A Soldier’s Heart Episode 24

A Soldier’s Heart Episode 24 Yazmin unravels the truth about Yosef and Dante in a Face to Face encounter with Alex, Minda packs out over the secret of Dante

Saal spoke with Governor Gezali on phone to thank him for the tip he gave on his mother which has helped him to save her. He also asked whether he knew Alex Marasigan.

Governor Gezali said he did not know him in person but the name sounded familiar. Saal said Alex helped his mother and wanted Gezali to help him know him better.

Gezali cautioned that all the Soldiers on uniform think alike but he would ask his daughter, Isabel who knew some of the soldiers. Isabel who was eavesdropping went in to ask his father whether he was talking about Michael and he said no but asked where he was.

Isabel said Michael was in Bulacan having his scout ranger training. Abe spoke with his mother on phone to ask of Aaliyah but his mother had not set eyes on her. While wondering where his l0ver could be, Michael arrived there to give him encouragement.

At the Marasigans mansion, Minda in a sad mood warned Dante that she would blame him should anything happened to Alex. Elsewhere, some two men on a motorcycle followed Alex and gave him a phone.

Still in shock, once they left, Alex listened to the call and was told to meet them at Terraso if he wanted to know the truth. Alex called Lourd to inform her. Lourd saw it as a trap and advised Alex not to go as they could hurt him.

Alex believed they would have hurt him if they wanted to but they did not. He went to the rendezvous place and he recalled his childhood days playing with his brother. He also heard the lullaby which his mother, Yazmin used to sing for him.

Some henchmen arrived and ushered him into a van. On the way, they suffocated him and when he fell unconscious, they covered his face to send him to an abandoned warehouse where he woke up to find Saal and Yazmin.

Yazmin then hugged him but he pulled away and demanded them to tell him what they wanted to say. Yazmin told him that Alex Marasigan was not his name but his name was Hakeem Alhuraji, the son of Yosef Alhuraji. Saal was his brother and was stolen from him when a grenade went off in a scuffle.

Yazmin said she and Saal had to escape to save Saal but Alex concluded that they abandoned him. Yazmin blamed Dante for stealing him and for stealing his identity. She wanted him to stay with him as she explained that after the incident, she went to the crime scene for several times just to find him but could not find him.

However, in her heart, she believed he was still alive. Alex refused to be with them, saying it was too late since he was now a Soldier. Yazmin said his father was once a soldier.

A flashback showed that Yosef was a soldier and wanted to bridge the gap between Muslims and Christians. During a battle with some rebel group, the soldiers were defeated. Leaving him, Dante and another man they ran seeking a place to hide so Yazmin his them and gave the rebels wrong direction.

That was when she built a relationship with Yosef and they eventually became l0vers. One day at the battlefield, he realised innocent people were d£ad at the course of the government and decided to resign.

Yosef told Yazmin that he would no longer be a soldier but had good memories of Dante and claimed he was the only good one among the Soldiers. Alex still decided to leave. Saal said now he knew his origin and knew no matter what Yazmin was his mother and he was his brother. He covered his face and made his men sent Alex away.

Fonti was confronted by Victor for his inability to gain any intel on the Alhurajis. He threatened to give him a leave for him to think straight on means he could get information as he would not condone incompetency.

Alex was returned to where he his motorcycle was left and he rode it home. Least did he know that he was being followed by Fonti. He went to the house to find Minda and Dante and he confronted Dante for stealing him from his real parents to raise him after k!lling his own father.

He claimed Dante did not l0ve him but raised him due to guilty conscience. Minda was left heartbroken realising her husband did not tell her the truth. She told Alex to come home but he said he needed time to get over things. When Alex left, Minda also packed out for Dante keeping her in the dark while she was his wife.

Elsewhere, Abe left camp to embark on a mission which he was applying a job as a driver. Alex stopped somewhere to vent out his frustrations, Fonti revealed himself to him and told him that he knew he was finding it difficult knowing the truth.

Alex was surprised to know that Fonti knew about it and was sad that Minda and him were the only ones who never knew the truth. Fonti told him to be grateful to Dante as he raised him to be a good man and he hid the truth to protect Alex.

He told Alex that he has been following him for several hours and saw a van which he came out from and asked him whether he met the Alhurajis. Since Alex was not talking, he reminded him of his duty as a Soldier and Alex said he knew his sworn duties just that he was now processing everything.

Fonti told him to relay every information to him if the Alhurajis contact him and he remained quiet. Fonti told him that whether he tells him or not he would know but warned him to inform him before his godfather, Victor finds out.


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