence.

The footprints also suggested that a woman was the one who murdered the deceased but Asuncion brushed the evidence off to make someone pay for the crime committed by Jacob.

After Roman’s death, he replaced him and worked closely with Jacob to do all the dirty works even in uniform.

He helped Dindo to assassinate Domeng Alipio, the younger son of Sonya but their efforts failed.

Spo3 Asuncion went to the aid of Dindo and treated Dindo’s bullet wound for them to carry out another operation.

Together with Dindo, they hunted Attorney Vega’s team for evidences against Jacob which they were sending to the crime lab.

Through his evil act a younger officer, Suarez who was under him got caught in one of their failed operations.

The rest of the officers, Jojo and Rizalina began suspecting him when he receives secret calls, spy on their movements and his excess absence when they nab unscrupulous beings.

He finally met his gruesome death when he facilitated Jacob’s escape. He was shot by his colleague, Jojo after he failed to surrender and face the law.


Marjorie played the role of a henchwoman who was employed by Jacob and worked closely with Roman to carry the dirty jobs of Jacob.

Her face became memorable after she compelled Sonya Alipio to confess her 12 years act which led to the death of Edward Lamoste.

She posed off as a customer, who was interested in Sonya’s barbeque and gave her an address to deliver the barbeque.

Before that she sent pictures of the death of Edward Lamoste to Sonya to threaten her.

Little she knew, Sonya went to the location with the barbeque and Marjorie video taped her while she compelled her to confess.

Sonya admitted to have killed Edward Lamoste but wanted to take care of her children before she surrender herself to the police.

At that time Gabriel final trial was ongoing at the court of Appeal, and were waiting the final verdict of Judge Tortuga. After Sonya’s confession Marjorie leaked the video.

The video went viral and when the judge gave his verdict Sonya Alipio was arrested for admitting to the crime of murdering Edward Lamoste.

Marjorie later went after Katrina and held her as hostage. Jacob was scared that Katrina would reveal that he was the man behind the Editha Fuenthabella’s account Marjorie was employed to cover the back of Jacob.

She deleted all the pictures from Katrina’s phone and kept her in a building to later assassinate her. After the death of Roman, she remembered what Katrina told her when she abducted her. Katrina said at the end Jacob would kill her since she also knew Jacob’s secret.

Marjorie was told by Katrina that since Jacob had ordered her (Marjorie) to kill her (Katrina) in similar fashion would Jacob do against her.

She then decide to change her ways so she decided to work with the repented Roman but their plans failed after Roman lost his life.

Marjorie then decided to work hand in hand with Jacob’s enemies to bring him down. She secretly worked with Katrina, Sonya and Jean, the wife of Jacob.

They inserted CCTV cameras in the Montecillos mansion to gain evidence and use it against him.

Realising that he has been deceived by Marjorie, the fugitive Jacob, through the help of his politician uncle sent an henchman to kill Marjorie.


Katrina is the secretary of Jean who fell in l^ve with Jacob. She was prepared to do anything to win Jacob’s affection but the more she tried the more Jacob hated her.

Jacob who already knew that Katrina was interested in him began to use her emotions to do some dirty works for him.

During Jean’s birthday party, Katrina who already heard Jacob complaining about the presence of the Alipios stole Don Miguel’s Montecillo’s wallet and planted it in the bag of Domeng to disgrace the Alipio family.

However, the Alipios regained their dignity at the police station when Jacob and his accomplices failed to deliver a CCTV footage which showed Domeng stealing the wallet of Don Miguel Montecillo.

After the failed attempt, Katrina decided to investigate the family of the Alipios to gain information about them.

Knowing Paco and Anna’s roman¢e, Katrina was able to find out that Paco was working at the firm of Attorney Lona Vega.

An attorney who has made it a mandate to defend Gabriel, the man who was charged of murdering Edward Lamoste.

Her discovery, created problems between the Lamoste (Montecillo) family and the Alipio family.

Katrina set her eyes on the Alipios to the extent that she would not let them rest, all in the name of winning Jacob’s heart.

She later discovered that Anna was secretly meeting Paco even when the family advised her against seeing Paco.

Katrina took pictures of Anna and Paco together in a romant!c mood and forwarded it to Jean who unleashed the hideout of her daughter and Paco to ruin their special moment.

Katrina later slept with Jacob in her room when Jean had an accidemtt and he got drunk. Katrina took video of that special moment and always watch it.

She found herself in trouble when Letty saw her watching that video in Jean’s house while waiting for the arrival of Jacob and Jean.

