A Soldier’s Heart Episode 40

A Soldier’s Heart Episode 40 Lucente painfully mourns Dante, Isabel bids Michael emotional good bye, Dante’s ghost saves Elmer from possible deàth

Minda received a call from an unknown number. She was left speechless and panted hard when she heard of the tragic deàth of her bel0ved husband. She could not believe at first and wanted the messenger to cross check if her husband was really deàd.

“It cannot be possible!”

“This cannot be..”

The caller hangup and she called her husband’s line several times but it was not going through.

“Whatever happens to us this day,” a voice over said when the troops arrived at Jilandra with their vehicles.

“I’m sure history will remember us

“Not by our name but our fight against terrorism.”

“We will be fighting against those who try to undermine the Filipino people.”

Elmer and the troops positioned themselves in the bush and he made a call to his superiors to inform them where he was. Saal rage war and told Rasheed that they had changed their war plan since the military had already discovered their hideout after capturing Governor Gezali.

He told them they would remain on their land and if the military thought they want war they would meet them with it. He asked Fatima of his mother and the latter said she could not find her. Saal and his terrorists hooted and chanted:

“There cannot be peace without blood shed!”

“There will be no peace without blood shed!”

Still bothered by the heartbreaking news, Minda called Alex to inform him about the deàth of his father, adding that Fontiveros was the k!ller. Alex was dumbfounded, he could not believe the news. He panted so hard .

After obtaining necessary information from Yazmin on events that led to the deàth of Victor at Western Mindanao, the colonel went to the clinic to query Fonti on the basis he k!lled his own best friends, Victor Mondejar and Dante Marasigan.

Fonti did not give any tangible reason, rather, he blamed it on Dante for his inability to wipe out the Alhurajis from the surface of the earth. Colonel told him that if he had grievances, he should have reported through the right channel.

Fonti did not show any sign of remorse and was happy with the elimination method he used against his friends. Elmer and the troops got ambushed, he then called for a backup since his team, Team Alpha were at the verge of losing their lives.

Minda recalled the last words of her husband with all the promises he made and she was inconsolable. She packed her things and called Alex when he was getting ready with the rangers to back Team Alpha.

Minda was sad to know that Alex was also going for war and would not be able to attend the funeral of Dante. Alex explained to her that Elmer was at the war front and did not even know that their father was deàd so he had to go and back his brother’s team.

Minda told him to take care of himself as she would not be able to bear losing both of her sons along with Dante. Alex told her that no matter what happens, she should bear in mind that he l0ved her. In her room at the military custody, Yazmin was sorry not to have realised the need to surrender early.

She chose her two sons against the principles she held in awe for peace to prevail. She wanted no blood to be shed for her two sons to survive. Lucente lamented how the deàth of his loyal friend had been to him.

He described the deàth of his friend to Alex as the most horrifying deàth that has struck him hard. He recounted how Dante saved his life by risking his own life for him and told him that “no one gets left behind.”

“No one gets left behind, that’s why I didn’t believe him.”

” We were always together even when we are given different assignments.”

“I never left him because as he said nobody gets left behind…

“But your father lied to me in the end.”

“He is gone and he left me.”

He then told Alex to forgive him since he had gone through that emotional state many times fighting that endless battle.

“But this hurt me the most!”

“Are you ready for this battle?
Are you ready for this battle of us?
Are you ready for this battle of us to fight and avenge the deàth of your father?
Are you ready for this battle of us to fight and avenge my friend?”

“Yes sir!” Alex brave up as he saluted Lucente.

Isabel went to Manlutic to check on her dad who was imprisoned. Gezali was so màd at his daughter for betraying him.

Isabel explained that she wanted to protect him but Gezali did not see her act as a way of saving him even when he has k!lled an innocent person. He threw his daughter out.

Isabel kept pleading with him to forgive her. Coming out of the place, she met Michael and she told him that she would join her mother in the United States. She would school there till everything turned back to normal for her father to have a change of heart.

Michael understood her and promised to wait for her return. Isabel thanked Michael for not letting go but always being there for her. She promised to return for him. Team Alpha in the war was b0mbed. Elmer hit his head on the ground while seeking for cover.

He dazed and he began seeing his father, Dante calling him to wake up. He recalled the time he spent with him. As his comrades were calling Elmer and seeking for medics, Elmer saw his father hitting his chest to wake him up till he woke up and positioned himself well.

Alex passed by his father’s funeral and he cried uncontrollably together with Minda. Meanwhile, the rangers arrived at Jalandra. Michael told his comrades about Isabel going to America and did not know when she would return.

Abe knew they had their personal battle but for now they had to concentrate on their mission as soldiers. Meanwhile, Fatima told Saal that she had learnt where Yazmin was and she was in the military custody. She planned to go for her the next day but Saal was against it since his mother made her own decision.

He reminded Fatima how dangerous it was for her to go. Lucente addressed the rangers, after capturing Gezali, they learnt that Saal had an agenda of … to be continued


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