A Soldier’s Heart Episode 12

A Soldier’s Heart Episode 12 Dante Marasigan is promoted to Brigadier General for k!lling Saal, Governor Gezali warns Striker to end his relationship with Isabel

Victor was happy that finally Abdul Waajid was d£ad. He thanked Dante for always watching his back to give him justice and also apologised for doubting him at a point.

Elsewhere, Yazmin received a huge sums of money from Governor Gezali which he delivered through Fatima. In a phone conversation, the governor extended his condolences and told Yazmin to keep the money to build her life.

Yazmin said she did not need the money since the mission would not be carried out after Saal’s d£ath. The governor urged her to keep the money to start life anew and told her he has distracted the Soldiers with some projects including planting to keep their minds away from them till they recover from their loss.

Victor formally announced the promotion of some Soldiers: Dante Marasigan who was promoted to Brigadier General, Alexander Marasigan for using his IT skills to track the rebels, Lieutenant Bacalso for tracking down Jamal and Jethro for leading the successful operation.

While the governor who graced the occasion left with Isabel, he saw his daughter chatting someone and asked whether she was chatting Michael and Isabel admitted. Gezali was against the relationship since they were Muslim but Isabel reminded him that her mother was a Christian and she was the product of that affair.

Governor Gezali said they were not happy as things were complicated and advised his daughter to quit the relationship now that it has just begun. Minda invited the officers for dinner to celebrate their success. She seeks permission from Victor and Victor granted the officers including Lourd and Jethro permission to celebrate with Minda. Victor was also invited but he turned it down since he had a conference meeting that night.

Minda was glad to meet Lourd, the officer who received Alex’ call. The officers had their dinner and Alex kept staring at Lourd who was in casual wear. Lourd asked him if he had not seen a lady in dress before. Soon, Minda and Dante left, with the latter whispering into Alex’ ears to celebrate with the lady in dress.

Jethro failed to ride on Lourd’s motorcycle and made Alex go with Lourd instead. It rained and they seek shelter from an old woman who called them and ushered them inside her hut. Inside the remote hut, they met the woman’s husband. The woman thought Lourd and Alex were couple but they said they were not. When it stopped raining they left the place.

Meanwhile, the governor came to warn striker to stay away from his daughter due to their different religious beliefs. He admitted that both were young and Striker did not understand the complications so he told him to cut off the relationship between him and his daughter.

While striker was sulking, Alex and Lourd finally arrived and he made fun of Alex, claiming he kept long. Alex admitted liking Lourd but he believed their ranks would be a problem but Striker said l0ve had no respecter of ranks and he should let Lourd and the world know his feelings.

He then revealed that Governor Gezali was against his relationship with Isabel due to their fate and would prove the governor wrong since he knew it was not about the religious beliefs but about the fact that he was poor. The next day, Jethro was queried by his father on the reason he did not sign up for the scout rangers training. Victor was against his son’s reasons and signed him up for it.

As he was painting in his room, Lourd got there and Jethro asked her about her date with Alex and she said it was not a date and she would never fall for a Soldier again. He told her that Alex had signed up for scout rangers and Lourd said Alex was in a rush. She had also wanted to sign up for it but women were not allowed. Jethro told her how his father forced him into it.

Later, Michael came across Jethro and told him to sign him up but was told he needed a recommendation and Raul helped striker out just to prove Governor Gezali wrong. Alex went to help the old couple who helped him and Lourd out. While he was there fixing the roof, Lourd got there with eateries and medicine to show her appreciation.

The friends of Alex came with woods and necessary things to build the hut and fix the roof. The couple later realised their helpers were all military men and they told them that they did not want trouble. This issue bothered Alex and Lourd so they later returned to the place to find it raided by some rebels. They shot at the intruders but the intruders fled.

Alex and Lourd went in to find the man shot and the woman too but the woman was the only one who was breathing and told them that the rebels thought they knew them, reason they told them they did not want any trouble but the woman fainted in the arms of Alex.


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