A Soldier’s Heart Episode 39

A Soldier’s Heart Episode 39 Governor Gezali arrested for conspiracy and funding terrorist group, Fonti k!lls Dante for blowing his cover

Isabel was still contemplating on what to do about her father’s situation. Governor Gezali got there to ask her if she was not ready for them to attend the Awards for the governor.

Isabel saw no need for that since her father was in connection with terrorists. Gezali was forced to reveal to his daughter why he was working in conjunction with the nefarious Saal Alhuraji.

He said they were fighting to regain their motherland, Mindanao which was now in the hands of the enemies, the military while the land was supposed to be for the Moros (Muslims).

Elsewhere, Elmer went to check on Jethro but the young Mondejar was unhappy, he was positive that Elmer came for something else. As Elmer was reminding him of their brotherhood since childhood, Lucente got there to break the news to Jethro that the military had a new lead from the bomber.

He has revealed the face of the person who gave him the order and the person in the sketch was Jet, Fonti’s right hand man. Jethro shed tears and wondered why Sir Fonti would do that to his father. He swore to make him pay for everything he did against his father.

Governor Gezali shot and k!lled a traitor who made plans to report his secret dealings. Unknown to him, his daughter witnessed it and she ran to her to call Michael to inform him about everything her father has done. Michael ordered her to remain in her room in Mindanao, he would ran to fetch her before her father sent her to Manila.

In devastation, Isabel cried in fear. She was scared of her father and least expected her father to abuse his power as a governor to become a murderer and terrorist. Jethro arrived at the Marasigans mansion to ask the family for forgiveness.

Minda told him that he was considered a family and always he should keep in mind that they were his family. Elmer seconded his mother and told Jethro to see them as his allies. Jethro begged Alex for his action which made him suffer but Alex told him not to feel sorry since they were all victims in the story and hugged him.

Later, Raul and his men raided Fontiveros’ house but saw no one. Raul swore that Fonti would not be able to escape the law. Fonti had an information from Jet concerning the arrest of the bomber and believed he would be next in line so he fled. To Fonti it would be over his deàd body for him to be caught.

Dante was still sad that Fonti betrayed them and promised not to forgive him for betraying their brotherhood. He accounted to Alex about what they found out about Fonti. He was actually an infiltrator who had been given their enemies update of the operations of the military all for money.

Fonti was responsible for the first sh00ting incident which Plan d!ed in protecting Alex. Alex believed justice would take its full course. Dante was impressed by Alex’s unwavering zeal after all that he has passed through as a gallant soldier, he never let his guards down neither did he betray the army.

Alex reminded him that he learnt all that from him. However, Dante said he also learnt that from someone. Believing he learnt that from Victor Mondejar, Alex was shocked to hear that Dante learnt his bravery and zeal from Yosef, his biological father. Dante then told him about his friendship with Yosef Alhuraji who was then a Soldier.

He was a great and food soldier so he was his idol and eventually they became best of friends till the Alhuraji head changed his mind of bridging the gap between Muslims and Christians to rather become a rebel leader. He told Alex that Yosef would be proud of him as he was proud of him too.

Fontiveros in his hideout was upset about how his life was in shambles all because of Dante. He believed keeping the true identity of Alex had been the bug that has caused his misfortune and swore to make Dante pay for it.

Jethro went to visit Lourd at her office to ask for forgiveness. He admitted letting his anger lead him in his quest for revenge, making innocent person suffer what he did not do. Jethro also revealed to her that they had found the culprit responsible for his father’s deàth and it was no other than Sir Fonti.

He said he would leave the military to handle the case while he joins Task Force Alhuraji in Mindanao to bring an end to the war. Michael ran to Sir Lucente to enlist his help in rescuing Isabel.

He broke the news of Gezali’s involvement with Saal to him. He backed his claims with evidence from the pictures Isabel took of the governor and Saal. Lucente saw the issue as serious. Together with Michael they reported to their superiors and showed them all the necessary pictures including the governor k!lling his henchman.

The superior declared that Gezali would not be regarded as a public official again. He was now a threat to the public and ordered his arrest.

The Marasigans prepared to leave for Mindanao. Dante bid his wife emotional good bye and promised to retire from the force after he returns from the mission which he described as his last.

Minda could not control her emotions as she was still not used to her family embarking on a mission. She broke down into tears listening to her husband saying he would return for them to build a farm, sleeping next to her all the time till they grew old and grey.

In Jalandara Yazmin decided to put an end to the feud between the Military and the Moros, stressing that she and Yosef started it so ending it herself would make Saal see the need to change.

Governor Gezali was arrested after his own daughter blew his cover. Isabel then considered herself a horrible daughter for betraying her own father. Watching the unpleasant news about his funder, Saal readied his weapons and group to battle it out with the military.

Least did he know that his mother has her own plan. Yazmin sent Dante a message for an important meeting. Minda talked to her husband on phone but the network was poor. When he hang up, he saw Fonti’s message. Marasigan met Yazmin and the terrorist surrendered due to her son.

Dante called Jethro on phone to come over at West Scate. Yazmin said he was putting an end to everything for her sons sake. Dante was happy that she has made that bold decision and said Alex would be happy with that. He thanked her and also apologised for k!lling her husband.

Unknown to Dante, Fonti lurked around, waiting for an opportune time to sh00t him and Yazmin. He wanted to k!ll to birds with one stone. He shot Dante, seeing Fonti wanted to k!ll Yazmin, Dante covered her up. Jethro and his comrades arrived in the scene and shot Fonti’s hand for his guπ to fall.

They quickly arrested him. Yazmin referred to Fonti as a cruel person while Dante asked Fonti why he would do that to him.

“Because I was loyal to you but you weren’t,” Fonti spewed.

Jethro ordered for the paramedics but before they would arrive, Dante had already closed his eyes. Elsewhere, Minda was having a bad feeling while Yazmin cried with Dante’s head on her laps.


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