A Soldier’s Heart Episode 37

A Soldier’s Heart Episode 37 Aaliyah revives the hope in Alex’s case, Isabel discovers Gezali’s shoddy dealings with Saal, Dante gets a new lead on victor’s d£ath

Session Three of the court-martial hearing was held. This time Phil sat on the witness seat to give an account to discredit Benjie’s claim. With him, he was following Benjie and he saw him shooting the Alhurajis who were already in their escape van.

He said he saw nothing of what Benjie saw or heard nothing. Abe also became key witness during session four of the hearing. He testified that Alex helped him and Morales escape the enemies camp when he was working for trucking company which supplied explosive chemicals but were acting like legit.

He was sent by the military to infiltrate the camp. He did his best to gained their trust to work his way through till he was caught and maltreated by the enemies which Alex helped him and his colleague to escape, otherwise he wouldn’t be alive.

Abe further stated that among all the comrades, he was the one closer to Alex and he shared all his secrets with him. He narrated how Alex left no stone unturned in searching for the truth concerning the Alhurajis youngest son, Hakeem.

Alex enlisted his help and they went to see the Imam after they discovered Hakeem had no d£ath certificate. Later, Alex found the truth and came to tell him that Hakeem Alhuraji was no one other than him.

The lawyer of Jethro managed to discredit part of Abe’s testimony. He made Abe admitted to the fact that Alex only went to the enemies camp willingly to know more about his biological family.

Abe said when he saw Alex at the small community made up of the people who escaped from Mindanao and were supporters of the Alhurajis terrorist group, he knew he was there on a mission. The plaintiff lawyer made him testify whether Alex was working for the intel team and Abe said he was not an intel officer during that time.

At Camp O’Donnell, Lourd stumbled on Benjie and asked him what he was doing there. Benjie told her that he was pursuing a corp to learn to prove himself to his friends who doubted his capabilities and questioned his character. However, Lourd concluded he just wanted to be away from his comrades which Benjie vehemently denied.

Fonti took the defendant and his lawyer by surprise when Paco became a key witness to the plaintiff to shot down the claims that Alex was held as captive in the enemies camp. Least did the court know that Fonti behind the scenes had bribed Paco to give false testimony and has promised to take care of the medical expenses of his aged grandmother who was hospitalised.

Attorney Odessa, learning from Alex that Paco did not know him although he was one of Saal’s man, the attorney seek means to prove to the court that what Paco said was perjury. Alex then had a witness in mind to discredit Paco in court.

During the fifth hearing, tension rose as the defendant witness failed to show up at the scheduled time, leaving attorney Odessa and Alex cleaved to their fate. As all hope seemed to be lost with Odessa being pressured by the plaintiff’s lawyer, the defendant’s witness showed up with Elmer.

Surprising the court, Aaliyah took her seat to narrate blow by blow how a liar Paco was. She said she was working for a trucking company where she accidentally met Abe. On a first note, she thought Abe who was her boyfriend was following her but once she realised that the company was illegal, she now understood Abe’s warning to resign working for the company.

She then understood the real mission of Abe. Fearing for the worse, she started searching for Abe and rather met Alex and told him about the presence of Abe at the community so both decided to do a separate search for Abe.

To her dismay, the worse had happened and A e was captured. Paco then caught her and promised to help her but he did otherwise, he held her as captive and tried to rap£ her. Aaliyah proved to the court that Paco was not a credible person for his statement to be considered as true.

This irked Fonti and he disappointedly turned to watch his witness. Odessa also made Aaliyah clarified in court about the actual relationship Alex had with the Alhurajis and was able to prove that Alex did not have freedom like how it was earlier proven. Actually he hid before he could do something and was always in a hurry for him not to be caught.

Benjie cried alone, all that he wanted was to seek justice for Olan but he was now seen as enemy as the youngest son of the Alhurajis was arrested because of him. Lourd called Jethro to confront him for persuading Paco to give false testimony but Jethro denied any involvement with Paco.

He told Lourd that Fonti was the one who did that but doubted if he made Paco lied to the court. He told Lourd to bring evidence before she accused Fonti, adding that Fonti was the one who supported him. Lourd saw that Fonti was using him and asked Jethro to open his eyes.

Elsewhere, Abe pleaded with Aaliyah for all the trauma she has endured due to his incompetency. Aaliyah told him not to blame himself. In fact, he has helped her even when she gave up on him and unnecessarily blamed him for her parents’ d£ath. She thanked Abe for watching out for her every time and was grateful to him.

Lourd communicated everything to Alex when she called him. Alex asked of Benjie and was sad about what Benjie was going through. He told her to take care of Benjie but Lourd said Benjie was no child, he could care for himself.

Alex was sent to Fort Bonifacio to meet Dante. He told him about what Lourd said concerning Fonti hiding behind Paco to incriminate him. Alex thought Fonti was a friend of his dad but wondered why he was doing that against them.

Dante said he and Lucente had also seen the change in Fonti’s action but believed he was sad about Victor’s d£ath and wanted someone to pay for it. Alex warned his father against Fonti and told him to watch out.

At Tugano Mindanao, Isabel stormed her father’s place to discover his involvement with Saal Alhuraji and the illegal shipment work that her father was engaged in as governor. Governor Gezali told Saal about the new shipment and Saal checked the guπ.

He was glad that their mission would be accomplished to prove to everyone the real rulers of the land. Once he spotted his daughter’s car, Gezali prompted Saal and he escaped. Unknown to Saal, Isabel took pictures of him and Gezali together before he could escape.

Isabel then questioned her father. When Governor Gezali was trying to deny, she slapped him with the truth. She knew Saal as a terrorist, he had once kidnapped her and was even a wanted man. Isabel got to her room to call Michael to indirectly ask his opinion on her issue and Michael gave her a solution.

That night, Dante called the investigators to ask about Victor’s d£ath. He was told that it was good that he called as they had discovered something. The next day at the Southern Luzon, Fonti bumped into Dante and was surprised to see him there.

He learnt from Dante that he was investigating on Victor’s d£ath. Fonti reminded him that the investigation was closed as Saal was assumed to be the one behind the d£ath of their once upon a time friend. Dante doubted, he believed Saal would have bragged with it if he actually k!lled a Brigadier General.

Fonti face turned pale and wondered why he suddenly showed concern about Victor’s d£ath. He asked Dante whether he was feeling guilty and the latter admitted that he could not tell Victor the truth before his d£ath so in making up he would find his k!ller and bring him to book.

Elsewhere, Lourd saw Benjie in the library and confronted him, citing Aaliyah’s statement against Paco. Benjie knew she also did not trust him and apologised for making Alex get arrested for telling the truth.

He made it clear that he only communicated the truth and did not add some to it. He said he was also going through a lot after discovering a friend he trusted was rather siding with the enemies. He apologised and left.

As Saal was having shooting rehearsal, Rasheed came to inform him about their preparation to take the enemies by surprise. Yazmin tried to talk him out against his plans of involving kids in the fight but Saal told his mother that in case she had forgotten, she and Yosef made him handle a guπ at a younger age.

Yazmin explained that they thought him that to defend himself not for him to lead a fight. Saal said the children would only avenge those who left them as orphans, adding that he would not allow anyone to come in between his plans.

Yazmin asked whether he would k!ll her if she comes in between it. She thought Saal had learnt a lesson from Amir’s d£ath. Saal reminded her of their usual phrase “there will be no peace without blood shed.” Yazmin queried how could there be peace if they all d!e trying.


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