A Soldier’s Heart Episode 22

A Soldier’s Heart Episode 22 Yazmin becomes wanted by the police, Alex realises he is Hakeem

Rasheed still drove Yazmin and the family. Fatima said they needed to find a help but Rasheed wanted them to reach far before they seek for help. Fatima proposed that they called Governor Gezali but Rasheed objected.

Elsewhere, Minda wanted her husband to voice the truth to Alex, believing her junior son would not stop asking questions till he got all the needful answers.

The soldier friends met and ate. They also talked about Alex’s accident while Abe thought about what Alex had been telling him and his warning to him that his family might be in trouble should terrorists find their home.

Phil sent the guys to his house and his ex-girlfriend appeared with her friends to surprise Phil on his birthday. Michael was disappointed that Phil did not inform them about his birthday but Phil said he forgot as he usually did not celebrate it. The boys wish him well on his birthday and celebrated with him.

Meanwhile Lourd visited Alex and did not understand why a soldier would allow himself to be knocked down. At the middle of their journey, their van broke down and Yazmin seeing everyone was distracted fled to join a bus, leading her family to drive the van to follow her in the bus.

At the hospital, Alex told Lourd about his fears of being Hakeem the Alhurajis youngest son. He believed Dante was telling him lies about his identity and was bent on finding the truth no matter what.

Lourd reminded him that the woman who called him a son was a terrorist and a person but Alex insisted that if she was bad she would have allowed him to d!e. Even though she was in the wanted lists yet she risked her life to save his.

Yazmin arrived at the hospital and sneaked into the ward she knew was Hakeem’s but met Dante who they pointed a gun at eachother. Yazmin revealed that Dante was the most trustworthy friend of Yosef, yet he went ahead to stab him at the back.

He then took away their son to raise him and robbed him of his identity as a Muslim and raised the boy as a Soldier while he was aware that Muslims were against Soldiers. She threatened Dante and told him that she would make him pay for it.

Dante took the gun from her hand but failed to shoot her. Yazmin sneaked out from the health facility since there military around. Rasheed, Fatima and Amir saw her. They decided to embark on their journey.

Victor told Lucente that he could not k!ll her even when she was in front of him. News about Yazmin broke and Saal ordered his men to find his mother as soon as possible as she was wanted by the police.

Yazmin broke down while they were journeying and asked Rasheed to pull over. She finally revealed the truth to her family that Yosef was a soldier but l0ved him for who he was. However, Dante was a friend of Yosef who her husband trusted him but he deceived them and k!lled her husband. After that he took their son to raise him.

Fatima was surprised and was not happy that Yazmin did not tell Hakeem all the truth before his grave. Soon, they found a place to stay for the meantime. At the hospital, Alex still was bothered since his dad was not ready to tell him the truth. He stepped out for a breather and Minda was so worried about him.

Alex fled to Bulacan, the military office of Dante. Dante who was speaking with his wife on phone told her that he had seen Alex. He queried Alex on the reason he left the hospital by not informing his mother. Alex said he needed answers so his father should tell him the truth about the reason Yazmin was calling him Hakeem and his son.

Dante wondered why Alex still believed in terrorist than him. In anguish, Alex stormed out and he received a call from Minda. He assured Minda that he was fine but seeking answers to his questions. Minda gave him the privilege to find his answers and made him promise to return home once he got his answers.

Victor held a meeting with Dante, Lucente and Fonti for the halfway job they keep doing since all Yosef’s family were alive and wanted them to do a good job by eliminating them. Receiving a call from the hospital concerning his son, Victor rushed to see Jethro and prayed he survived.

He remembered how his wife and child d!ed and he blamed Yosef. Elsewhere, Alex met Abe and informed him that he was the Hakeem.


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