A Soldier’s Heart Episode 11

A Soldier’s Heart Episode 11 Dante declares Saal d£ad, Alex discovers Hakeem is alive

Virgilio told Dante and Raul about an Intel he had on Saal joining Nasir’s group. Dante now relied on him to get to Saal. At the camp, Michael told Benjie that he did not understand why Isabel was not giving him a definite answer.

However, Isabel was doing that to punish him for getting her jealous about a woman Striker helped. She finally met Striker up and gave a “Yes” answer to his proposal and in merriment Striker announced to his colleagues. Isabel had no problem of dating a Christian since her mother was also a Christian and was not ready to allow their religious ideologies drift them apart.

Victor discovered that Adriano had not approved Marasigan to join Lourd’s troops and called them to return to the camp. Coming face to face with Lourd, Virgilio quickly gave Dante the red light and the man called Alex to stop him from giving the intel he has gathered on Hakeem, saying it would invalidate the report he made on the d£ath of Yosef’s younger son.

Alex when he saw Victor withheld the information due to what his father said. While keeping tabs on Yazmin, the spy called Dante to alert him that Yosef’s wife was in a tricycle heading to his direction. Dante seeing Yazmin was dumbfounded, knowing she was alive.

He made his spy followed the woman and once they uncovered her hideout, Dante then enrolled his plans. At the military camp, the friends congratulated Michael for getting governor’s daughter as his girlfriend. Benjie was also hitting on Isabel’s friend.

At the rebels camp, Nasir was $exually harassing Fatima so Amir went to her defence. Hearing the screams of Fatima, Saal, Yazmin and Rasheed rushed there to find Nasir pointing a gun on Amir and Yazmin intervened. Nasir ordered Saal to k!ll Amir.

Nasir then changed his mind and Fatima informed Saal that Nasir was not trustworthy so Saal decided they leave the camp the next day. As the sun raised its head, they planted bombs in the camp. The members of Nasir’s group cooked and invited Saal to join them to eat as a treat for his birthday. Nasir was planning to k!ll Saal, while Saal was also planning to destroy the camp with the bombs he planted.

Unknown to them, Dante and some troopers had ambushed the camp. Saal had a call from Rasheed and told Nasir that his mother needed him and he had to help her out. He went out and began to see that the place was surrounded.

Amir came across the military, some of the troopers ran after him and one shot him on the leg. He still managed to escape and reached Yazmin and Fatima’s location in the forest. Meanwhile, Rasheed had left Yazmin to go for Saal but as Saal detected some foreign invaders, he followed Nasir to the hut.

Dante and his men had already seen the presence of Saal at the rebels camp through the telescope and were about to attack when they suddenly saw the hut which Saal went in explode. Dante and Raul believed the bodies would be unrecognisable, hence assumed Saal was d£ad from the explosion.

Abe followed Alex to the Imam. Abe believed the Imam was keeping the truth based on what his helper said the last time they visited. Finally, the Imam voiced out that there was no child among the bodies he officiated their burial on that faithful day. He admitted Yosef was part of the d£ad bodies but his son Hakeem was not part.

Alex and Abe assumed Hakeem was alive. He then received a message that Saal was d£ad. He and Abe rushed to the camp. Victor smiled when he heard from Virgilio that Saal was d£ad. Alex together with Abe met Dante and Raul and told him about the information he gathered on Hakeem and believed he might be like him and was adopted.

Dante convinced him and made him know that since Saal was d£ad, there was no cause for alarm and no one had seen a child that matched the description of Hakeem, so therefore, they had to live it to the military since they were still monitoring the situation closely.

Dante promised to inform Virgilio about Alex’s findings but Alex doubted Virgilio would take it serious. He believed Virgilio did not like him. On the contrary, Dante said that was not the case. He ordered Virgilio to do that to keep Alex from harm’s way.

He asked Alex if he would sign the forms to be a scout ranger and he said yes. In the camp, Benjie was signing for the scout ranger in honour of his brother. Due to his weakness in map reading, Striker decided not to sign up for it. He and Philip were not willing to join but Abe tried to talk them in to it.

Meanwhile, Yazmin who wanted to return to Nasir’s camp for her son was pulled away by Fatima and Amir. They ran to the location that the five members agreed among themselves to meet.

Fatima said they had to find a doctor immediately to attend to Amir’s gun wounds. Rasheed got there to break the sad news that Saal was d£ad and d!ed through the explosion.

Yazmin was in denial and cried while Rasheed insisted they leave the place. The military was told that there were no survivors after scouting the place. Dante and Raul went to see Virgilio and Raul told Virgilio that Alex had discovered the truth of Hakeem being alive.

Since that might compromise their job, Virgilio suggested Dante reveal the entire truth to Alex but Dante was scared to lose a son. Elsewhere, Yazmin thought of the time she spent with her son and cried.


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