A Soldier’s Heart Episode 31

A Soldier’s Heart Episode 31 Victor gets exploded in his car, Jethro threatens to k!ll Alex over Victor’s d£ath

Fonti’s guy was scared of what might happen to Fonti since Victor has launched an investigation to reveal corrupt acts of Fonti as the intel boss has looted money.

Since Fonti saw that there was cause for alarm, he decided to turn tables against the Marasigans so he had a zoom meeting with Victor who was in Camp Johny Hay, Baguio to reveal Dante’s hidden secret.

Alex went to his room to take his bag and stepped out to call Abe to assure him that he was searching for Aaliyah to return her to him. Abe disclosed to Alex that Victor has discharged troops into the Brgy San Rafael so he had to get out from there immediately.

Alex ran back in search of Aaliyah, however, Saal rushed in to inform the family to pack their things and he searched for Rasheed and Amir. He told Yazmin to inform Hakeem as they packed their things in haste.

Fonti told Victor that Dante was the one behind everything and his youngest adopted son was Hakeem Alhuraji. However, Victor was not moved, he rather charged him of conspiring with his enemies and was also a corrupt official who was misappropriating funds.

Victor made it clear that Dante only kept Alex’s identity hidden but Fonti was much more worse, he was very corrupt and he was a disgrace to the army. In anguish Victor, got out of the line. Knowing he was in hot waters, Fonti made a call to execute a terrible plan.

Jethro received a call from his father who was on his way to drive his car to Manila. He told Jethro that he found out some hidden truth about Alex but he was on his way coming. Unknown to Victor, an henchman was tailing him so when he entered his car, he pressed a button to denote a bomb that got the car exploded with Victor trapped inside it.

Jethro who was still on the phone with his father mentioned his father’s name countless number of times and cried. At Camp Pablo, First Scout Ranger Regiment, Lucente received a message about Victor Mondejar’s d£ath.

The troop planned not to make the d£ath of their boss go to waster so they sent more troops to Brgy San Rafael, thinking Saal has delivered on his d£ath threat to the Mondejars.

In the Marasigans mansion, Minda saw the news about Victor’s death and called her husband at the second infantry to ask Dante if has heard the news about his friend’s d£ath. As Minda was scared that Alex could be caught in the middle of the entire brouhaha, Grace water broke so she had to hang up by informing Dante that Grace was about to give birth.

Elmer who was with his father wished to be there with Grace. Minda called them that Grace was at the hospital and was being attended to. Meanwhile, Fonti travelled to Baguio City morgue to console Jethro and also informed him that before Victor’s d£ath, he revealed to him that Alex was Hakeem.

He equally blamed himself for helping Dante to keep the secret of Dante’s adopted son. He said he thought Alex would be better than the Alhurajis but he thought wrong. Alex has now sided with his family who were the same people who wiped out the entire family of Jethro. Jethro now understood what his father said to him on phone before his death.

At the APG General Headquarters, Macaso asked for a permission to be there to console Jet since he was very close to her. She was granted the permit and she left the office. Macaso went to the morgue to console Jet but Jethro said Saal was behind the d£ath of Victor.

Presently, Alex was with them bur Lourd tried to desist him from entertaining the thought that Alex was part of the attack against Victor. She told Jethro that they had not found out it if indeed Saal was the one behind it. Jethro insisted that Saal was the only person who threatened to k!ll Mondejar and he was the only person who had that motive.

Aside that Rogelio has told him that Alex chose to be with his people. Lourd said he did not know that actual reason Alex went to the Alhurajis so he coul not think in that manner. As Alex was searching desperately for Aaliyah, he bumped into Noriam who rubbed on his face Alex’s connection with Abe.

Alex tried to blow the alarm that there were Soldiers around they had to escape so she should help him find Aaliyah. Unknown to Alex, Saal and his family were listening to their conversation and Saal saw him as traitor. Alex shot down those claims, saying if he was a traitor, he would have k!lled Saal but he didn’t.

Yazmin came in between them since she could sense what Saal wanted to do against his brother. They were compelled to flee as the military had gotten all the exit surrounded. There were some shootings so Alex had to go for cover with his family.

As the troopers got closer to their target, Fonti for there so Lucente called Dante to also be in Brgy San Rafael since they never knew what Fonti was planning against them. At the Barguio morgue, Lourd explained to Jethro that Alex only went to the Alhurajis to know his real parents but Jethro found that as an insult that Alex had to be with their enemies and threatened to k?ll Alex if possible for his father’s d£ath.

The Marasigans received the news that Grace had given birth to a boy. Abe escaped from the hospital to be at Brgy San Rafael to help find Aaliyah to bring her to safety. Seeing he was not in any good condition to help Aaliyah, Lucente promised his support to find Aaliyah by relaying the information to the troopers.

Elmer who was congratulated by Dante for them having Junior Marasigan alighted his father to a nearest place that he could get to San Rafael. Dante arrived much to the surprise of Fonti but colonel Mangubat revealed that he gave the order for Marasigan to be there since he wanted to ensure the safety of Alex.

Outside the tent, Abe stumbled on Noriam. Abe asked him where Aaliyah was, she denied knowing the location of Aaliyah and shot Abe’s leg to avenge the d£ath of Aaliyah’s parent but she was k!lled to neutralise the situation. Elsewhere, Saal and his family encountered the military and he shot them.

Alex wanted to reach out for a gun but Saal warned him not to since he thought Alex would rather put him at disadvantage. He made one of his men took the gun so Alex fled with Yazmin when the firing became intense but Benjie spotted Alex.

Bejie recalled his brother Orlan and his dream of trying to k!ll Saal but he was not dying. Alex after sending his mother to much safer place tried talking to her to surrender but she refused and was saying they should wait for Saal. Benjie appeared there with his raffle, Yazmin also pointed a gun at Benjie.

Alex tried to stop both of them and Yazmin told Hakeem to be behind her. Benjie now understood that Alex was Hakeem Alhuraji and was dumbfounded. Elsewhere, Rasheed was also escaping with his wife, Fatima and Amir.


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