She was later sacked by Jean and Jacob hunt her to terrorise her for trying to ruin his relationship with Jean.

Katrina threatened to reveal the dirty secret about Jacob and how he used a hidden identity to steal money from the account of Educare.

Later, she got abducted by Marjorie and all the evidence she had about the Editha Fuenthabella’s account was deleted.

Katrina regretted for ever getting involved with Jacob. She was on the run and could not live a normal life as Jacob was after her to eliminate her.

However, she crossed part with Marjorie again when she escaped from her hand the time she abducted her. This time Marjorie was not going to harm her but wanted to work with her to bring Jacob down so that both could live a normal life without getting scared that they would be murdered in the future.

She found the idea applaudable since she was already tired of hiding, they worked together with Sonya and Jean and she was later shot by a henchman of Jacob together with Marjorie when their car broke down on the way.

Katrina and Marjorie died together in their mission to bring down Jacob. They were brutally murdered and the news of their death was a music to the fugitive Jacob. He celebrated for finally eliminating Katrina who he had earlier thought she was dead. He felt happy to kill two birds with one stone.


Dindo is a serial killer. He is an henchman who murdered main characters of A Mother’s Guilt. He is the man who get the story rolling after successfully murdering Edward Lamoste.

Initially he was closely working with Roman an ally and business partner of Jacob before he met Jacob in person when Roman died.

Dindo was employed to kill Edward Lamoste through an order from Jacob who always saw Edward Lamoste as his enemy.

Dindo was also employed to exhume the gun of Edward Lamoste which Asyong buried it to save Sonya.

He was later given a task to finish off Domeng Garibay Alipio who was already shot by Jacob in an encounter that led to the demise of Roman.

Dindo posed off as a nurse to inject Domeng with Potassium chloride and also put a driver of an ambulance at risk and took off his car in order to kill Domeng.

He shot a health worker in the car but least did he know that SPO2 Rizalina Bonifacio Reyes was in the car.

They traded shot and Paco almost took off his cover. He suffered a bullet from Paco, fortunately for him Asuncion helped him to escape.

Later, he ran after Attorney Vega’s team for evidence that would expose Jacob’s crime. Unfortunately, he ambushed Attorney Georgette San Diego and Jojo for the evidence. He shot Georgette and killed her.

He got a peace offering of a flower which annoyed him that Vega’s team had been able to defeat him.

As the saying goes “what goes around comes back around!” Being a successful killer a drug addict and had prison history, he was a notorious criminal and nothing stops him when he is after other characters.

As Anna was getting on the nerves of Jacob, Dindo was assigned to eliminate her. He traded shots with Anna’s bodyguard who was a woman and killed her.

He posed off as a guard trying to help Anna but least did he know that Anna had spotted him. He threatened Anna’s life and when he was a step to end Anna’s life the unexpected happened to him.

After confessing to her that he was the actual killer of Anna’s dad, Edward Lamoste he said he would not hesitate to send Anna to her father, unfortunately for him, Paco got there on time to rescue Anna and he shot Dindo in self defence which he died at a spot.


Roman was a loyal friend of Jacob and did everything to help Jacob to be a successful business man.

Although they used dubious means but Roman had been a great partner who helped changed Jacob failure stories to a well known wealthy business man.

Through his help, Jacob was able to get an account named Editha Fuenthabella and shut Julie’s mouth from exposing Jacob when Julie was apprehended for framing accounts for people.

Roman employed Dindo to eliminate Edward Lamoste. He was later hunted by Marjorie but later call a truce to bring Jacob down when he realised Jacob wanted to eliminate him.

He gathered all the evidence against Jacob and called Paco to a certain open park to handover videos, audios, pendrive, CCTV footage and documents that incriminate Jacob but met his untimely death in the process.

Jacob managed to read and listen to Roman’s conversation and messages by hacking into Romance phone. He then got the hint about Roman meeting Paco to give to him all the necessary evidence.

He went after them and shot Roman. He also got away with all the evidences against him and he destroyed them.

Roman attempt failed as Paco could not get the evidence since the shoot out made him ran for his life while his brother was shot in the process.

Meanwhile Roman was able to confess to Paco about Jacob’s plans and why he met him to handover the evidence.


She is a bank manageress who used her position to illegally creating false accounts for her clients for them to fraud and steal into the account.

Julie was the brain behind Editha Fuenthabella’s account to facilitate Jacob’s evil work against Edward Lamoste.

With her help Jacob collapsed Educare with the clone account. She was later arrested for her deeds and suffered an untimely death in the hands of Pearly, an inmate who carries Asuncion’s work for pay.

