A Soldier’s Heart Episode 21

A Soldier’s Heart Episode 21 Alex gets knocked by a car, Yazmin and her family bolt for their lives

Alex met with Victor and they talked about the CCTV footage he retrieved that exposed Congressman Sakili’s lies. Victor wondered why the ex politician lied. He later met Sakili and confronted him with the footage of his kidnap.

Sakili now voiced out the truth to Victor and even said Hassan who kidnapped him was working for Saal. Unknown to Sakili, there were spies around who informed Hassan about his meeting with Victor.

Hassan also informed Saal that Sakili did not keep his end of the bargain and had told Victor about the kidnap so Saal took a drastic decision against the ex-politician.

Later, Victor met with Alex and Dante and revealed the intel he had concerning Saal. He said there was a possibility that Saal was alive but Dante doubted. Victor revealed the gift that Alex found at the back of their gate which had Hakeem’s name on it.

He believed the enemies had found Dante’s place and wanted him to take proactive measures incase the enemy was around the corner. When Victor left to see Jethro, Dante queried Alex on the reason he did not tell him what he knew but told Victor.

Alex said Dante did not listen to him but Victor would listen, hence his action. Dante raised an objection that he already asked Alex whether he had an evidence and he said he did not.

Alex was upset that his father did not believe him when he said he witnessed the crime but Dante explained that he was only protecting him from harm’s way. He did not want him to get involved in Sakili’s trouble.

Alex got upset and walked out so his father hooked his dress to put sense into him. When he went out, Alex yelled his frustrations out and stumbled on Yazmin. The woman she recognised as part of the terrorists who stopped Abdul Waajid from shooting Isabel. He ran after Yazmin when the latter was trying to flee.

Unfortunately, Alex got knocked down by a car and Yazmin ran to his rescue. Knowing her son, Hakeem was at the verge of d£ath, she cried mentioning his name and Alex began to have memories of his past. She rushed the unconscious Alex to the hospital and told the health practitioners that she was the mother.

Elsewhere, Congressman Sakili failed to give Victor the location of where he was meeting Hassan to evade military protection. He was planning to pay any amount for his life should Hassan demand for extra money. He got to the warehouse to give Hassan the money but Hassan shot him and went away with the money.

Yazmin was given a form to sign but she couldn’t as she was acting in a discreet. Fatima called her and she told her what had happened to Hakeem. Victor watched the news on Sakili’s d£ath and he called Fonti to demand him to find Saal since that was the new intel he had.

The military arrived at the Marisigans mansion to secure the place upon the orders of Dante. Minda rushed to her husband to ask him about what was going on and whether that had connection with what Alex said about Sakili.

When Fatima reminded Yazmin of how dangerous it was to be signing the forms, Yazmin called Minda to inform her about the accident of Alex. The Marasigans rushed to the hospital to discover that a woman who claimed to be the mother of Alex brought him. Meanwhile, Fatima went for Yazmin at the hospital.

Victor called Dante to inform him about the d£ath of Sakili and requested to meet him but Dante told him about the accident of Alex which meant that he would not be able to meet him. Fonti in a phone call to Dante got upset that their secret would soon come to light. Dante assured to do something.

He went to the CCTV room to demand for the footage and realised that a terrorist brought Alex. He went to speak with his wife about the need to transfer Alex to another hospital as the person claiming to be the mother of Alex was s terrorist.

Minda doubted since the woman saved Alex’s life. She queried Dante if it was true that she was the real mother of Alex. Dante denied, saying terrorists say anything in order not to look suspicious.

Minda demanded for her face and when shown the printed picture from the footage, She identified her as Amara, a woman who was working in a tailoring shop in the market. She even told Dante that the woman had saved her before at the Army ladies club and had come to their house before.

Elsewhere, Michael wanted to do his own laundry but his mother would not let him. He called Abe who was at the Scout Ranger Regiment to discover that Alex was admitted for being involved in an accident.

Lucente and his men went to the market to find it locked and got someone who was showing them the place which Amara was living. Amara on the other hand was in a van with Fatima and Amir with Rasheed driving them to flee from the soldiers.

They stumbled on a shell shop and Fatima decided to buy some eateries only to find out from the news that Sakili was d£ad. She ran into the car and demanded Rasheed to speed up. Yazmin was also thinking about leaving Hakeem behind in such condition.

At the hospital, Alex woke up while having memories of the terrorist calling him Hakeem and demanded answers from Dante but Dante refused to tell him the truth making Alex suspicions about him grew much stronger.

Saal on the other hand got in touch with Governor Gezali and they met to talk about his missing family. The governor who was shocked to see Saal alive told him that he heard from his mother a year ago when they believed he was d£ad so he even gave her money to use it to move on with her life.

Saal thanked him for what he did and pleaded with him to help him find his family. Gezali promised to help him with that.


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