A Soldier’s Heart Episode 18

A Soldier’s Heart Episode 18 Saal rises from the ashes, Jethro involved in an accident

Alex and his friends helped Michael to search for his uncle who was also his stepfather at the quarry. After a long search, they finally found Pino and he got treated.

The soldiers gathered in Michael’s house that night to dine with him and his family. Pino told Michael to forgive him, he explained that he did not want to always rely on him, reason he worked at the quarry to support the family.

Michael also thanked his friends for using their vacation to help him solve his problem. The guys said, that, was their job to watch eachother’s back.

Michael arrived at the 4th Infantry Division and told a colleague that his uncle was found and also thanked him for watching his back.The guy was also glad that Alex, Jethro, Abe, Phil and Benjie were all there to help him.

Alex arrived home in Manila and met Grace sweeping. He greeted her and Grace told him about her pregnancy. He was glad that she and his brother had settled their differences and were now together. Grace explained that they weren’t together, Elmer proposed co-parenting.

Later, Alex went to Gracio public market with Minda. After buying all the necessary things and loaded them into the car, Minda told Alex about her new friend, Amara who was close by and told him they should go and meet her.

As Amir spotted Minda and Alex, he quickly alerted Amara so Yazmin, Rasheed and Amir hid for Fatima to talk to Minda and her son. She made up a story that Amara was delivering things to some people so when she returns, she would inform her.

Meanwhile, Saal rose from the ashes to begin to search for his family at the same market. He bumped into Minda and Alex got upset and followed him for a fight but Saal pretended not to hear anything. Minda also pulled back her son.

Saal went inside his car and drove off. He wondered how he could get in touch with his family. He then recalled the incidence which led to his survival. As he detected the police and went into the hut, he took the basement in the hut and arrived at the other side of the forest before the bomb exploded.

Through a help of someone, he went to the middle East and was given all the necessary assistance and transformation. Elmer and Alex helped Minda to do cleaning. As she was making an account, Fatima called her to join them to eat but she refused.

Seeing Fatima worrying about her and Minda issue, she urged her to rather concentrate on her marriage preparation and advised her to take Amir as a son and raise him like what Saal would have done.

Later, Yazmin called Minda and the latter invited her over to her house in order for her to meet her son and Amara accepted. Saal on the other hand was working with those who saved him to give him a life. He was running an illegal business which his teacher wanted a secretary with a name Catalya fired.

He was scared that the woman would bring the downfall of the work. On the contrary, Saal wanted Catlya stay to block the negativity about the business. Elsewhere, Jethro was doing his paintings for the exhibition he was organising.

Victor appeared in the scene and told his son about the US Defense Department’s project for young officers which he wanted him to sign up for it so that when he qualifies he would be sent to the the state.

Jethro did not support it as he just passed out from the scout ranger training but his father wanted him to be a General and stop his paintings.

Jethro did not want to become a general, saying if he gets promoted as a General he would accept it but if he did not get promoted he was okay. Victor got upset that his son was protesting on the dreams he had for him.

He destroyed his paintings and Jethro told him that he wished that he had d!ed along with his mother and sister because ever since their d£ath, Victor stopped treating him like a son. He was rather his shadows and was only obeying his command to sleep, to rise, to jump and to sit. Victor punched Jethro and left.

Yazmin went to buy a gun to settle an old scores. Meanwhile, Elmer while driving called Jethro on phone and realised from his speech that Jethro was drunk and was even driving. Elmer requested he pulled over for him to come to his aid but Jethro’s insisted that he could drive and Elmer was sounding so serious like his father, Victor.

Jethro told Elmer to have faith in him and he would stay over and pass the night at Emer’s place. Elmer insisted on him to show him where he was, he was coming for him. He warned Jethro that it was not good for him to drink and drive. As they were talking, Jethro felt tipsy and hit his car. Elmer shouted on the phone, calling out his name.


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