A Soldier’s Heart Episode 32

A Soldier’s Heart Episode 32 Amir d!es in a bloody encounter with the Soldiers, Benjie and Michael give contradictory report on Alex and his involvement with the Alhurajis

Benjie discovered that Alex was Hakeem Alhuraji and wanted him to explain. Alex told him not to shoot, he would explain himself. Benjie wondered for how long Alex has kept that hidden secret from them.

He termed Alex as traitor but Alex shot down his claims. Yazmin also was ordering Alex to step aside but Alex was bent on stopping the two from seeing eachother as an enemy but Saal got there and shot multiple time which the bullet affected Benjie and Alex.

He managed to secure his family and fled with them while Benjie was still shocked by development especially seeing his buddy siding with the enemies. Elsewhere, Rasheed managed to k!ll soldiers that were on his way and they secured a van to run away with it.

At the tents of the generals, Fonti revealed Dante’s secret for Raul to know. Raul queried General Marasigan and Dante said it was true. He did not intend to keep that as secret any longer. He confessed of k!lling Alex’s father and adopted him.

Mangubat understood him since many Soldiers adopted children after wars. He promised to make the troopers secure Alex since he was a Soldier and was raised by Dante. Lucente questioned the motive with which Fonti used to spill out the truth for everyone to know.

He told Dante and was sure Fonti had already sold them out to Victor before his d£ath. Dante felt guilty that he was not the one who told Victor the truth. He wished Victor had learnt the truth from his own mouth rather than Fonti.

He blamed himself and said he only kept it as a secret since feared what Victor might do but believed Victor might actually support him for keeping the youngest son of the Alhurajis. Abe used that obstruction by the generals to escape the van he was in to find Aaliyah.

Aaliyah had been kept as hostage by his thug friend who had interest in Aaliya. He found him and Aaliyah but the thug was fast to shoot so Abe ran for cover while Aaliyah cried for Abe’s help. The thug k!lled some of the community people to ran away with Aaliyah.

The troopers found an injured Paco but Benjie vented his anger on him and tried to k!ll him
Phil got on his way and wondered what had come over Benjie. He made it clear that they needed Paco alive to help in their investigation.

They then ran to find Saal, fortunately, Saal, Yazmin and Alex saw the moving van and Yazmin called Rasheed to wait for them. Amir came out of the van and as they were going inside, Alex stopped them. He advised them to surrender but Saal was against it. He promised to protect them.

Unfortunately, the troopers reached there and shot Amir with multiple bullets leading the young boy to fall. Alex and Yazmin tried to carry him but Saal saw that they had no option than to flee, leaving the poor boy on the ground.

Michael called for medics but Amir said his last words, saying he missed his mother and d!ed. The generals received information that the Alhurajis had escaped. Mangubat had no option than to about the mission after Saal and his family were not captured by all the exit points which were secured by the troopers.

Fonti was against it, he wanted justice for Victor and was hell-bent on finding the Alhurajis. Mangubat reminded him that he was the commander and in charge of the operation, already some of their task force had lost their lives with 27 casualties so it was his order to abort the mission before losing more men. After all, he would write a report and be queried.

After speaking with Minda to know his wife was still at the hospital, Elmer was given a task to write a report on the Alhurajis. Abe returned to the tent and Lucente questioned him on the reason he left the sight of the medica. Abe cried and called himself as good for nothing for his inability to save Aaliyah.

Lucente reminded him of his condition which he even defied the orders to run and save his girlfriend. He said Abe was not a loser, he might not have been able to secure the life of Aaliyah but tomorrow he might. Benjie, on the other hand was upset that Alex has sided with the enemies.

He told the rangers about Alex’s association with the Alhurajis and claimed Alex helped them to escape. However, Michael objected since he also saw Alex being held as hostage by the Alhurajis.

Benjie got upset and went to the Generals tent to report Alex. Michael who overheard it also went inside the tent to give a contradictory report. Since both had different report on Alex which they witnessed on the field, Mangubat admonished them to make official report.

This led an altercation between Dante and Fonti since Dante believed in Michael’s report that his son’s life was in danger. Fonti also believed in Benji’s report that Alex was working hand in hand with the enemy.

Meanwhile, Lourd was disturbed about what was going on with Alex. Saal and his family received assistance from Waajid and he stopped Alex from going with them through the new escape vehicle after they used they packed the other van which the soldiers knew about it.

Saal was affected by the sayings of Waajid that his family would be his downfall so singling Alex out believed would assure his safety. Yazmin found it hard to leave Hakeem behind but Alex signaled her to leave with Saal. She ran into the van and cried.

Fonti arrived at the Northern Luzon and ordered his guy to find anything pertaining to the Alhurajis. He then went to see Jethro to inform him that their operation was a failure as the Alhurajis once again escaped.

Jethro asked about Alex and Fonti said he escaped with his father’s murderers. This got Jethro provoked so he cried. Fonti lend him his shoulder for him to cry on while he assured to unleash their hideout to bring them to book. Jethro threatened to make each one of the the Alhurajis pay for what they did to him.

Lucente had a talk with Dante about the sudden change of Fonti’s behaviour. He was sure Fonti would move the clouds to find Saal. He told Dante that they had to do something to find Alex first as he smelt something fishy about the act of Fonti.

His eagerness to get hold of Saal was suspicious and believed there was more into it than obtaining justice for their fallen friend, Victor. Jethro in his room recalled how his father brought the broken portrait that he fixed and how his accident made his father changed to embrace his talent.

He swore to make Alex pay for being a traitor. He believed Alex should have given them their enemies, rather he protected them and went the extra mile to help them escape. He wept bitterly for that betrayal on Alex’s side.


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