A Soldier’s Heart Episode 19

A Soldier’s Heart Episode 19 Jethro falls into a coma after an accident, Aaliyah breaks up with Abe

Elmer called his family to tell them that Jethro had been rushed to the hospital since his car was crushed. As Victor was turning congressman Sakili down for wanting to involve him in his politics, he received a call from Elmer that his son was admitted.

He rushed to the hospital in the company of the congressman but the ex-politician stayed out to make a call. At the hospital, Elmer told Victor that Jethro was rushed there 30minutes ago. He was supposed to meet Jethro and send him home but Jethro was drunk and had the accident.

Outside the hospital, Congressman Sakili ordered his bodyguard to give him privacy. As he was still trying to reach the person, Alex availed himself to greet him. Meanwhile, Dante has gone in to check on Jethro and to support Victor.

Suddenly, some men arrived in a bus and abducted the congressman. They sent him to a certain warehouse and Alex followed them. He called Dante to inform him so Dante told Victor about it.

Dante told Alex not to do anything, he should wait for his orders and he took his location. They searched for the bodyguards of the Congressman and they also did not know where Sakili was. They called the congressman several times but he was not picking.

In the warehouse, Hassan showed himself and pointed a gun on the congressman. Congressman Sakili pleaded with him and was willing to pay any amount for his life but Hassan said not everything could be done with money. The congressman betrayed him, Victor called the Congressman and Hassan took his phone away.

Saal called Hassan and it turned out that Hassan’s boss was Saal and he told him to desist from revenging the congressman, otherwise, they would be in trouble. Alex saw the henchmen sending the congressman inside a van. Meanwhile, Dante had told Victor that he and Elmer were going to Alex’s location to confirm before Victor calls the police.

As Dante and Elmer were about to get inside a car, Alex called them that the kidnappers were sending the congressman back so he was returning. Dante and Elmer returned to the hospital to inform Victor.

Alex, soon, arrived to inform them that they had to inform the police about it but the Congressman appeared and lied to them that he took a walk and was not kidnapped. Alex was amazed by the utterance of the Congressman, leading everyone to get disappointed for the false alarm Alex blew.

However, Elmer believed in Alex and wondered why the ex-congressman was telling them lies. Alex made it a mandate to prove that what he actually saw and said was the truth. He asked the hospital if it has an outside camera and they said they did not have it at the facility.

He also went to the warehouse and saw CCTV camera and he got the footage that he was looking for. He faced two henchmen of the congressman but he defeated them and sent the evidence home.

Dante talked him against what he intended doing against the Congressman. Alex got upset and said Dante was hiding something from him, reason he did not want him to investigate.

Dante said he was a soldier and he had to obey command. His work was not to give intel. At the hospital, Victor recalled the incident that led to the accident of his son and he regretted. Later, Abe called Alex to check on Jethro and was told Jethro was still in a coma.

Alex asked him if he had a link to Sakili and Abe said he did not but the congressman had link to some of their superiors and enemies. Alex told him that Sakili was a friend to his godfather. Alex wanted to invite him to his birthday the next day but Abe was not in Manila.

After the call, Abe went to see Aaliyah but she gave him the cold shoulder and broke up with him. In sadness, Abe went home to lament how his desire to bridge the gap between Muslims and Christians had caused his dreams of building his own family. His mother consoled him.

In Manila, Alex went to buy himself a motorcycle as his own birthday gift and brought it home. At the hospital, Victor apologised to his son and said everything that he did was for his own good. He pressured Jethro into the army for him to get brotherhood support if he was not there for Jethro some day.

Lourd got there and told Jethro that what he was passing through was just a piece of cake and he would get through it. She told Victor not to worry as she knew Jethro as a strong person who would get through it.


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