A Soldier’s Heart Episode 33

A Soldier’s Heart Episode 33 Jethro returns to the force for vengeance, Fonti in despair over Dante joining the mission to exterminate the Alhurajis

Jethro reported on duty and told Fonti about his decision of returning to the force to honour his father, Victor and to also avenge his d£ath.

He told Fonti that he was filing a report against Alex for aiding the Alhurajis escape since Benjie had already informed him what went on at the field.

Fonti was glad with Jethro’s decision and added that he believed in Arguelles words too. He welcomed Jet for his return and said his father would be glad by his decision wherever he was.

Dante got home to tell Minda that Alex was held as hostage and had escaped with the Alhurajis. Minda cried and made her husband promise to bring her son home safely.

At the Northern Luzon, Fonti’s guy came with a news that he still had not found the hideout of Alhurajis. Fonti called his man as incompetent but an idea came to head that Jamil was recovering and he could serve as a link for them to discover the hideout of Saal.

Elsewhere, Saal and his family arrived at a new hideout in Jalandhar Tugamo. At the place, Fatima cleansed her g√n and told Yazmin that she was ready for revenge as that was the least she could do for Amir’s sad d£ath.

Yazmin asked her what if she d!ed in her bid for revenge against the Soldiers. Fatima careless and deemed it as an honour to d!e in a fight than to live as a coward.

Elsewhere, Michael stumbled on Benjie confirming to Jethro about the truth behind what he witnessed between Alex and Yazmin. Jethro wanted Arguelles to testify and he was willing to do that since he was also seeking justice for his brother, Olan’s d£ath.

Michael interrupted by greeting Jethro and send him his sympathy over Victor’s d£ath. As Jet left, Michael asked Benjie if he was turning the mind of Jethro against Alex. Benjie said he needed not convince anyone.

After his return, Abe noticed the tension between the friends and tried to talk to Arguelles but Benjie walked out. Michael had already advised Abe to give Benjie a little space since he was upset but he refused and attempted to draw him closer, which Benjie walked out on him.

Elsewhere, Fonti used threat and inflicted pain on Jamil to squeeze the truth of Saal’s hideout out of him. Jethro went to see Lucente to officially report on duty. Saal in the new location convinced himself that Alex was not Hakeem and his brother d!ed long time ago.

He saw Waajid’s words as right that his family would be an obstruction and a man at a battlefield had to deal with his feelings. He did not have to allow his heart to get in the way, otherwise he would be defeated.

Yazmin was sulking somewhere in the hideout and was sad that Hakeem has left. She was hoping that her l0ve for her children would bring them together. Thinking of Alex nd his advice to her to surrender, she got tired of the fight already.

Saal saw his mother and knew she was acting that way due to Alex. He tried to make his mother reason along with him that the boy they saw was no longer Hakeem, he was a different person. Besides, Alex did not choose his family.

Yazmin confronted Saal that Hakeem chose them but all that Saal had been doing was to push him away from them. Since Jamil revealed the hideout of Saal as Mindanao, Dante was called to the Army Headquarters.

There, he was assigned to the rescue operation of Alex and to also go for the head of their enemies. Fonti was not pleased by the news that Dante was assigned to work with him in that mission. The superior’s action was so as Dante’s jurisdiction was Mindanao.

Dante was pleased to work with Fonti but the latter went to the Northern Luzon, his office to curse Dante for being part of that operation. Dante talked with Elmer and assigned him as part of the rescue mission to look out for Alex and bring him back home.

At the Scout Rangers Regiment, Michael who had obtained his certificate as a scout ranger and has done a photocopy to send one to Isabel and the original one to his mother saw his friends working. Phil wanted to help Abe since he has not fully recovered but Abe declined it.

Michael told the rangers that they had discovered the hideout of Saal and Dante was leading the mission with some scout rangers to Mindanao. Bejie retorted that he wanted to join to k!ll Saal and Michael asked whether to k!ll Saal or Alex.

This made him to become silence. Striker now said their troops would not be assigned but Elmer and his people would lead the rescue mission. He then left to see Isabel at her mansion but the security was uptight.

He posed off as a delivery boy and told the security that he was delivering something to Isabel but was denied the opportunity. The security called to find out if Isabel was expecting something but he was told he was not expecting anything.

Michael pleaded and even added money to what he was delivering but the security saw it as bribe and refused to take it. As Michael was saying he had other things to deliver so the security should cooperate, Isabel appeared in the scene and went to talk to Michael.

Michael said he was a man of his word and had kept his promise to her by completing his scout ranger training and was now a full fledged ranger. Later, Governor Gezali arrived and Isabel showed Michael where he could escape.

Governor Gezali was talking to Saal since he was the one who got him the hideout so that the Military would interfere with their course. Isabel asked her father who he was talking to and he said a business partner so Isabel chose to go inside.

Phil spotted Jethro going and he ran to greet him and was happy that Jethro has returned just like what Mendoza told them. Abe and the rest joined Phil to greet Jethro but Jethro saw someone missing so Abe thought he was talking about Alex and he said he was not around.

Jethro he was not talking about Alex but Michael and he was told Michael had gone to see his girlfriend. Benjie thought Jethro would not return like Alex but Abe said there was more time for Alex to return.

Jethro objected since Alex had ample time to return but didn’t. Alex was spotted walking along the shores of the sea.


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