A Soldier’s Heart Episode 14

A Soldier’s Heart Episode 14 Elmer pays Grace back for ditching him, the scout rangers complete their six months training with a brotherhood lesson

Michael arrived at Raul’s house to inform him that he got dismissed from the Scout Ranger School due to his ulcer. He considered himself as a failure for failing to fulfill his promise to Isabel.

Raul explained to him what scout ranger entailed and has a selfless account for its trainees not how Michael signed up for it just to impress the father of the woman he l0ved. He said a ranger was a person willing to serve his country and the people but not a person who was a ranger just to gain l0ve.

As Striker got to Mindanao, the 4th Infantry Division, colleagues who stumbled on him laughed that he got dismissed. Isabel came to visit but he hid and told the messenger to inform Isabel that he was not there. He later bumped into Isabel in a market while trying to flee from her.

Isabel queried him on the reason he was avoiding her and he said he was just busy to notice her. Learning the reason he got dismissed, Isabel was glad Michael got sick for him to return as she had missed him. Michael was glad Isabel was not disappointed since he failed his promise.

Elsewhere, Elmer called Grace and they met to have $ex. Grace thought everything was good between them and Elmer had forgiven her for cheating. She believed they were starting all over again. She attended a party which Elmer would make an important announcement.

She was surprised to hear Elmer announcing his new girlfriend Nicki and asked Grace what she intended saying to him. Grace felt jilted and slapped him. Meanwhile, Yazmin seeing Amir, Rasheed and Fatima trying to adjust to their new life made her see reason to live and be happy. She told Fatima she was hungry and Fatima said she would prepare her favourite food.

At day 100 of the Scout Ranger training, the trainees were thought how to fight under water. The manner to hold their breath beneath the waters and the long they could go with it. Six months later, the trainees were thought how to fight in Forest and in water as well.

After the training, Abe called his mother to check on Aliyah. He was told Aliyah was no longer living with them. He said he had not spoken with her reason being that the time he was allowed to make calls Aliyah was also busy at work.

Alex also spoke to Minda, while Jethro called Lourd and the latter asked him about the reason Elmer broke up with Grace. Jethro wondered why Lourd was asking that question. Lourd said she saw someone looking like Grace so Jethro explained that Grace chose a different man over Elmer.

Alex appeared in the scene and Jethro wanted to pass down the phone to him. Lourd hearing Alex was there suddenly ended the call. Elsewhere, the Marasigan family were traveling to Mindanao but Grace appeared with a pregnancy test kits, claiming she was pregnant for Elmer.

Elmer wanted them to talk later since his flight was ready but Minda and Dante added their voice. Dante said Elmer was a soldier and he did not have run away at the war front, he should take his responsibility while he would take care of the flight.

Grace told Elmer she was about to break her pregnancy news to him the other time they met but he also got back at her. She decided to go to the US to join her family and also abort the baby. She said she could not raise the baby alone. Elmer objected, he wanted her to give birth. He promised to take full responsibility of the child.

Grace began to have some pains so the Marasigans rushed her to hospital. Minda decided to live with Grace to enable her take care of Grace and her grandchild. Elmer reported on duty and his father wanted him to marry Grace but he refused. He opted for co-parenting. He said it would be a disaster if he married her as he no longer l0ves her.

At the scout ranger training, Phil distributed snacks and Abe was against it. He said it was part of their training to contain their hunger at the battlefield. Phil objected, claiming Abe was being self righteous. Later, their smuggled foods were found by their field supervisor. Since no one was willing to talk, they were punished.

The punishment got intense that some of the scout rangers could not endure so Abe urged Phil to speak up the truth since innocent people were getting hurt. Phil refused and told Abe that they were all brothers and they had to watch eachother’s back. This brought a fight between Abe and Phil. All the guys supported Phil as brotherhood counted and had to watch eachother’s back.

The supervisor got there and forced them to talk. Abe made an attempt to talk so Phil admitted he did it and the supervisor scolded him that he knew that would get him dismissed. Abe also said he did it, Alex also said he did it and Jethro said he did it. This confused the field supervisor and punished all the scout rangers again.

The field manager told his colleague that the guys were ready for the battle and were ready to face the enemies. He was glad that the boys would not rat their course out to their enemies. He termed their act as brotherhood act and would watch eachother’s back. The guys returned to the camp and settled their differences. They stood on brotherhood to watch eachother’s back.

Feli called Minda to inform her about a failure in supply for their charity work. Grace spoke with a supplier and Minda together with Feli went to the Manila market to find Yazmin who has now changed her name to Amara for the supply.

Realising the customer was the wife of the man responsible for her family’s d£ath, she refused to sell the textiles out. Feli got upset that Amara was just wasting their time and asked Minda they leave but Minda did not leave without leaving her contact behind for Amara to contact her if she changed her mind.


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