A Soldier’s Heart Episode 15

A Soldier’s Heart Episode 15 Alex rescues Lourd during the new Scout Rangers test mission, Aliyah’s parent d!e

An unknown rebel group emerged. The leader sent one of the members to lure the youth who were poor into it. The member used sweet to lure the youth into the camp and the leader told the boys if they become one of them, they would gain money but one decided to pull out and was shot.

In fear, the rest stayed. Elsewhere, the parent of Aliyah queried her about the time Abe would marry her and she said Abe was having a training unless they were through. Her father was upset that Abe was delaying his daughter.

While about to deliver a warning to her to be delivered to Abe that if he failed to fix an immediate time for her marriage he would give Aliyah out, they heard gun shots and went for cover.

The rebels were causing mayhem and kidnapped all of the people they came across and in their huts. As Dante was assigning Lourd to the field, an officer was in disagreement die to Lourd being a woman. They received an intel on the unknown rebel group who are k!lling and causing chaos in Bulcano.

Meanwhile, Yazmin had teamed up with Fatima to take revenge on Dante’s family using Minda. Yasmin called Minda over and delivered the fabrics. Rasheed came to meet them talking about Minda and asked who she was.

Fatima responded that Minda was the woman whose husband k!lled Yosef and Hakeem so Yazmin would have a revenge but Rasheed was against it since they had planned to start life anew. The new scout rangers were assigned on a test mission at Bulcano. There, Alex met Lourd.

The rebels used the people they kidnapped as hostages to flee into Mt Piano at the forest of Tuyong around the coastal area. Aliyah began to search for her parents and was told that her parents were part of the hostages. Sheet Abe to plead with her to find her parents and Abe promised to find them.

They went to Mt Pino, in the forest they tried to locate the rebels. They stayed there till morning and they used the map and planned to ambush them at the d£ad end of the forest. Lourd was shot and captured. The soldiers finally found the rebels and rescued the hostages including Lourd and and Aliyah’s mother.

Some of the rebels managed to escape and with some of the hostages which Aliyah’s father was part. Abe wanted his mother in-law to go with those they rescued but the woman preferred staying behind with them to find her husband but Abe could not find her husband. As the woman was shedding tears, a sudden gun shots were heard and she got down with a bullet, leading to her death.

Before her last breath, she told Abe to take care of Aliyah. Abe was so appalled as he failed his promise to Aliyah. As Lourd was being conveyed in a structure with Alex ensuring her safety, they were suddenly attacked and the two Soldiers carrying Lourd were shot.

Meanwhile, Aliyah had been praying for the safety of her parents. She was served with food but couldn’t eat. She saw the arrival of the missionaries the soldiers rescued and asked of the rest. She was told they were rescued and they would also arrive.

At the 4th Infantry Division, Victor received a call and was given a hint on a terrorist attack at a certain location. The person failed to add his name. Victor then ordered for some of the troopers to be sent to that specific location.


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