A Soldier’s Heart Episode 13

A Soldier’s Heart Episode 13 Alex confesses his feelings to Lourd, Elmer completes his scout ranger training but hits by a horrible past

Alex and Lourd rushed the couple who once helped them to the hospital but the man was pronounced d£ad upon arrival. His wife lost so much blood and was also pronounced d£ad shortly after.

Lourd felt guilty that they were the reason the couple passed away and wept losing the kind hearted couple. She exhibited a weakness as a soldier with the popular belief that they were a step to their grave yet seeing others d!e due to their profession k!lled her spirit.

Alex was by her side and told her how Olan saved him and was inspired by the act of Olan to be a soldier. Alex was called to Victor’s office and was told to join the intelligence unit but he refused since he already signed up for the scout rangers to be at the field.

Soon, Victor went to thank his son, Jethro for signing up for the scout ranger’s training. Jethro made his father believe he would do anything for him.

He later went to see the young officers to remind them that their training was the next day. Phil didn’t sign up but Jethro had recommended him so he was added, much to his dismay.

Abe, on the other hand went to see his girlfriend, Aliyah who visited at the camp to formally tell her about his scourt rangers training which would take him six months to return. Aliyah was sad that they had to be apart again. She also let out her frustrations about her family not happy with the fact that Abe was a soldier.

Michael also said bye to Isabel so did Benjie who called his niece to inform her about his trip to Bulacan to be a scout ranger. Alex also went to see Lourd to bid her farewell. He used that moment to thank Lourd for all the good things he learnt from her.

He then made known his feelings to Lourdes and promised to do his best and become an officer in order to court her. Lourd said he would be wasting his time but Alex said he would still give it a shot. He left and his pen drive fell, Lourd shed tears and took it, saying she would only return it to him once Alex returned from the training successfully.

Elmer graduated from Scout Ranger school and Minda together with Dante were there to congratulate him as he would soon return home. Grace, his ex arrived and he asked her what she was doing there. Once Minda called her to ask of her mission, she said she was around and just attended the event, she then rushed out.

Later, she and Elmer met in a bedroom and she apologised for not accepting his marriage proposal during her birthday three years ago since she earlier felt lonely and cheated on him. Elmer believed it was his brother, Alex who slept with Grace but she said it wasn’t him, a random boy who she encountered had that one night stand with her.

She pleaded with Elmer to forgive and accept her back into his life as he never meant to hurt her. Elmer claimed she did hurt him. The new scout ranger trainees were embarked their journey to the school grounds. They talked about what they have heard about the scout ranger training and they asked Marasigan if he knew more about it since his father was one but he didn’t.

Their training began and were given chili among others which Striker could not contain and fell sick. The guys smuggled food, they secretly gave Striker some food to eat for him to gather enough strength for the rest of the training. The training went on each day, Striker resolves to frequent cheating just to push through, but his fate was bad that one night Benjie and Phil sent him to a store.

He got some medicines as well as crackers and other foods from the lady assistance. She wanted Striker to wait so Benjie and Phil left him as they went back to the camp. Alex was upset that they left Michael only at the store while they knew he was sick. As Michael was heading to the camp, he bumped into his supervisor and he fainted so the supervisor rushed him to the hospital.

They diagnosed him of having an ulcer so his training had to wait as they treat him. Michael went back to the camp to break the sad news to his friends.

Elsewhere, Lourd inserted Alex’ pen drive into her laptop and saw Grace and Alex pictures. She recognised Grace as Elmer’s ex and thought of the reason Elmer and Grace broke up. She recalled there was a third party involved and wondered if that person was Alex. Lourd acted jealous and suddenly shuts down her laptop.


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