A Soldier’s Heart Episode 16

A Soldier’s Heart Episode 16 Elmer rescues Alex and Lourd, Yazmin saves Minda from heart attack

Alex led Lourd out of the forest but had an encounter with some of the rebels who were divided into two and were meeting the other group at a rendezvous point.

A congressman has promised the rebels that he would send his men to save them at the rendezvous place but least did they know about an unforetold omen yet to encounter in that thick forest. Alex shot some of them and in retaliation they shot one of his legs.

Lourd who was badly injured gathered courage to shoot the rest she saw. Alex got on his feet to help Lourd for them to embark their escape journey from the forest.

At Manlutic, while on duty at the check point, Michael had a chat with Isabel but was interrupted since they had to be on the field. They arrived at the forest to k!ll the rebels who mistook them for the congressman’s men. The rebels who were split into two while talking to the other group, one of groups was ambushed and k!lled.

The leader realised the congressman has deceived them. Meanwhile, Phil and other soldiers along with the surviving rebels were rushed to the public hospital. Benjie was so worried about Phil.

At the Evacuation Centre, Aaliyah saw Abe who arrived. She asked of her parents only to find out that her mother was dead. She blamed Abe for his inability to save her parents.

In Manila, Yazmin now Amara together with Amir sent the fabrics to Minda at the Army Ladies Club. As they were about to leave, Amara saw a breaking news so she hesitated in order to watch the news.

It was about the rebels who were defeated by the scout rangers and the rangers had successfully captured the person believed to be the leader of the rebel group.

Minda was torn apart by the news and she excused Amara just to reach her husband on the phone to ask about how he was doing along with her two sons. Dante assured they were all fine but failed to pass the phone down to his sons when Minda wanted to speak with the boys.

Minda was surprised by event when Amara in proverbial way made remarks that: “Such is life, there will be no peace without blood shed.”

Minda collapsed and Amir was there to catch her. The scout ranger officers were trying to contact Alex but could not reach them. Alex was treated by Lourd in order for him not to bleed. Later, Lourd was shivering and burning out so Alex wrapped her in his arms to be her warmth.

In the midst of her sickness, Lourd cried about Noah. She assumed Alex as Noah and asked him not to leave her again. Later she got fine and Alex brought herbal medicine which Abe showed him to treat Lourd. Finally, Elmer and his troupes rescued Alex and Lourd and were sent to the hospital for proper treatment.

Amara on the other hand aided Minda when she fell unconscious. Minda woke up and found out she had fainted and told Amara the emotional stress she goes through whenever her two sons especially the younger son, Alex goes to a mission. Dante called her to inform her that Alex was okay but was at the hospital receiving treatment.

Amara left and went back to her place. Meanwhile, Rasheed bought a gift for Fatima and gave her his earnings as well for her to save for their marriage. Fatima was still indifference to accept Rasheed’s proposal. Yazmin arrived with Amir to inform them about meeting Minda at the army women club.

Fatima was upset that Yazmin helped her enemy’s wife but Yazmin said Fatima would not understand since she was not a mother. Minda was worried about her two sons and she wouldn’t wish d£ath on Minda’s children. Rasheed talked to Fatima not to argue with Yazmin.

At the Evacuation Centre, Abe asked Raul for a day leave to be with Aaliyah to comfort her in her trying time and his request was granted. After he was commended for leading a successful operation, Elmer received a call from Grace who was craving for a particular food but Elmer did not have time for her and hang up.

The next day, Alex in his crouches went to see Lourd in her ward to check on her and also said sorry to her for not voicing out his feelings to her when they were at the hands of d£ath in the forest.

Lourd punched his belly, coincidentally, Jethro and Dante got there. Lourd was uncomfortable knowing they had witnessed what she did to Alex. Dante in a private talk with his son asked why Lourd punched him. Seeing the silence, Dante knew his son was hitting on Lourd and gave him the courage to pursue since he knew he had no loser as a son.

He also used the work of a soldier as an emphasis to the l0ve his son was feeling. To him l0ve was like a battle one did not know whether he would survive but it was a risk worth taking. Since Minda was worried about him, Dante made him speak with her to ease her anxiety.

Jethro also made fun of Lourd for the punch she gave to Alex which signified she was better and asked her what if the punches still did not deter Alex from pursuing his agenda with her. He left and Lourd was thinking.


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