A Soldier’s Heart Episode 20

A Soldier’s Heart Episode 20 Yazmin finds his long-lost son Hakeem, Alex receives a mysterious gift during his birthday

Lourdes arrived at the Marasigans mansion to deliver documents. She met Grace who came to open her. Elmer joined her and ushered Lourd in. Alex also arrived and Lourdes was amazed to hear that Grace was Elmer’s partner and was even pregnant for him.

She gave the document to Dante and Minda went shopping with her for Alex’s birthday. As they returned, Elmer together with Dante and Grace were also heading out. Minda made Alex alight Lourd home. As her family were all gone, she spotted Amara and ushered her inside the house. Amara was glad that her revenge would be easy since Minda was left alone.

Amara went to use the washroom and repositioned her gun. Alex pulled over and Lourd got down. He wanted to tell Lourd an important thing but Lourd thought it was about the pen drive so she asked for forgiveness for looking at the content on the drive without telling him and also apologised for doubting.

However, Alex was not going to talk to her about that but on Congressman Sakili’s kidnap and showed Lourd the drive which the evidence was on it. He told Lourd that he needed her help since the man denied the kidnap and also some two men made an attempt on his life while seeking for the evidence.

To him, for the Congressman to deny his kidnap and the fact that he was attacked by two henchmen meant something. Lourd told him to give it to his father rather but he said Dante did not want him to get involved so Lourd suggested he gives it to Victor.

Alex accepted but would wait till Jethro gets better. He thanked her for listening to him. While preparing a coffee for her, Yazmin saw the childhood picture of Alex and identified him as Hakeem. She felt so devastated, as she sobbed secretly when Minda confirmed Alex as her junior son.

Dante and the rest arrived so Minda stepped out, leaving Yazmin inside. She told her family that her friend was around and was ready to introduce them to Amara but went the living room and couldn’t find Amara, much to her dismay.

Rasheed had stormed the place to take Yazmin away to prevent her from what she intended doing. He sent Yazmin home and Fatima said she had been trying both their lines but none was picking.

Yazmin was still crying as Rasheed inform Fatima that Hakeem was alive. Yazmin said she wanted her son no matter what. She did not know how to get Hakeem but she wanted him no matter what.

Alex celebrated his birthday, Lourd, Benjie and Phil were there to celebrate with him so did his father’s friends. Elsewhere, Yazmin tried reaching Governor Gezali but she had lost his contact. With the help of Amir, they got a contact to his office and Fatima was told the governor was in out of town meeting.

At the party, Lourd brought Alex’s favourite chocolate cake and served him with it. She later left to check on Jethro. As Victor was leaving, he gave him the pen drive with the CCTV footage and pleaded with him not to inform his father.

Dante arrived and Victor left to see Jethro. He asked Alex what he was saying to Victor and he denied saying anything. Benjie and Phil who slept along the line woke up and Alex went to escort them. Realising no one was there, Yazmin came to leave a presence at the bush next to the gate.

Acting on the order of Saal, Hassan took a huge sums of money from Congressman Sakili and the politician also assured that he had not told anyone about the kidnap.

The next day, while cleaning the place with Alex sending the rubbish out. He stumbled on the present that Yazmin left there. He saw the name Hakeem Abdul Alhajuri and he wondered. e opened and saw a wooden gun. Victor went to the hospital to check on his son. He pleaded with him to wake up.

Alex on the other hand, called Abe to tell him about the mysterious gift he received. Abe suggested he talked with Dante but he refused. Abe was worried that if the gift was from their enemies it meant that his family was in danger. Alex thought of something and told her that he knew what to do.


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