A Soldier’s Heart Episode 34

A Soldier’s Heart Episode 34 Jethro bribes Benjie to whip his desire to testify against Alex, Elmer saves Aaliyah while the scout rangers gang up on Benjie

Alex was walking along the shores and was contemplating if he took the right decision for trying to know his family better after recalling how Saal denied him the chance to follow them in their escape journey.

At the first Scout Ranger Regiment, Lucente stumbled on Mendoza and sent him to his office to ask the reason he was not looking cheerful while he gave him a chance to see Isabel.

Michael explained that he was able to see Isabel but was sad that he had to hide whenever the family or friends of Isabel were around. He also feared that the family of Isabel would not allow him to date her.

Michael said he did not have problem converting to be a Muslim since Gezali wanted a Muslim to marry his daughter. However, his fears had to do with being a simple soldier while the governor might want a politician or a business tycoon for his daughter.

Lucente advised him to keep fighting, stressing that if l0ve was a basement he would have earned the first badge. He urged him to keep fighting the battle and he would win at the end.

Governor Gezali stepped out to ask Isabel whether she was still seeing the soldier. He was told a delivery guy came around and Isabel talked with him for a while so he was quite sure the person was Michael.

He saw Isabel holding some papers so he snatched it to find out that it was Michael’s scout ranger’s certificate and he torn it apart. Minda relayed the new information Dante received on the location of Saal to Lourd.

Alex’s girlfriend now wished her transfer was approved so that she could be assigned to Mindanao for her to help in the rescue mission of Alex. Lucente was summoned by the regiment Officer and was informed that Jethro Mondejar has filed a report against Alex for aiding and abetting the enemies to escape.

The regiment Officer wanted Lucente to tell Dante for him to be aware of his son’s fate once he was rescued. He would face court-martial to assist in the investigation of the charges levelled against him.

Lucente called to inform Marasigan but he believed Jethro might not have done it on his own peril. He might have succumbed to the influence of Fonti. However, Marasigan doubted that Fonti had a hand in Jethro’s action.

Lucente reminded him of Fonti’s change in attitude. Besides, he had always been contradicting Marasigan and believed he was capable of that and more. As the scout rangers received martial summons on the complaints filed by Jethro, Michael accused Benjie of being responsible for Jethro’s action.

At Tugano in Mindanao, Elmer and his group captured Paco and sent him to office to squeeze the truth of Saal’s hideout from him but Paco remained quiet. He also failed to talk about where he has hidden Aaliyah so Elmer called Abe to inform him how tough Paco was.

Abe pleaded with Elmer to try harder to get Paco to talk for him to find Aaliyah as that was his only hope. Meanwhile, Phil stumbled on Benjie at the office of Jethro and was being patronised just for him to testify against Alex.

Since Jethro was aware of the tension between Benjie and the rest of his friends, he gave him an officer’s form for Benjie to fill in order to become an officer and also to be kept away from his colleagues.

Jethro told Benjie to seek the help of Lucente. Benjie was happy and thanked Jethro for making his dreams come true. Phil had a talk with Benjie to dissuade him from carrying on with Jethro’s task. Benjie said Phil was jealous of him for gaining a recommendation to become an officer.

Phil hissed that, what he has taken was bribe to destroy their own friend’s life but Benjie did not care. Unknown to them, Lucente overheard them and went to talk to Benjie. He told Benjie what he heard and asked him whether he was doing that out of anger but Benjie said he stood by the truth.

Lucente tried to make him see from Alex’s perspective as to how he would feel, discovering the enemy that they were pursuing was his own blood relatives. He made it known to him that the situation might be difficult for Alex and Benjie could have misinterpreted everything.

He asked Benjie whether it was the truth his heart believed in or it was something he was trying hard to make his heart believe in that Alex was a traitor and was working close with the enemies.

At Calingo Tugano in Mindanao, Elmer and his troop successfully rescued Aaliyah who had been tied to a chair in an abandoned structure in the forest.

At Camp Pablo, Scout Ranger Regiment, Abe received a call from Elmer and was surprised to speak to Aaliyah. Elmer later went to his father’s office to talk to him about not finding a lead on Alex so Dante decided to go to Manila, the army’s headquarters to find out about the investigation.

When he went there the Pablo martial was not around but there was nothing he could do to help his son out. Coming out from the office, he chanced on Jethro and asked of how he was doing. He made it clear to Jethro that Alex was innocent of what he has accused him of. If there was anyone who kept the truth from Victor, then it was him, not his son Alex.

Jethro insisted that Alex had disappointed all of them by siding with the enemy so if Marasigan thought his son was innocent, then he should allow the investigation to prove him innocent since he aided the Alhurajis, who k!lled his family. He stressed that his mother and sister were equally innocent but Yosef k!lled them.

Jethro never was bothered since he was now left alone in the world without a family all due to the Alhurajis, therefore, Alex would pay. Dante also promised to ensure Alex is exonerated from the crime.

Meanwhile, Saal was having a video conversation with Waajid. Waajid still did not get it that Saal was still together with his family but Fatima who was there made it clear to Waajid that they were with Saal to help him fight and were ready to d!e for the course.

Waajid asked about the conviction of Yazmin since he has heard she was given Saal problem lately. Yazmin retorted asking what Waajid wanted from her. Whether he wanted her son to abandon her, throw her out. Saal quickly hang up the call and Yazmin gave him a gun to end her life once and for all.

Fatima and Rasheed intervened, Saal walked out. Fatima had a private talk with Yazmin to disagree with her about her action. Fatima said she has changed ever since Alex came to stay with them.

In anguish, Yazmin reminded her that he was not called Alex, he was Hakeem and was tired to always correct her. Yazmin made it clear that she was not siding with anyone but supported both of her sons.

After a careful thought, Alex decided to return to camp to explain himself and to reunite with his girlfriend, Lourd and the Marasigans. At the Scout Ranger Regiment, all the friends of Alex met up with Benjie to talk to him to rescind on his decision but Benjie said they were ganging up on him.

He made it clear that nothing would stop him from testifying and he did not care about his friends anymore. Jethro stumbled on them to stop them from harassing Benjie. He said Alex that they were fighting for had abandoned them to go with the enemies.

A voice then said that was the reason he had come to explain. They turned and surprisingly, it was Alex. Mendoza, Abe and Phil were so happy to see him once again but Jethro had anger in his eyes.


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