A Soldier’s Heart Episode 1

A Soldier’s Heart Episode 1 Dante k!lls Yosef and raises his son, Saal virtually k!lls his real brother, Alex in a revenge against Soldiers

In an Islamic Community in the year 1997, Hakeem and Saal were looking up to their father to fight along with him in the war against the government and the military. One night, their hideout were attacked by the Special Action Force (SAF) troopers, leading Hakeem to escape from Yasmin’s hands to be with Yosef Alhuraji.

Yosef was shot d3ad, a bomb was thrown and Hakeem who was crying fainted. Saal pulled Yasmin away. Dante went to carry Hakeem. In 2018 in Manila, Alex was fixing an outside Bob when Dante arrived. He later threw a party in hopes General Victor Mondejar attending and the man arrived from the airport.

Victor was fond of Alex and suggested to his friends that in order to gain a peaceful country, they needed to get rid of the trouble makers. Soon, some Islamic rebel group planned an attack in a market. They detonated bombs in Butuan market, luckily some soldiers who were there to buy groceries went to the crime scene to save some people.

This news was played on air leading Alex who was an IT professional to opt for the profession. The 4th infantry of the Philippine army, led by Victor decided to conduct a survey about the attackers. They therefore needed to hire an IT expert for the job and an officer contacted Alex for the job.

Alex in the house told Dante about it but his father was reluctant to let Alex do the job and demanded him to get him the full name of the officer who employed him for the job for him to tell him that Alex would not be able to do it. Minda tried talking to Dante to convince him into allowing Alex do the job since Alex over the years wanted to become a soldier.

Dante reminded Minda that she already knew why he was not allowing Alex to become a soldier. A flashback showed that Dante arrived home and his wife, Minda and biological son Elmer came to welcome him home. He showed him Hakeem, the boy he saved during the battle with the Islamic rebel group.

Minda was indifferent since she thought Hakeem was an illegitimate son of her husband. Dante explained that the boy was not his son but saved him and wanted them to raise him as their own. He then changed his name and called him Alex, telling Elmer that the boy was his brother.

At the military, Alex met other soldiers and became friends with Olan, one of the soldiers who saved the people in Batuan. He was briefed about his mission by General Victor, who was also his godfather and a friend of Dante. The team sets out to do their survey of the enemy lines.

Meanwhile, the Moro rebel leader, Saal was ready to attack along with his followers. They ambushed the army enroute and Alex suddenly had to protect himself. The soldiers gave him a gun and he fired back at the rebels but he got shot.

Olan got him out of the way and got shot as well. As all the soldiers were k!lled, Alex gathered his strength and tried to get himself and Olan away. The rebels approached the scene to make sure that all the soldiers were d£ad. Olan told Alex to play d3ad.

Saal is about to shoot Alex but suddenly, a phone rang. Minda called Alex to check on how he was doing. Saal answered the call and told her that her son was dead. The rebels took videos before they left.

Olan gave his dog tag to Alex and asked him to give it to his wife before he d!ed. The military arrived later to find everyone d£ad except Alex.

Minda panicked and called Dante. Dante called Victor to ask what was going on. Victor told him that Alex survived and was being air lifted to the hospital. Alex woke up to find his parents with him. Victor asked that he kept everything confidential, though he had to give an account of what happened to the military.

Victor has a hard time explaining what happened to his superiors. They asked for a detailed report and demanded that he took care of the situation as fast as possible.


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