A Soldier’s Heart Episode 26

A Soldier’s Heart Episode 26 Michael left heartbroken over Gezali’s decision to marry Isabel off to a Moro, Saal confronts Alex over his stay with the Alhurajis

As the shooting was ongoing, Fonti decided to run in order to save himself from trouble. Dante was not happy with what Fonti has done by disregarding the rules. While running, Amir called Saal to inform him about the attack of the enemy.

Saal and Rasheed who were already at the premise of Waajid had to run back home. Waajid was told that Saal had returned and he got upset. He called Saal several times but he did not pick.

Lourdes visited Jethro and the latter made fun of her for her inability to visit since she has now devoted all her time for Alex. Lourd said he was jealous and he said jealousy was not part of his bone. He then told her how he has missed the force.

Jethro said after his father allowed him to do whatever he liked, he realised that he wanted the soldier since being out of the force would make him missed the troopers. Lourd indicated that his father used reverse psychology on him.

Alex treated Yazmin’s gun wound to prevent it from bleeding. Saal got and picked a fight with Hakeem for hurting their mother but was stopped and was rather told that he actually saved Yazmin. He then thanked Hakeem and called a doctor who came to treat the wound proper.

Elsewhere, Dante confronted Fonti for his action and said Fonti’s action was motivated by fear. Fonti said he did a mistake but he also did that for Dante but the latter refuted that claim as he knew he did that since he feared Victor. Fonti then said he made a mistake but next time he would not do that for Dante.

Abe, on the other hand, went to the cafeteria of the work place and was served with meals containing pork. Since he was a Muslim, he did not like it and wanted the man to change his stew but the man insisted on Abe to eat elsewhere.

A colleague of Abe found the man’s action as disrespectful and started fighting the man. Abe also attacked the man to stop him from gaining upper hand against his colleague. His colleague then thanked Abe and the latter said he had to thank him for saving him.

The colleague told Abe that he had an excellent fighting skills and could be harnessed in their quest to protect the Moros from any bully.

Yazmin wanted Alex to stay with them and he accepted since he was not ready to leave Yazmin in such condition. Waajid visited Saal in the new hideout they have lodged. Waajid was upset that Saal’s family was getting in the way of their job and Saal apologised.

Unknown to them, Alex was eavesdropping and he recalled the faces that visited that they were those he saw online. Lourd prepared the dinner and waited for the arrival of Alex but he did not show up. She called him several times but was unable to reach him.

Meanwhile, Fatima had told Alex how devastated Yazmin was when he had his accident. She went completely crazy and did not talk to anyone for weeks till Saal’s return took her from that state. She wanted him to understand Yazmin as his return meant a lot to her.

Alex while thinking saw a message from Lourd and knew he screwed up. Rasheed who was spying on him told Fatima about his suspicions of Alex. He wondered how he was able to locate their hideout and was scared he would rat them out.

Fatima told Saal about it and he queried Alex how he found out their hiding place. Alex narrated how he was followed and found out that the intel unit had discovered their hideout and he rushed there to save them. Alex gave his phone to Saal to make them be at ease but Saal refused to take the phone.

Lourd who fell asleep while waiting for Alex woke up and tried his line again but it did not go through. At the scout ranger regiments, the trainees were given break. Benji came to leave a letter there and Michael went for it to read.

Michael read the letter which Isabel wrote informing him about how her father was forcing her into the hands of a different man. He sneaked out to see Phil and the rest and thought of what to do but Lucente noticed his absence.

Elmer went to a restaurant but got a private room for himself, Grace and Minda. Much to Minda’s surprise, Dante arrived there to join them. He told his wife that he was there to inform her that he was going back to Mindanao. Minda wondered why he was not thinking about Alex’s whereabouts and he said Alex was with the Alhurajis.

Minda got upset and left. Elmer could not believe that Alex would do such a thing. Yazmin talked to her family to trust Hakeem irrespective of their doubts as he was their family as well. He even abandoned everything important to him to live with them.

Lucente planned to be hard on Mendoza. As Michael was frustrated about the beliefs of the Moros that they had to marry fellow Moro, he was crying that he could not sit back and watch the l0ve of his life to marry someone else.

He felt that Gezali was rushing things on Isabel since the girl doesn’t even know the man. He knew Gezali planned things before hand. Lucente got there to realise Mendoza had been skipping training all because of a woman’s and termed him as coward.

He advised him to brave up and face the challenge by fighting for Isabel rather than crying like a baby all due to a woman. He sacked him from the place.

Abe after loading the goods at work was sent to see Hassan to join their group. Hassan asked Aris or Abe if he could k!ll. The colleague and Hassan sent Abe somewhere and they saw a man who Hassan believed could be a military intel.

He gave Abe a gun to shoot the person but he refused to use the gun and fought the person with his hands just to win the syndicate’s trust to gather information about their operation. Abe left on a motorcycle with Hassan and his guy.


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