A Soldier’s Heart Episode 23

A Soldier’s Heart Episode 23 Jethro regains consciousness, Saal saves his mother from the Military

Alex told Abe that he learnt his identity and origin from the terrorist who saved him and called him her son, Hakeem. He said if that was true then his brother was Saal or Abdul Waajid, the person who k!lled Olan, Benjie’s brother.

He promised to use his health leave to investigate his true identity since Dante was not giving him a straight forward answer. Later at the Regiment, Michael came to see his friends and they made fun of him since they were PFC, in a higher rank and Michael was still Private, a lower rank.

Alex told the guys that he was doing something so he would not spend his leave with his family. He was looking for a new place to stay. Benjie proposed he lived with him but Alex refused since he did not want to put Benjie’s family in danger.

Phil gave him his condo unit since no one was there. Alex did his research to find a lead on Yazmin. He tailed the van the terrorists were using in order to find their destination but wherever he went Yazmin was not there. He used the CCTV camera at the location to detect the next location of the terrorists.

Meanwhile, Fatima proposed to Yazmin that they should seek help from the Governor. Yazmin called Gezali’s office and was told the governor was having a meeting in Manila. She demanded for his personal contact but the secretary did not give it out.

Yazmin then left a message that “There will be no peace without any blood shed” for the secretary to deliver it to Gezali. At the military office, Abe and Morales were enlisted for a new operation against the Islamic rebels. Abe’s expertise as a Muslim was expected to be used to pave way for the rangers to defeat the rebels.

Meanwhile, Alex had given his new address to Lourdes and the latter has assured him that she would not give his location out to his mother. Jethro regained consciousness and his father was happy with the development. Fonti was glad that Victor’s headache has been lifted.

Victor now relied on Fonti to get rid of Yosef’s family, claiming Dante has failed him. At the Scout Ranger regiment, Dante told Lucente that Alex had left home but Lucente believed Alex would come since he raised Alex. He said Alex was like Dante, they achieve whatever they set their eyes on.

When Elmer was with Jethro at the hospital, Alex arrived there to check on Jethro since Lourdes asked him to do so. Elmer used that liberty to invite Alex to a dinner with Grace. At the restaurant, Elmer told Alex that he understood him and everything he was doing.

However, he should not hurt Minda since everything that Dante did, their mother had no hand it. Alex said he already knew. The governor returned to his office from the meeting and found the note bearing the message Yazmin sent and chided his secretary for not delivering the message to him early.

As Saal and his colleague were in a car, one of his men called that they have found the location of his family. Meanwhile, Alex who had also found the location of Yazmin came across Dante, Lucente and the NBI so he decided to leave unnoticed.

The Samaritan also helped Yazmin and her family to escape through the backdoor. In the midst of their run, Yazmin made Rasheed, Fatima and Amir take a different direction while she took the other direction, in order for them not to be caught together.

ASs she was hiding, someone came to hold her from behind. She tried to struggle with the person but once she turned, behold it was Saal. Her fears turned into joy and she hugged her son multiple times. Saal helped her to escape, unfortunately, they got surrounded.

Saal managed to fight his abductors and also shot those who had surrounded Rasheed, Fatima and Amir. He saved his family and Alex spotted them while they were fleeing into the car. While Alex was also about to leave the scene with his mortocycle, Dante spotted him and had a talk with him. Alex admitted he saw the terrorists escaping but he knew his duties as a Soldier and did not hold back his arms.

Saal brought his family home and Yazmin told him about the existence of Hakeem. She said Hakeem did not d!e but was saved by the Soldier who k!lled Yosef. The Soldier raised him and now Hakeem was also a Soldier. Saal cried. Later, he and his family sat around one table to eat but his boss, Waajid came and he introduced them to his family.

At the condo unit, Minda prepared Alex’s favourite food and told Alex that she understands him just that she has missed him. Alex promised Minda that no matter what happens, she would always be his mother. Minda hugged him and shed tears.


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