Julie was hunged after she decided to reveal the truth about who she was working with to Sonya.

Don Miguel Montecillo

He is the father of Jacob who always did not appreciate his son for every single efforts he put up in life.

Don Miguel Montecillo always best Jacob, and harassed him emotionally to get better in life. He always saw Jacob as failure when he compared him to Edward, the friend of Jacob.

He had always wished that Edward was his son and not Jacob since he saw great potentials in Edward and always celebrated him for his success in business even at age 35.

Don Miguel always queried with Jacob, asking him to learn from Edward. After seeing Sonya and the Alipio family at Jean’s birthday party, Mr Montecillo was upset for Edward to have allowed a pauper to mingle with them in the party.

He watched the Alipio family with a disdain eyes and regretted that they came to the party. His resentment for the Alipio family increased when his missing wallet was found in Domeng’s bag.

Don Miguel disgraced the Alipio family, he later asked Paco for forgiveness when Jacob was arrested. He viewed Jacob as a disgrace thus sent his wife abroad and went to the court to testify against Jacob.

He revealed that his wife overheard Jacob in one of his conversation that he killed Edward. He blamed himself for the monster Jacob has turned out to be and said he wanted to make things right by making Jacob pay for his sins.

Jacob was upset that his father joined alliance with his enemies and Attorney Vega’s team so he initiated a bombing activity which resulted in the death of Don Miguel Montecillo.

Jacob Montoya-Montecillo

He was the man whose game set the story rolling. Everything about A Mother’s Guilt was about his game, schemes and plan.

The story started with him and ended with him. Jacob is the only son of his father and mother and was a failure at the sight of his father.

Don Miguel Montecillo had always wanted Jacob to be a successful business man and intelligent boy as Edward Lamoste.

This made Jacob to become jealous of Edward and thought of means to get Edward to his knees for his father to for once appreciate him, not withstanding the fact that he was also interested in Jean, Edward’s wife.

Jacob with the help of Roman and Julie transferred the money in Educare’s account to his framed account, Editha Fuenthabella which collapsed Edward Lamoste’s business and eventually led him to wish for death.

To finally take over the woman he had yearned for Jacob had to kill his business partner and friend, Edward to take his position in the life of his family.

As the truth of his crimes were being uncovered, Jacob embarked on a new mission to eliminate anyone who knew about his past deeds and started it off with his new business partner Roman, Katrina and Marjorie.

He also tried to eliminate the daughter of Edward, Anna even being passionate about Anna’s mother, Jean. Jacob upon realising Letty’s resentment towards him, began to scare her and had a plan of scaring Letty to death but as the scene unfolded he could not carry out his plans for Letty. His crimes were getting uncovered so he thought of new plan to protect himself.

In so many occasions, Jacob tried to flee from the law but all his attempt to escape justice proved futile.

The act of Jacob endangered Jean who later made up a death story to capture Jacob when he went hiding using different identity.

The death of Jean was a blow to Jacob and lighted up his hatred against the Alipios. He pledged to get rid of the Alipios starting from Sonya as s revenge but his plans backfired when he visited the grave of Jean.

He was arrested by the police for his crimes and his attempt to escape justice. His lawyer who came to his aid gave a better strategy, “a guilty plea” to defend him but Jacob was not enthused about the strategy.

He sacked his loyal Attorney, Balmaceda for not using his strategy to work and his downfall became real while he employed Attorney Sy to use “Not guilty strategy” to defend him.

Trying to f**l the court, Jacob indicated that he was being prosecuted for righteousness sake, thus with the power of God and him being the lamb he shall definitely come out clean.

His explanation he gave to the court about his deeds was that Edward forced him to shoot him but he did not since he was his brother.

He said he did not reveal that as he wanted Jean and the family not to worry about Edward. Later Jacob was found guilty of multiple crimes for using false account, Editha Fuenthabella to fraud Educare and for stalking Julie, the bank accountant.

He was also charged for a frustrated murder against Domeng and also found guilty of killing his business partner, who he claimed was a brother from another mother, Edward Lamoste.

He was sentenced to life imprisonment. In prison, he employed some goons to cause series of bombing which led to the death of his own father, Don Miguel Montecillo.

Jacob later managed to escape prison through the help of his politician uncle, David.

He abducted Jean and terrorised the Alipios,he ran out of luck when he shot Sonya and wanted to shoot Domeng. Paco sacrificed himself to save Domeng and shots Jacob twice after he already shot him once to flee his family and himself from his hand when he abducted them.

Jacob had a sad funeral since no one was at his burial service to weep for his demise.


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