A Soldier’s Heart Episode 36

A Soldier’s Heart Episode 36 Michael’s claim is rubbished in court during the hearing of Alex’s case, Lourd gains a chance to take up a Leadership Course to return to the field

Mendoza and Arguelles fought at the camp and Abe, Phil among others separated the fight. Abe wanted them to handle the issue maturely but Benjie felt that no one understood his point.

Abe had a talk with his comrades and told them they should get closer to Benjie even if he was giving them the cold shoulder. They told Phil to take the initiation to talk to Benjie.

Alex in his room after being arrested thought of how he ended up like that. He only wanted to know his real family but he was rather seen as traitor. Elsewhere, Lourd had an offer from a colleague who dedicated herself to be Alex’s lawyer since she was familiar with the martial case.

To her, since Lourd saw Alex as innocent, she would not allow an innocent person to end up in prison. Lourd was enthused that her boyfriend had finally gotten a lawyer to help his case. She was grateful to her colleague for her offer.

Meanwhile, Phil chanced upon Benjie holding his bags. Benjie told him that he was leaving the camp to take up the officers corp course. Phil was not in support of his action as he felt that Benjie was only being used by Jethro and Fonti just to get an innocent friend behind bars.

Benjie got upset that he mentioned Alex’s name once again. He said they were all rooting for Alex so there was no use for him to stay at the camp, besides he wanted to become an officer and it was an opportune time for him to do that.

Phil insisted that it was a wrong time from Jethro and Fonti to sign and recommend him to take the corp at the very time that Alex was court-martial. Jethro stumbled on Mendoza and asked him the reason he and Arguelles had conflicting account on Alex at the field.

Michael made it clear that he was sure of what he saw and excused Jethro. Alex’s comrades went to visit him and Mendoza realised he was searching for Benjie. He told Alex to forget about the traitor he was not with them. Alex said he was rather searching for Jethro.

Michael also termed him as traitor and revealed to them that Jethro wanted him to change his statement but Alex doubted. He believed Michael was misunderstanding the whole thing since they were all friends.

Abe used the opportunity to thank Alex for helping him escape the enemies camp. Alex apologised for his inability to save Aaliyah as he promised but Abe revealed to him that Elmer had saved Aaliyah.

Later that evening, Phil kept thinking about Benjie and found him as stubborn. The next day, Dante visited Alex to inform him that his girlfriend has found him a lawyer. He also told Alex that Fonti was denying he gave him that special assignment to infiltrate the camp of the Alhurajis.

Alex wondered why Sir Fonti has turned his back against him. He believed other superiors did not know about what Fonti made him do, reason he was denying. Shortly after, Lourd appeared in the scene to introduce Attorney Odessa to him as the martial lawyer who was her colleague.

The attorney listened to Alex’s side of the story which Alex kept saying Fonti gave him that job to spy on his family, however, Dante said Fonti had denied his allegations. The lawyer said Alex needed evidence to prove that otherwise it would be Sir Fonti’s words against his words.

She made it clear to Alex that his case was a tough one and might be charged of treason for aiding the enemies of the military just for his zeal to know his biological mother. Also for him to go to an extent of saving Yazmin twice. Dante promised to find evidence to prove his son’s innocence in court.

The court case of Alex was heard with Specialisation of the Case entitled People of the Philippines vrs Pvt Alex Marasigan Philippines Army for violation of the AW 97. The first session of the case saw Benjamin Arguelles taking the witness stand to give blow by blow account on what he witnessed at the field.

The court was adjourned and Attorney Odessa went to talk with Friends of Alex to make them understand how the hearing would go and prepare them to take the witness stand. She advised them to only answer the questions they would ask and shouldn’t go beyond it. Also they should not fear.

Michael was so happy. He bragged that there was no way he would be afraid in taking the witness stand. He would only account for what he witnessed. Dante met the right hand man of Fonti that night to ask him if he had a clue on Fonti tasking Alex to infiltrate the camp of the Alhurajis.

Though, the guy admitted that Fonti made him have Alex followed just to get close to the Alhurajis which Alex caught him. However, he did not know whether Fonti sent Alex on that mission to spy on his biological family. He believed Fonti would not do that since Alex was not working at the Intel department.

In Jalandhar Tugano, Yazmin refused to eat. Saal suspected his mother was still in loggerhead with him due to Hakeem.

At the Northern Luzon, the guy told Fonti about what Dante inquired from him and was scared that Alex would reveal the truth and he would be dragged into the mess but Fonti said it would not happen.

The next day, the second session of the court hearing saw Michael taking the witness stand and he narrated seeing Alex being held at a guπ point by the Alhurajis. The lawyer of the plaintiff queried how close he was to Alex and he should use distance measurement to answer to them.

Michael said he was pretty close but could not tell the millimetres. The lawyer asked whether it was 10milimetres or 15 or 20. Thinking 10milimetres was closer than the rest, Michael chose 10 only to find out that it was quite far. After the hearing, Michael felt so sad that his testimony would rather get Alex behind bars.

Abe tried to comfort Michael after the plaintiff lawyer discredited Michael’s stance on the issue. Jethro was happy with the development since Arguelles’ count was proven as authentic. Fonti promised to help him get the justice he deserved.

Jethro thanked him for supporting him ever since his father passed away. Fonti said he was the friend of Victor so he would do everything for him. The lawyer appeared to tell them that they needed another credible account to make the person testify against Alex so Fonti thought of Jamil.

Soon, Jethro received a call that Jamil had cardiac arrest and d!ed as a result. Fonti no thought of Paco. Meanwhile, Lourd received a call informing her to take a leadership course to get back to the field. She told Elmer about it and the latter was happy for her but Lourd was hesitant to embrace that opportunity since that meant that she would have to abandon Alex.

Elmer knew Alex would not be an obstacle for her promotion in the military. Elsewhere, Abe spoke with Aaliyah and told her that he has applied for leave so once it was granted he would come home. Aaliyah thanked him for making her stay with his mother in their house and promised to get a job so that she would not be a bother.

Lourd visited Alex with some snacks and broke the news of her leadership course to him. Alex was glad that Lourd would get back to the field soon if she accepts the recommendation she had gained.

Lourd then told him about her grievances but alex did not want to be the reason Lourd would not get her dream come to live. He told Lourd that he would be there waiting for her but what she has gained was an opportunity which might not come again. He urged her to embrace it so that she could return to the field.


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