A Soldier’s Heart Episode 17

A Soldier’s Heart Episode 17 Elmer sparks his relationship with Alex, the scout rangers travel to help find Michael’s missing Uncle

Michael after speaking with Isabel on phone called Benjie to check up on the rangers. Benjie told him that they were fine but did not know the whereabouts of Abe after Aaliyah’s parent d!ed. Also Phil was badly wounded and was receiving treatment at the operating room.

Michael assured that Phil would be fine as d£ath was even scared of him. The doctor arrived to inform Benjie that the vital signs of Phil were stable and he was feeling better. Benjie and Michael were happy.

The congressman was told Hassan got away and he ordered his henchmen to eliminate him before the military get to him for him to become an obstacle for them. Fatima and Rasheed announced their relationship to Yazmin and Amir. Yazmin was happy for the two.

An Islamic funeral right was held for Aaliyah’s parent. Aaliyah in her misery blamed Abe for the d£ath of her parents, claiming the military prioritised the missionaries over the Muslim. As Abe was packing to the camp, Aaliyah accused Abe of choosing the military over her and despised Abe for k!lling her parents.

Abe made it clear that the military had no hand in the d£ath of her parent. At Tindano in Mindanao, Elmer approached Alex in merriment to congratulate him for the good job he did on the field. Alex told his brother that he has changed and he said it was because one changes when he becomes a father, much to Alex’s surprise.

Lourd approached and Elmer excused Alex. Lourd gave Marasigan his hard drive and he addressed Lourd with her maiden name. She warned him that the fact that he helped her in the forest should not give him the right to address her by her name. She was his superior and Marasigan had to sober up.

Jethro witnessed it, he was later called to his father’s office and his dad wanted him to leave the painting exhibition he wanted to do to concentrate on his military job. Alex inserted the drive in his laptop and saw the content.

He called Lourd but she failed to receive it. Lourd was wondering if she acted right to Alex. She tried to convince herself that Alex deserved the treatment. The scout rangers assembled and Michael arrived. The guys realised a portion of them were quiet so Alex wondered why.

Michael learnt that Lourd was given Alex a hard time and he urged him not to give up. Jethro also encouraged Alex to keep pursuing Lourd since he knew her well, he knew she would give in.

Michael gave them theories on l0ve and the guys including Abe decided not to give up on Aaliyah. Michael also made up his mind to fight for Isabel with his heart even if the governor was against the relationship. After buying what Grace needed, Elmer sent it through a delivery boy to send it to Manila for Grace.

At Camp Pablo Tescon Jethro told Abe to follow Michael’s advice and start it by calling Aaliyah. He called her but Aaliyah who was brooding over her loss failed to pick.

Her Islamic relative visited and she wanted them to leave the place but Aaliyah felt adamant since Abe had told them to remain there. The woman advised her to forget about Abe. She said the military was the reason Aaliyah’s parent d!ed for choosing to save the lives of the foreigners.

The scout rangers had their graduation but each one of them faced a challenge of a sort. Dante and Minda graced the occasion to congratulate Alex. He asked of Elmer and was told he was on duty. Minda also informed Alex that Grace was pregnant and Alex now understood what his brother said.

Jethro appeared in the scene to congratulate Alex. Dante also congratulated him. Through Jethro Minda and Dante realised Victor was not at the occasion and invited Jethro home but he refused since he had other plans. Benjie family were there as well.

During the passing out ceremony, Phil discovered his mother had divorced his father and married a different man who she attended the ceremony with him. Phil got upset but his mother explained that his father had another family and he chose that family so she also moved on.

Soon, Michael received a news that his uncle Pino got missing at the quarry. He informed his friends and the friends decided to be there for him. Jethro seeks permission for Michael so the next day Michael journeyed to Alcala Masbate City. He met his mother and she was crying that Pino was still not found.

The Medics told Michael that they did not have to search the entire quarry but they were still on it. To Michael’s dismay, he saw Alex, Jethro, Phil, Abe and Benjie and began to have a glimmer of hope. He ran to the medics and they showed the guys their portion to search for Pino.


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