A Soldier’s Heart Episode 30

A Soldier’s Heart Episode 30 Abe escapes the clutches of Saal, Saal threatens the life of Victor and Dante

Aaliyah ran in search of Abe and found him being hanged to a rope. Someone held Aaliyah from the back then Jamil came to beat Abe mercilessly. Meanwhile, another backup soldier in disguise was searching for Abe since he sensed Abe was in trouble.

Jamil stormed where Alex was and pointed a gun at him, forcing him to admit that Abe was his buddy and they were all spies. Jamal punched Alex but Alex made it clear that he came there alone.

Yazmin and Saal were happy that Rasheed had officially become part of the family after his marriage with Fatima. Amir came out to find Jamil threatening Hakeem and he went to Alex’s defense. The family heard of the commotion and they came out.

Elsewhere, the friends of Alex and Abe were worried about them and wished they could find Alex soon. Mendoza did not understand why Alex had not even contacted Lourd. Phil thought of the worse that something had happened to Alex.

Alex thought of everything and decided to find and help Abe. Saal kept thinking about what Jamil said concerning Hakeem and he went for him to the place where they were hiding Abe. Saal asked Abe if he recognised Hakeem but Abe kept saying he was not a soldier.

Meanwhile, the backup made his way to BRGY San Rafael to find the hideout. He saw Alex and Saal coming out of the room and wondered what Marasigan was doing there. As the guards securing the place lost guard, he shot them and freed Abe to run away with him.

On their way, Saal warned Hakeem not to think of helping Abe otherwise he would forget he was his brother. He pulled his gun to threaten Alex that if he makes any wrong move, that would be the end of his life. He would not sit idle to watch Alex put their family in danger.

Jamil who stepped out return to find the henchmen d£ad and he quickly called Saal who had reached home with Alex that the soldier has escaped and even accused Hakeem of being the brain behind the act. However, Saal doubted since Hakeem was with him.

He threw Hakeem inside the room and warned Yazmin not to allow Hakeem to go out. He went to the hideout while Alex thought of his next movement when he recalled Yazmin’s advice that he could leave the place when he felt like.

Alex passed through the window to search for Abe and he found them in a certain bush and showed them the road the could escape through. Abe told him to help Aaliyah and Alex promised to bring her home safely. He also told Abe not to tell anyone where he was, he could only tell Dante.

Saal termed Jamil as incompetent for allowing the soldier to flee but Jamil claimed Hakeem helped the soldier. Saal said Hakeem was in the house as they speak. Jamil believed he had other people that they were doing it so Saal went to the house with Jamil to find Alex sleeping on his bed.

He saw Alex had injured and Yazmin went to Hakeem’s defense but Saal knew Yazmin was just covering up for Alex.He asked Alex how he got the scratch and Alex faced him to ask what he would do if he did not tell him.

Saal threatened to k!ll Dante. Yazmin told him not to say that because Dante raised Hakeem. Saal said he did not care since Dante k!lled his father, Yosef but Yazmin said Yosef started it all by k!lling the family of Victor and the latter also sent the troops after Yosef.

Alex was surprised to know that but Saal was bent on k?lling Victor and Dante. Yazmin talked to Saal not continue with the circle of violence, Hakeem was with them and that was good enough to end everything but Saal refused.

Yazmin packed Alex’s things for him and asked him to leave before Saal returns. Alex asked whether everything she said concerning his true fathers were true. Yazmin told him to go, Alex asked him to go with him. She refused as that meant that she was choosing him over Saal.

Yazmin explained to Alex that he had other family that he was returning to but Saal only had her, leaving with Alex meant that Saal would lose another family. Alex told her to convince Saal to go with them but Yazmin refused.

Jamil’s men came with a bad news and Jamil told Saal that they could not find the infiltrator in the community. Saal was upset with Jamil since his incompetency brought that. He received a video call from their leader who was upset by Saal’s negligence for a Soldier to infiltrate their camp.

Saal promised that he would deliver but the explosion in metro Manila would be carried out before the scheduled time. Abe had been hospitalised, his superior called General Victor who was in camp Johny Hay, Baguio to inform him that Alex was the one who helped Abe to escape.

Victor was surprised to lean that Alex was in BRGY San Rafael community. Saal did a video to threaten Victor and Marasigan for k!lling his father. He said he would k!ll them all. Victor who saw the viral video also replied the threat that he would destroy the Moros because they took from him first.


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